Nursery – Part 2, details

I did the first nursery post here :) 

Again, we had lots of fun doing it and shopping for it. Since I was in bed the majority of the pregnancy, I did most of the shopping over the internet. Overall, I feel like I got some really cute stuff for great deals :)

A sweet friend made the bedding and curtains. She did an AMAZING job! It was exactly what I wanted and I’m so grateful she made it! She is a wonderful seamstress. She does not currently have an online shop, but it might be in the works. I will keep you updated!

One of my sponsors, Spell it with Style, gifted me with the wooden framed monograms! I LOVE them. However, Brent and I are having the hardest time deciding where we want them to go. I picked out the fabric (Brandon Malby Jazz Pink) and think they are so fun. We may end up putting them in the kids bathroom or on the door for now. Thank you, Brook!

We have a few little Cohen touches :) ….like one of his puppy’s tiny E, the night light, pillow, etc.

The chair isn’t the chair we are going to use. We got it at Wal-mart and the rocking feature just doesn’t work with our carpet. It rocks right back into the wall. We ended up getting a Little Castle glider, which we love. I’ll try to blog a picture soon.

Not sure the best way to list things out, so I’m just typing what I see and the site/where I got them

Wall color – Benjamin Moore – Innocence
Fabric – Premier Prints, ash & white slub zig zag and Michael Miller, dumb dots (
Cribs – Jenny Lind from CSN (they aren’t drop down)
Mobiles – Blablakids
Chandelier – AF Lighting from CSN
Single, multi-level shelf – A local place called “The Market”
Wall shelves – Ballard Designs
Gold Mirror – A local place called “The Market”
4 canvas framed paintings – paintings are off the street in NOLA. The guys name was Nathan and I had him sign the back, but of course forgot to write it down before framing. He had all of them painted when we saw them except the ‘razorback’…which we asked him to create one..and that’s what he did, haha. I had framed locally at a frame store.
Dresser – Craig’s list, before pic here
Knobs on dresser – Anthropologie 
Lamp on dresser- It’s old and was in Brent’s grandmother’s house, before pic here. Shade from Target.
Love you to the moon canvas – Glitter & Bliss
Paper dolls – Glitter & Bliss
Single letter pillows – Yelli Kelli
Birds with heart pillow – Yelli Kelli
Knox’s name pillow – 2 Little lovelies
Sloane’s name pillow – Whimsey & Co.
Letters on crib – sERINa’s Custom Shop
Heart with wings night light – Little Lion Decor
Mirrored table – Target
Hour glass (10 min timer) – Hobby Lobby
Chair – Wal-Mart
Boston Terrier piggy bank – Urban Outfitters
Sloane’s bow holder –  2 Little Lovelies
Standing lamp – Target
Blocks – Melissa & Doug off Zulily
Tray on dresser – TJ Maxx a long time ago
Chevron peace print – Omg!
Boston Terrier in the swing print – African Grey
Be Kind print – The Wheatfield
Records – We have tons passed down by our parents, including these
LOVE print – Aldari
Green mirror – Local place here called “Windsor Market”
Peace candle -gifted
Bunnies in crib – gifted
Boston Terrier stuffed animal – I believe my brother got at Children’s last year. It was with Cohen in the hospital.
Boston Terrier backpack -gifted
Alligator hat – gifted
Hogs n’ kisses piggy bank – gifted
Mini green flower urn – Two’s Company brand (I got at a gift shop a few years ago.)
Frog trinket box – Brent gave me years ago
Frog holding blocks – my dad got for me years ago
Shoes on dresser – Zulily and/or Totsy
Books – all different places

If I’m leaving anything off or you have questions, just let me know!



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    The nursery is absolutely adorable!! You did such a great job! We live in the country and I don't have anywhere to shop (other than the market and the feed store!), so I will be looking online. Glad to know I can find what I need there!

    Congratulations again! Such a sweet family. God bless.

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    I love everything about the nursery! I think it's great that you were able to keep it gender neutral, but add adorable boy and girl touches. So perfect!

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    Oh Megan it's absolutely magical! I love how you put everything together. I'm currently obsessed with chevron, so I really love the fabric! It's put together, but at the same time, not so matchy matchy, which is what I love! I hope everything is going great with your two little cuties!

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    This nursery is the perfect blend of boy and girl and your amazing little family. It not only represents Knox and Sloane but also, you, Brent, Cohen, and Elton too. And it all blends so well. I think that you could easily have a career in decorating. It's perfect!

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    First off, congrats on your beautiful twins! The slide show was lovely indeed. I was curious though, why you both chose to name Knox, "James Knox" , rather than "Knox James"? Clearly, you both planned on calling him by his middle name anyway, so why not just name him that as his first name? I always wondered why some people did that, when they plan to go by the middle name, why not just make that the first name from the get go. Hope you don't mind me asking, I really am curious as to why people do that!
    Love the nursery. It's simple, yet elegant. So awesome how you got everything for free, too. Yay! My favorite is Sloan's name pillow. Love!

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    I think I commented on the last nursery post, but I have to comment again. Your nursery looks so amazing! So many small, special touches that just make the room so unique. I love it!

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    That is one of the cutest nurseries I have ever seen! I love how it isn't themed, but rather whimsical and fun with plenty of personal touches. You did such a great job! I was wondering, is there a changing table on the other wall that isn't pictured or do you just change them in their cribs? Just wondering. :) love it!!

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    YOu can tell that you all put so much heart into this nursery and the result is stunning! I love every single part of this beautiful room! Oh, and we have funky paitned portraits of our Schnauzers in Madison's nursery 😉


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    What a fabulous nursery! I especially love the artwork and chevron bedding. I'm so impressed that you did most of your shopping online. Wishing Knox and Sloane many sweet dreams in that nursery!!

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    You are SO talented! How you have the time to do this and all the other stuff you do is amazing!! You have a special talent & I am amazed all the more bc I totally lack said talent!!! Awesome!

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    This is seriously so beautiful. Like magazine beautiful.

    I've been a long time reader but can't remember if you answered this or not- was this Cohen's nursery too? Did you just redecorate it? Or is it a different room? If that's too personal, please don't feel obligated to answer. :)

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    Thanks for sharing! The nursery is beautiful! The Chandelier is amazing, and those adorable shoes. :) All of the details are stunning!! It should be in a magazine! xoxo

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! And it grow"s with the babies as they do!!! Smart thinking!! I was wondering how many yards of fabric did you 2 long panels take..Just to get an Idea!! Thanks!! and Congrats!!! Jessica G

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    Hey Megan,
    Just saw your nursery on pinterest! Good ideas get around fast and your room is just so nice loaded with details.
    Hope you and your babies are doing well this week.
    Always love getting updates.
    Charlotte NC

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    The nursery is just lovely – perfect mix of masculine and feminine as well as modern and antique (feeling)! Odd question – did you replace the carpet in there? I need to replace my son's carpet in his room and I love what you have.

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    What kind of crib mattresses did you go with? We are expecting our first and have the same crib you have (only we have one, not two!) and I have been researching mattresses but it can be so overwhelming! Just wondering what you went with since it obviously fit the cribs welL!

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