Nursery :) part 1

{Nursery Part 2 is HERE.}

Here is the nursery! Well, actually the first half of the pictures :) Thankfully, Brent’s mom is a wonderful photographer took lots for us!

Brent and I put a lot of time and effort into it we love the way it turned out! Luckily, we both had the same taste on most thing and even Brent made some quite a few design decisions. It was fun doing a nursery for a boy and a girl. As I’ve mentioned before, I really like the eclectic look, and I thought it would go great for the twins’ nursery. We also had several friends that gave us advice and input and that helped out tremendously!

Back in January, I decided to get a new blog header. A few days prior, I decided I wanted to use polka dots and chevron in the nursery.  I’ve kind of stuck with the patterns on many things during this pregnancy. I love them both!

I’ll do a part two of the nursery and it will give links and such where I got things from. Many were also kindly gifted!

The first place we took Knox & Sloane when we got home last night was to their nursery. We are pretty certain they liked it :)

The pictures were taken last Wednesday and two days later, Knox & Sloane were born! We’ve been home almost 24 hours. It’s been fun, busy, sweet, hectic, etc. Here they are hanging out today.

Brent’s mom is also putting a picture slideshow together of Knox & Sloane’s birth and their first few days! I can’t wait to see it all and share :)



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    It looks wonderful. You have a great eye for decorating. (I may be a bit biased because I have become a bit chevron-crazy myself lately.) I love the picture of the dog that looks like Elton in the swing and the one of you and Elton in the nursery. So sweet.

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    Everything is just so precious. I loved decorating a nursery for a boy and girl and your nursery is AMAZING! And Sloane and Knox are just gorgeous!

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    What a serene & sweet nursery! I love all of the boston terrier things…so fun. Your babies are precious. Does it feel real yet?? It took me a couple of days for it to sink in once we brought Grayson home! I'm sure Knox & Sloane LOVE their new room!

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    Megan, I have been following your blog for quite some time now and have never commented, but wanted to tell you how wonderful the nursery looks. Even more so, though, are your new precious babies. They are perfect in every way and I see a bit of Cohen in them. I know you and Brett with cherish every moment with them. Best of luck to you and I cannot wait to read about this new chapter of your life.

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    The nursery is adorable, as are your precious babies. I love how Elton is guarding the room in the first photo. Can't wait to see more pix!

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    So beautiful…love the canvas print "love you to the moon and back"! And the babes look beautiful. How did you sleep or should I say did you sleep? I will be praying for you…nursing 1 baby is tough the first few weeks so I can't imagine how 2 would be….even just keeping up with diapers etc. It can be overwhelming…so don't worry if you are feeling the tinest bit stressed among your joy! Blessings!!

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    The nursery is just precious and I think the eclectic look is perfect!! love all the unique pictures they have. Yall did a great job and the those babies a quite precious too!!

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    Awe! Love the nursery. They are too sweet. They look more alike than my girls do. They are night and day, even with their personalities. I hope we come home Friday. Glad ya'll are home and doing well. You did soooo good getting them here!!!

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    WOW- it looks amazing!!! What beautiful pictures- so lucky to have a photographer in the family! I'm working on a nursery for our little guy due in October- I noticed that I have the same pair of blue and white sneakers for him (ordered from zulily or totsy!?) and we have that swinging dog print, too- only ours is a pug instead of a boston! 😉 You guys did an absolutely WONDERFUL job on the nursery! It's amazing…just like those sweet babes!

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    Very sweet! Anthropologie has some grey chevron bath baskets that I bought for my baby's nursery that might look great in yours. I'm using mine for toys and laundry. They're a bit spendy, but so cute!

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    I love the nursery, you two did a GREAT job. It has such a light and airy, yet personal feel to it, perfect for a nursery. I like how you guys incorporated Elton into and Cohen. The pic of Elton in the swing is just too cute.
    I have to ask one of of the pics on the top white shelf David Hasselhoff?

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    The nursery is beautiful!!! So happy for you and Brett… I had twins born on 8/19/78. They were also a boy and a girl they turned 30 years old this year. They were my third and fourth of 5 children.. I was crazy enough to want one more after that. So I had 3 boys and 2 girls. Knox and Sloane are so lucky to have you and Brett as parents. Good luck…rest when you can and ENJOY!

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    I love the night light. It's just a great representation of Cohen watching over Knox and Sloane. The whole nursery is great. I especially love the Elton stuff. :) I am so happy for all of you!

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    Those are great! I love the nursery. It is fresh, colorful but not gaudy. The picture of pup in the swing is wonderful! I love the unusual touches throughout! And of course, the best touches…..Knox and Sloane!

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    wow Megan, I love everything about the nursery!! From the crazy cute art work, to the little night light in memory of Cohen, to the fun green clock, and even the little "baby elton" in a swing picture! You guys have put together such a nice room for the little ones! And they are just the most beautiful babies! They have the same profile and look SO much like big brother C! Can't wait to see the slideshow! Hope you are getting enough rest and loving on those sweet babies!

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    Great design eye – I love it! I particularly like the mix of colours, the chevron fabric and the art work (as you can see, I had difficulty picking a favourite element). I also think it's so nice that you've incorporated Elton into some of the art work. Sloane and Knox are two very lucky babies!

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    Love it!! So bright and interesting. Our twins won't have their own room until we move but I am gathering ideas now! Hope you guys are spending your time resting and snuggling babies!

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    Oh my gosh, this is too much! The nursery is beautiful! I love it! Your little angels are also beautiful! Hope you are able to get just a little rest now and then. Is it absolutely crazy trying to feed and diaper two??

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    I have followed your blog for a long time, but never commented. Just wanted to say congrats on your two precious babies. You are very blessed. And the nursery is Awesome!!! So happy for you guys.

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    L-O-V-E! The nursery is FABULOUS, should be in a magazine. Also your new bundles of joy are absolutely precious and perfect. Huge congrats to you guys!!! So thrilled for your new family of four :)

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    Beautiful! I love it!!!!!

    That picture of you in the chair, with your adorable belly is SOOOO cute!!!

    I can't wait to hear more about the babies and see more pics! :)

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    Beautiful nursery and ADorable babies…They are indeed blessed babes. I am a twin also. We are the same gender though, but its a different life growing up and closer one in adulthood. I am glad they were born healthy and you two will enjoy each and every moment. YOU both know how precious those are. I enjoy reading your blog and thank you for allowing us into your life!

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    All I can say is WOW! Their nursery should be a feature piece in a magazine! Forget your former job, you need to be a decorator when you're not super duper busy with those precious twins!

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    I love everything about their nursery. I would never think to add some of the whimsical touches you all did. I love the Boston Terrier print – would love to know where you got that if/when you have time (ha!)

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    um WOW this nursery is beautiful and amazing!!! a perfect blend of boyish and girlish and i love all the little details around the room!!!
    the bedding you had made is so cute i love it with the curtains and everything!! it's so pretty.
    i can't have a nursery made for my baby boy right away but it makes me look forward to being able to decorate a room for him in the future.
    i really like the artwork and how so many elton-dogs are included throughout.
    one word: CUTE!

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    If i ever have boy and girl twins I want to copy that nursery exactly!! SOOOOOOOOOOo cute! I love the softness of the grey chevron print, the blue, and the white cribs mixed with the boldness of the hot pink and bright turquoise blue.. L-O-V-E! And of course the most adorable accessory to that room would be the two cuties in the last picture!!! congrats again! LOVE the nursery, LOVE the babies :)

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    Oh my word…love it! It's adorable but so classic. Can't wait to see part 2 on where you found things 😉 Thanks for sharing! [Still can't get over how perfect the babes are!]

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    Congrats on sweet little Knox and Sloane! They are BEAUTIFUL! There nursery is amazing…good work! Hope all is well with your sweet little bundles!!! :)

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    I am obsessed with your nursery!! Everything is did such a great job decorating especially for both genders! Love the cute prints and mirrored table!! Lots and lots of love is going on in there <3 so happy for your cute family!!

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    Love the nursery, very cool! I love that it's unique and there are so many cute elements that are sentimental in it! The chevron pattern is adorable :)

    Sloane and Knox look as snug as a bug in their swaddle blankets and I think they will ADORE their new room!

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well and can't wait for pictures on their birth and the slideshow.


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    I absolutely love it! Way to go mommy and daddy! Also for a bow hanging tip, once Sloane has lots more. I found one of the counter top metal/iron bodice things. You know, it looks like a dress. I tired a piece of ribbon, to match the girl's bathroom, around the waste of it. Now I can click bows on the ribbon and on the metal of the bodice. It is a fun and easy way to store the bows once you get too many for the ribbon hanger :) Just thought I would share.

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    Don't think I've ever commented before. Congratulations on your beautiful twins AND that nursery is amazing!! I'm a huge fan of eclectic rooms.

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    oh my goodness, girl. this could go in a magazine. i think (with all your free time..HA) you should do a post of where it all came from. so vintage! i love it all!!!!! xo

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    The nursery is gorgeous! I love the color of the walls and the contrast of the chevron with the bright colors in their bedding.

    I especially love the "I love you to the moon and back" print. So sweet. You and Brent have great taste!

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    This looks amazing!!! We have the same jenny lind crib for our little girl's nursery…she's on her way! You really did a great job…love the eclectic look! Congratulations on your precious babies!!!

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    I love your nursery. Your mother-in-law is a great photographer. Looks like they are pictures taken out of a magazine. Your babies are so precious! Congratulations to you and Brent! Can't wait to follow you all in this journey!!

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    Hi Megan,
    I've been following your journey for a while now and are so happy for you, Brett & Elton! I love the nursery and how you incorporated Elton in it. We have 2 precious doggie daughters we adore and if we ever have children I would love to do the same! Love the idea!

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    I cannot express just how much I adore that nursery. THEIR nursery. It is perfect. Calming. Fun. And totally them….so happy for you all! Bro and sis really look alot like big bro….I know he is smiling down and is so happy too.

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    Very beautiful! Maybe you can help me design a nursery when it's time for Vance and I to have babies. Oh, and I think Sloane looks EXACTLY like Cohen! Congratulations again to both of you.

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    Megan, I LOVE the nursery. One of my favorites I have ever seen. And I am currently obsessed with chevron so this is just awesome to see. And it looks great with the polka dots! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Hope yall are doing well! Hugs to you all

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    I just love the nursery it is so tasteful and not overdone. The pictures and oraments fit in the scheme so well. The little ones look so peaceful and content. Can't wait to see the next post.

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    love, love the nursery. i'm just finishing up ours and it's a good think i can't start over. :)

    any chance you could tell us where you found the "Be Kind to Others" piece of art?


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    I absolutely love the nursery- you really outdid it on this one. From the blue/pink and chevron, to all the cute details on the bookshelf. These two are definitely going to know they're loved! Congratulations on your two beautiful healthy babies.

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    I am blown away… the twins' nursery is beautiful!!!! I can't imagine how busy you are, so do not worry about getting back to me. But when you have a free minute, I would love to know where you got the letters hanging on their cribs. I adore them.

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    I can't wait to meet the little ones! :) My sister has the "I love you to the moon and back" canvas … i ordered it from your friend! I absolutely LOVE it!

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    I know you posted this a while ago but I couldn't believe the similarities in your nursery and the one I have planned for our twins. The walls are painted a very similar light blue with the same ceiling color even. Those are the cribs I picked out too. That is as far as I've gotten but I'll definitely be using your nursery as inspiration!

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