Still here :)

and planning to blog :)

It felt pretty weird not blogging yesterday. I even had time. I would think about doing it and just didn’t! I pretty much hold, stare at, feed, etc, babies all day :) It’s pretty fun, I must admit. Monday and Tuesday night they wanted to play cry off and on all night, but last night was good!

I’m still in shock, I think. I just can’t believe there are two sweet, beautiful, healthy babies next to me. 

I will be posting their slideshow very soon….either later today or in the morning!  We really love it. Brent’s mom sent it to us late last night and I watched it at 4 this morning while up for feeding. I cried and cried, haha.

I think my favorite quote from Brent this week was today. He said, “It’s kind of like an art exhibit that isn’t going anyplace, but you can’t stop coming back to look.” haha. He was doing some things for work in the breakfast area and kept coming back to the bedroom to look and kiss on them. I mean it really is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of, Brent just walked in the house from running some errands and said, “It smells like pure baby in here!” haha

Snoozing today…

I have no doubt I’ll be back to my regular blogging soon. I mean how could I ever run out of anything to blog about with the above, haha. I mean the blog won’t be all baby talk, but you can probably expect a picture daily 😉 I will be posting part 2 of the nursery soon! I was flattered you all love it so much. Sorry, if I haven’t returned emails and such regarding it yet!


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    Although we would all love more photos all the time…I completly understand why you are enamored with them and spend your time enjoying each moment. Hope you are healing well and taking good care of yourself!!
    Many blessings, Kristin

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    I don't blame you for taking off from blogging yesterday! I don't know how you will ever be able to stop starring at their cuteness! I just can't get over how much they favor Cohen. They definitely have the same nose! Sloane especially looks like her big brother! :) How sweet they are in those littler sleepers and baby hats!

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    I have been reading your blog for a while now and just recently became a follower. I was tired of going to someone else's blog to get to your page. 😉 I also just started following you on twitter. Love your little tweets!

    Your babies are precious!! So happy for you and your family!


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    They are SOOOO beautiful Megan! Congratulations! Im just beaming full of happiness for you and Brent! What a BEAUTIFUL family you have now! Cohen is certainly a proud big brother smiling down on you all from heaven!

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    Enjoy your time with them! We all continue to come and see updates daily from you but will continue doing it the next day if you haven't posted! We all understand how crazy having a newborn is, yet alone two! :) Congrats again!

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    I'm LOVING the pictures of your precious newborns in their little pink & blue matching outfits. They awaken some of the sweetest memories in my mind of our boy/girl twin (grandchildren) who are now nearly 9 and running through the house threatening to kill one another! It helps to remember that they too were once tiny, innocent and andorable. LOL

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    awe… those pictures are absolutely adorable! i LOVE how you have them dressed alike but in their "gender" colors… too cute:)! and soak it all in now b/c they'll grow way, way, super way too fast! ENJOY:)!

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    I could stare at them all day as well! They are so precious and what a gift from God :)

    I have prayed for you since you were pregnant with Cohen and I'm so happy for you today!

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    I cannot get over how much alike they look. I mean mine are night and day and the same sex!!! But they are the cutest thing. I know you are sooo in love. We are headed home Tomorrow and I cry every time I type or say it.

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    I love what you said about brent coming over to kiss on them while working…. You two are such wonderful parents. So overjoyed for you both. Those two are extremely lucky little kiddos.

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    Sloane's profile resembles you, Megan! They are SO precious and sweet! I don't think anyone will mind a picture or two of those sweeties in every post! :)

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    They look so much alike but I cannot believe how much Sloane looks like Cohen, it's uncanny. Such sweet pics. How's Elton handling the change of dynamics in the house? If I lived closer he could come play w/my two BT's. Hope he is ok.

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    They are so so sweet! I love love love that you dress them alike!! Darling! And Sloane looks SO much like her big brother Cohen!! Precious!

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    Love seeing pictures of them and can't wait to hear more about them once you feel like blogging more! They both seem to resemble Cohen, especially in the pic you have of him on your sidebar. They're gorgeous — just like their big brother! Hope all is well!

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    They are SOOO beautiful!! WOW!!! I have a 2 year old but have been keeping twin baby boys this school year for a teacher, they are 6 months old and BOY do I have my hands full, but they LOVE looking nad cooing at each other and its nice to have them both the same age.. I know you will LOVE having twins and they will LOVE having each other around!! So happy for you guys!

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    Wohooo congratulations you guys to your 2 precious and beautiful babies!!! How wonderful. I only saw the pics now because I was away for 2 weeks. So glad everything went well.
    The nursery looks georgeous. Like from a catalogue.
    I don't know,but on this photo Knox looks a lot like you and Sloane like your husband Brent :) That's just me telling from seeing the pics for the first time :)
    Enjoy your daugther and your son to the fullest!!! I'm very happy for you.

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    Sorry for being behind on my reading this past weekend. (I feel like I am so behind already, in just the past 3 posts you've done!) I was so happy to see that you had posted more, and of course I love the pictures of the babies. It has been one CRAZY weekend full of trips back and forth to the hospital to see if I was in labor or not. (turns out not btw :)

    Anyways, I am so happy that everyone is adjusting so well, and Sloane and Knox are absolutely perfect! They look so healthy and strong, and I am so excited for ya'll. How are you recovering?

    I continue to pray over you all and I can't wait to see the slideshow :)


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