Saturday Randoms :)

Just enjoying our Saturday cuddling with our 1 and 2 :)

They are technically one minute apart 😉 It didn’t seem like a full minute, though. Doctor also said had he not shown us “fun stuff” they would have been the same minute. Didn’t matter to us either way :)

Thanks so much for the comments on the slideshow! We LOVE it and I’ve been looking at it quite a bit. I still can’t believe it…

Yes, that was BT in the slideshow. He was at the hospital with us. We felt Cohen there as well. 

So what are we up to? We’ve almost been home for a week and yesterday Knox & Sloane turned a week old.

At this very moment, we are currently watching Toddlers & Tiaras. It really just blows my mind. It’s so bizarre to Brent and myself, that even he watches it.

Things are going pretty good! Jut trying to get adjusted to life with two little babies :)

It’s been so nice having Brent home to help and my mom has stayed with us, for the most part, until yesterday afternoon. She’s left a bit in the day some, but been here during the nights. I’m starting to heal better so I can get up easier now without my stomach feeling like it’s ripping apart.

Lack of sleep doesn’t seem to be draining me, which is nice. Honestly, I’ve never needed much sleep or been a very sound sleeper. Knox & Sloane are doing great in the day and during the night, it just varies.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve seen me ask a few questions. They were regarding swaddling and hiccups, I think. Maybe more. So thankful for Twitter.

Hiccups seem to be decreasing daily. We have incorporated “Gripe Water” and that has helped a lot.

We are still having a hard time with the swaddling business. Sloane has NEVER wanted her arms pinned down. Knox just started pulling his out. I’m worried we may not be doing them tight enough because we are worried it’s too tight. We put Sloane in the miracle blanket and she cried hysterically. We weren’t sure how long to let her cry or to just give in and undo her.

When they get a bit bigger, we are going to try the “woombies” and zip up/velcro type swaddle options.  

They just want their hands out and by their face. The suck on their fingers even when they aren’t hungry. The doctor said try to hold off on a paci. I think they were worried about ‘feeding’ confusion. That has been going great with both babes, so I’m not sure it would matter now.

I’m sure I’ll be doing a “help needed” post soon, haha.

My anxiety has been pretty high about the blankets covering their face or them getting choked up when I’m in and out of sleep. With that being said, we’ve been letting them sleep on the “Boppy Loungers” ..SOME..on the bed or in smaller craddle.  I know, the tag says NO SLEEPING all over it. They don’t sleep there always, but it just feels weird to have them across the room in a pack and play…. especially when we are awake during the day and I’ve been hanging in bed. We like to just have them up by us to look at :) Now, that I’m getting up and around a bit more, I think we will soon go back to pack and play. As part of c-section healing process, I’ve not been able to just hop up and walk to them if I have the urge to.

This c-section recovery has not been NEAR as painful or bad as mine last year with Cohen. There is probably many reasons for that, but regardless, I’m very thankful.

I’m breastfeeding one baby at a time right now. The doctor said give it a few weeks before doing them together so that their heads and stuff will be a bit stronger.

As of yesterday, they were both back up to birth weight.

The doctor told me not to pump too much because having too feed them so much as it is, would keep things “busy” probably more than I wanted…and not busy in a having to pump or feed way..most so painful way.

For family/friends my mom has let know about the slideshow – I put a link for it under the “Our Twins” page up top for easy access to it.

I’ll leave you with this… Brent was texting his friend, who is expecting a baby girl, about Toddlers and Tiaras. He sent his friend this bio of Sloane and read it to me. I busted out laughing. I insisted he let me post it.



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    Such sweet babies!

    Landon has pretty much always hated the swaddle. We did it for maybe 2 weeks using the sawddleme blanket thingies, then we had to let his arms go free. He always managed to get out of the swaddle no matter how tight we did it and he just didn't like being constrained. I've never had an issue with him hitting himself in the face and waking up, but every baby is different. He much prefers to be in a onesie and a sleepsack, so we go with it and he's sleeping 8 hour stretches now at 12 weeks old.

    You are a champ for breastfeeding twins! One is hard enough!

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    My daughter had triplets and her husband would wrap them like little burritos. They were never able to get out. To be honest, I don't think all babies like to be swaddled. The last one was 'born' 3 minutes after the second because he was up under her ribs. He was and still is, the largest. You enjoy those little rascals.

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    Gosh they are cute! I think I would just stare at them all day long. Grayson always hated to be swaddled…he was too busy. We started using halo sleepsacks when he was about 2 weeks old and he still loves them at 11 months.

    It is awesome that you are bf'ing twins! Rockstar!!

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    First of all, the slideshow was so great it made me cry. I wouldn't worry too much about swaddling. Like the first commenter it just never worked for our son. The sleepsacks were much better. I used a lightweight cotton one throughout the year and just changed the pajamas based on the seasons. I also, never had issues with him waking himself up. He did get up until he was 9 months old, but it was literally a quick 5-10 feed and back to sleep. You are doing so awesome that I have no doubt that you will figure out what is best for your kiddos. The most important thing is that they are loved and cared for, and I know there is no problem in that area.

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    I thought my baby didn't want to be swaddled too. But, we kept with it and after a couple of weeks he LOVED it. We used the miracle blanket. We swaddled until he was 7.5 months old. I like this blanket because I didn't worry about it covering his face. I told the pediatrician I didn't think he liked it, but he told me he was to young to know to pull his arms out. They are just have reflexes, but are to young to control their hands. He said to continue swaddling and it would become part of his routine. He was so right! He slept so much better when he couldn't use his hands to slap himself in the face and wake up!

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    It's so good to see/hear that y'all are doing so well! Keep the pictures coming! Have you tried swaddling them from the chest down, leaving their arms out? Then they won't fight the swaddle and you also don't have to worry about loose blankets. Try different things until you find what works for each babe. What works for some may not work for others. Trust your mama instincts… You know what's best for them :)

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    Congrats! My daughter hated her arms being pinned, so we did a modified 'arms out' swaddle. She was snug and tight, but her hands had access to her face so it was a win/win. Just do whatever works!!

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    I don't have children, so all I can say is what my mom has told me about when I was a baby – I never tolerated being swaddled. I screamed and always found a way to get out of it. I'm pretty sure they just gave up, because I never stopped screaming or got used to it when they tried to keep me in the swaddle. And what's funny is, as long as I can remember I have ALWAYS hated sleeping in sheets and blankets that were tucked in. If my bed was made, I always had to unmake it before I could sleep in it so everything was loose and I could move freely. Otherwise, I couldn't sleep because I felt so pinned down and almost claustrophobic. Kind of weird how my aversion to swaddling carried into my childhood and adult life!

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    Back (waaaaay back) when my kids were little, swaddling wasn't an issue. I don't recall ever being taught about swaddling so, of course, didn't do it. When my niece had her baby and I visited in the hospital, her husband had him wrapped up tight like a burrito. My sister, who's an RN in the pediatric neonatal unit at a local hospital, said the swaddling was the best she's seen. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it at all. To swaddle or not to swaddle. Eh. And I also kept my babies as warm/cool as I wanted to be depending on the weather — dressed warmly in cold months and barely dressed in summer months. Don't worry too much. You'll do great.

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    OH, and Bailey HATED to be swaddled so we just stopped doing it. She was flapping in our ultrasounds and still does it. She's not autistic or anything, just active. I'm wondering how different baby bro/sis is going to be when he/she arrives in February!

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    I am a twin,and have two sets of twin grands…double blessings!! Congrats ou yours. Both sets slept in a porta crib on Boppys for quite a while. It kept them on their backs, and the Boppy kept their heads a little elevated as well.

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    I loved the slide show! You are so blessed to have 2 at a time 😀

    Both my boys didn't like to be swaddled either so they wear long sleeved pjs to bed every night year round for the first year. I have never used sleep sacks, but I'm sure they would be great if they need some extra warmth.

    I don't know what kind of nursing pillow you have but I LOVE My Brest Friend. I hated my boppy and I could see how it could be impossible to feed twins with it :-/ My Brest Friend makes a larger one that is for feeding twins with. It has a strap that clips around your waist so it doesn't move. It should make feeding them a much easier especially when you are alone with them.

    Seriously I think God gives us some super energy hormones or something to get through those first few weeks. Its amazing we can do so much on so little sleep and at any other time in our lives we wouldn't be able to do it lol

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    May you guys have a wonderful weekend…I'm 14 weeks pregnant, so today (due to the Texas heat!) I'm hanging out inside. I can't wait for Fall!!

    Have a most blessed weekend.

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    Hey girl!! Love the post!! Those onesies are awesome! So the paci thing…girl, don't let your doc scare you out of using a paci. Both my boys used one from day 1 and after they got out of that newborn stage, pacis were only allowed while they were sleeping for the most part. Using a pacifier has also shown to lower the risk of SIDS. Can't remember why but you may want to google it. We gradually stopped with paci's alltogether around 18 months for Matthew and he never seemed to notice one way or the other. Mason will most likely be the same way since they only get them in bed and usually end up tossing them out anyway. "Nipple confusion" is debated a lot as is so you will find people who say its a real thing and people who say it isn't. Our doctor said not to worry about it. And we never had a problem.

    And yes, one of the previous posters mentioned this too that babies have that startle reflex where their arms fly out from their sides when you go to lay them down or when they are dreaming etc. It can cause them to wake themselves up too which is also another reason to try the swaddle thing. We only swaddled at night and just for the first couple of months but it seemed to help them sleep longer. Every baby is different though so you'll figure out what's best for your too! Hope some of this helped!

  15. says

    I could never swaddle tight enough either but my husband could! I'm not sure what the rules are but I know those nurses in the hospital swaddle them sooo tight my kids seemed to sleep better there so we tried keeping them as tight as possible when we brought them home and it seemed to help – I also think the type of blanket you use makes a different. The ones they use in the hospital are kind of thin and not the softest things in the world but they swaddle easily. We may have accidentally brought one of those home and used it a ton of times. 😉

    Love Sloane's bio – too funny!

  16. says

    Love the "bio" at the end. Glad you are recovering so well. Your body just went through a major ordeal. It takes a little while to get back to normal.

  17. says

    Precious pictures!!!!!

    I am glad that you are recovering well. A c-section recovery is NO joke, that's for sure! Those first few times you stand up, UGH!!!! :) But I'm glad you're on the mend and getting around better!

    I absolutely LOVE Toddlers and Tiaras, in a "crazy, I don't get why I'm watching this, these people are SO crazy" sort of way! :)That message about Sloane is hilarious! :)

    Have a great rest of the week!

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    They are so PRECIOUS! I just want to give them kisses all over :) So sweet! So glad you are healing well and recovering. Everything will adjust in time, and sometimes time is the hardest thing! That is so HILARIOUS what Brent said about Toddler's and Tiaras! That show is nutso. I bet they use gallons of freeze it and sparkles. Well, praying for you and thinking of you! much love, Becky Branch

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    Jade doesn't like to be swaddled either. And I couldn't sleep a wink for the first several nights because I was so afraid she would stop breathing or something would cover her face. We bought one of those Angel Care monitors, and that helped a lot!

  20. says

    Both my granddaughters loved the swaddle (@Maconbabies and @EdwardsEdition). Thought they were going to have to use a regular size blanket for EdwardsEdition baby. She LOVED it! So glad y'all are doing well!!

  21. says

    Sloane looks just like mommy!! Knox looks just like daddy!! Precious!! My babies never like to be swaddled and slept great. They both loved to have their hands right by their faces. :)

  22. says

    The twins are SUPER cute! My son is now 11 months old but as a newborn, he HATED being swaddled. He too was a "sucker" and loved to suck his fingers and rub his head to soothe himself. We finally gave up and swaddled him with his arms out. I figured if he was going to sleep better that way, I was okay with it. Best wishes! LOVE Sloane's bio :)

  23. says

    1st time commenter…but just had to youngest was very premature. He had a paci AND bottles in the NICU when I was not there. when I was he nursed. When he came home he had to have a bottle every other feed to have fortifier added and I NEVER had a problem with nipple confusion.

  24. says

    I never swaddled my daughter either — she hated it and it never struck me as something they "needed" so I never messed with it with my son either. I'm sure you'll get so much advice on comments, even when you don't want it :), so I'm not trying to do that … just telling you my experiences! I always loved sleep sacks when they were a little older and didn't go up their chins as much. And regarding the paci I breastfed my daughter for over a year and my son is 8mo and has solely breastfed and they both got pacis from hour one! He never took to it and she still likes hers, but like another commenter said, don't let them scare you out of using one! My daughter needed one so much and she was much more of a tense baby :) and it really did help sooth her.

    Good luck!! Sorry this was so long — I love talking about my "war stories" :) and hearing what other people did in similar situations!

  25. says

    Congrats on the sweet duo! They are so precious!!! I just wanted to say if they don't want their arms in the blankies, I don't think that is so bad. We swaddled our little one for a long time and honestly, it was a bit of torture for us as she got older. She would only sleep if she was swaddled, so when she got older and the arms would come out (constantly) we were up a lot. The same thing with the binky, if it came out and her arms weren't free and she was too small to put it back in, we'd be up again. My hubby was the only one who could really get swaddle her properly so when he would work night shift it was very hard for me. She is two and still has the binky at night. I wish we didn't start the binky but it was nice for her to soothe herself. Sounds like you're already figuring out what works for them. :) Best of luck with everything!!! One of my best friends has twins two weeks older than my little one and they are so sweet together. You can tell they have such a special bond! Cherish these precious moments!

  26. says

    What precious babies!!! Congrats!!
    I thought I was so against pacifiers because of nipple confusion but I was up boiling pacis at 2 am the first night because Avery wouldn't go to sleep. And we nursed exclusively for a year!!! So I wouldn't worry too much about it. Of course, if you don't need them, I wouldn't bother with them!
    We used the Woombie swaddlers and loved them! They let her move her arms around without flailing or scratching herself. And they are so easy to put them in! I can't believe more moms don't know about them! Good luck and I hope you continue to feel better!

  27. says

    My first baby HATED to be swaddled. She would grunt and wiggle around until she got her arms out and then would sleep just fine. After about a week I just "swaddled" her with her arms out and then I discovered the sleep sack. We never had a problem with her startling herself awake. Actually, she was a better sleeper than my newborn, who likes to be swaddled, is.
    As far as the pacifier goes, a pediatrician friend told me that research shows babies don't have confusion from a pacifier (since they don't get any nourishment from it) so it's just fine to give them one. I gave both my girls a pacifier the day after they were born and never had a problem and I was much saner for having given them the pacifier!
    The most important thing I learned when I had my oldest is to always go with YOUR gut. Even when they're only a week old, no one knows your baby as well as you!

  28. says

    My kids were never swaddled…it isn't something you must do, so maybe they were scrunched enough in your belly and now they just need their own free space!

    You are doing great!

  29. says

    I'm a mommy of twins and I used the Snuza breathing monitors. They didn't need them for any medical reason, but it allowed me to sleep and not worry as much about the swaddle getting in their face. There were some false alarms, but it was still a life saver and I used them several months. You just have to make sure the diaper is on snug and the Snuza is clipped on tight. Best baby item ever.

  30. says

    Sometimes I found the swaddle worked better if I put them in it after they were asleep, then it would help them sleep longer so their startle wouldn't wake them. I also liked the swaddle me blankets and think they have a size that would fit them.

    Also I was scared to death about nipple confusion but learned it is pretty uncommon with babies feeding well which it sounds like yours are. I used a pacifier with both of mine early on and they never had a problem with nursing. We did start bottles of pumped milk at 2 weeks and I think that helped them get used to a bottle which will be very important down the road!

    Enjoy those babies and do what feels right and do whatever will help you all get the most sleep:) this stage goes so fast!!!

  31. says

    I swaddled Payton – at first she fought it like crazy. But if we didn't swaddle she would wake herself up with her reflexes! We also used the sleep sacks as she got older. Love those too! You will figure what works best for your two cutie patooties!

  32. says

    The slideshow yesterday was just precious! What gorgeous babies!!!

    Our little guy didn't mind being swaddled and we found the swaddleme to work really well. It was nice because it left some room for him to move his legs a bit and that is a concern with swaddling– wrapping the legs too tightly and the hips displacing.

    Also, we were told about nipple confusion by the lactation consultant at the hospital, but our pediatrician said that usually happens more when you introduce a bottle too early while you're nursing. His explanation was that it's easier for babies to get milk from the bottle nipple…they have to work harder to get it from mom. But, he said that the pacifier usually is fine and doesn't cause confusion.

    PS- I can't believe you're breastfeeding TWO babies! Go girl!!

  33. says

    Hi Megan, our little guy was born on the 11th, so he's just a few days older than your two. I just wanted to say that he hates having his arms swaddled as well. I haven't even tried our miracle blanket because I'm pretty sure he would hate it. But I've been using the Aden and Anais blankets to just swaddle his lower half, and it seems to work really well. I've been paranoid about loose blankets while he's sleeping as well, but I'm able to get the swaddle tight enough that it stays put during the night. It seems to work really well, so just thought I'd share. Also, we have the pack 'n' play in our room as well, but we moved it so it's right smack up against my side of the bed. Not sure if your room layout would allow that (plus, you have two!), but it's really great because I can actually see him while still laying down. Glad things are going well!

  34. says

    I would not stress about the swaddling. My little guy never liked it and we only swaddled him the first week. He never liked the sleep saks either. He has always been a great sleeper too!

    It is what works best for them…not for everyone else!

  35. says

    They are just too cute! I watched the slideshow, and I have to admit that was beautiful! Such a wonderful thing to have, especially when they get older, but I won't rush it :)

  36. says

    I think that Sloane looks so much like Cohen in your photos. What precious precious dumplings you have.

    We used the Bebe Bean organic swaddled blanket for our second and loved it. It has a bit of give to it so they can be swaddled snug and still wriggle if need be. Have you tried swaddling them with their hands by their mouth? That's what we used to do, so they can still self soothe. I'm so happy for you two! I've been following your blog for a while and can't wait to hear more about life with twins!

  37. says

    I am so happy to hear that the recovery from your C-section is doing great and that you aren't suffering from lack of sleep. I think that was the hardest adjustment with breastfeeding at first, but it's funny how your body learns to adjust with so few hours of sleep.

    This is encouragement to me, more than you know as far as the breastfeeding goes. If you can do it with TWO babies than I should surely be able to handle ONE..

    I love that you included BT in the pictures, and that you felt Cohen was there with you too. What an angel :)

    Swaddling was hard and my son hated his legs trapped, but thank goodness for sleep sacks! I am going to try to swaddle again this time, and I am afraid I didn't have it tight either, in fears that it was TOO tight. I have brushed up on Happiest Baby on the Block, so I am hoping to get the swaddle down in time for my due date.

    Happy Weekend and again,



  38. says

    Ditto the comment about not letting the doctor scare you out of using a pacifier. My mom is a nurse and had five kids, but I wouldn't give my son a pacifier when he was born because of "nipple confusion," per the doctor's recommendation. But my mom told me that babies have a natural sucking reflex and it soothes them when they suck.. I finally gave in after many days and nights of crying even after feeding and changing him, and it was the best thing I ever did. My son is 17 now and my mom is still always right :) And now I listen to her!

  39. says

    So cute!! Love their onsies….makes me smile to see two babies :) With my twins…one loved the swaddle and one always broke free and kept his hands by his face…and still sleeps that way…we actually just swaddled his body and left his arms out after a couple of weeks…he was waking himself up trying to get out of the swaddle LOL…glad that you are healing well and you have such great help around you :) They are absolutely precious!!!!

  40. says

    Your babies are beautiful! I have a 3 month old daughter who also has never liked to be swaddled. She loves to have her hands up above her head. We finally gave in and began covering her with a light blanket and she has done fine with that. Now that she is pulling things, we may revert to a sleep sack so she doesn't pull her blanket over her face. Also, I too was concerned about "nipple confusion" with nursing and the pacifier, but it sounds like your twins are good nursers. We started giving our daughter a paci at 5-6 days of age and it actually helped her with the nursing. We too heard to wait until 4 weeks of age to start with the pacifier, but in talking to a lot of people we have heard that most babies are okay with starting the pacifier almost immediately. It worked out for us. My daughter had a strong sucking desire whether she was hungry or not. Your twins may be the same way. Hope these little tidbits help! Congratulations!!

  41. says

    Wow- it must be so hard to breastfeed twins! They are precious. My little boy only liked the swaddle with his arms out of it…so that is what we did. Still at 9M no paci and wants his fingers. Also I stopped gripe water and switched to mylicon drops. Sodium bicarbonate is in gripe water and I read while using it that can be bad for babies. Mylicon drops helped some. You do what works for you. Congrats!!!!

  42. says

    My son is 2 now, but he LIVED in the boppy, he slept in that thing right between my husband and I at night.. it worked out PERFECTLY and was a HUGE lifesaver! I will definetly be doing it with the next ones if they love it as much as he did!

  43. says

    Try swaddling them with their hands up under their chins- it's actually neurologically soothing for them to be able to access their hands. So is sucking, of any kind!

  44. says

    BA HA HA love Sloane's bio! To funny. Gripe water was a miracle worker for us. It always got rid of the darn hiccups. I let both of my babies sleep in the boppy. It never did it while I was actually sleeping just during the day while we lounged around. They both lived! You sweet babies are cute cute cute! Keep up the good work and props to the breastfeeding twins thing 😉

  45. says

    Congratulations on such sweet babies! I have twin nieces and when they were first born they liked to be swaddled together and then put in the swing or crib together as one unit.

    Thanks for still blogging regularly! I can only imagine what at crazy/happy time this is :)

  46. says

    Love those babies!! And Brent's bio, that was awesome :) I'm so glad that things seem to be going well for you guys! I am amazed you're breastfeeding both, that is a MORE than full time job! Just a thought, and every baby is different, and all those disclaimers, Cooper was like Sloane with the swaddle. He wanted his arms up and out, by his face, above his head, etc. He always had his hands on his face in utero, so I guess he was just used to it. Anyway, we just gave up on the swaddle. He just rally didn't NEED to be swaddled to sleep, it really seemed like it hindered sleep more than anything. We did use a sleep sack, but that was more to make sure he was warm, I'm not sure that it does any of the soothing stuff that swaddles are intended for. That's just what worked for us, I'm sure you've heard lots of advice already :)

  47. says

    I am a SWADDLE lover and I actually eventually swaddled my daughter with her arms out becasue seh was happy that way. I LOVE and will buy more because I only had one with her..swaddle blanket made by swaddle designs…they are pricey and run $28 BUT are fully worth it…you can get by with having only two and using them at nighttime. if there are no leaks….you do not have to wash daily either :)

  48. says

    Congratulations. The babies are so sweet. I am going to throw in my experience with swaddling too. My daughter didn't like to be swaddled at first. We would wrap her tight and she would still end up with her hands near her head. It was like we had a baby burrito from the waist down. However, after a few weeks she started to jerk her arms more in her sleep and would startle herself awake. We began swaddling again and just had to be diligent about it and make it tight. She stopped breaking the swaddle for a period. By 4 months I think she was done being swaddled. We used Swaddle Designs blankets. They were great. She HATED the ones with velcro and the sleep sac (because she couldn't get her feet if they were in a sleep sac). Basically, they are all different so just keep trying with the swaddle thing. As for the pacifier, our daughter used me as a pacifier for the first month. When we switched to a real one, she just spit it out. For the soreness i used Medela tender care lanolin and it was great.

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