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As I mentioned on Friday, my friends hosted baby shower this weekend for me and the twins. It was perfect in every way :) I seriously have the most wonderful group of girls ever.

Saturday, before the shower, my four best friends that live out of town all came in :) They all helped host and I loved getting to have them here. It kind of took me back to Cohen’s birth when they all came to Dallas. I love the “fab 5″ picture in this post. There is also one of us right before I went into have him, but not sure what post it’s in right now. I love that they all got to meet him.

Anyways, I didn’t use my big camera once this weekend. Bad Megan! BUT my friends used their cameras and my mother-in-law & sister-in-law took pictures at the shower. I’m not going to wait to post most details until I get all of theirs, but here are a few peeks. Can you tell I like peeks? haha. I feel guilty not pulling mine, but honestly, I just can’t walk around anymore to take pictures. 

The beautiful flowers were the first thing that caught my eyes at the shower. My friend Kristen painted them to go along with the pink and blue theme :) Luckily, they had lots and sent some home with me. They are all over our house and I love it.

How cute are the monogrammed napkins? I tweeted these already, so I thought I’d blog! Sylvia Rose Design did them :)

Nope, I’ve not shared the first and middle names together, but I will soon!

Lots of yummy desserts treats at the shower…

These cookies were basically strawberry shortcake and they were amazing!

Lots of precious babies at the shower…

We were very. very blessed with gifts! The twins are almost all set! They even got a Mamaroo….

You know how my friend’s came in from out of town? Well Chloe and her mom, Katie, stayed with us :) So, not only did Chloe get to try out Knox’s sweet bed, she got to try the Mamaroo! We think she loved it. Katie posted an adorable video here.

I think Brent with pretty smitten with Chloe :)

Katie, I meant to tell you, I was thinking I need to find the pictures of us when we were little and playing together with Missy, haha.

This morning I was going through the gifts with Brent so he could see them all. He had to go run some errands after. As soon as he left, Elton sat by the gifts and would not leave the room. I even called him to our bedroom, nothing. He never even asked for his lunch!

Funny guy.

Today, we hung out with the girls this morning and then they left. Then, another good friend, Ashley, who had come in for the shower, came by before leaving town. So, I got to hang out with her :)

I’ve rested for the rest of the day. My body is laughing at me today, but it was definitely worth every second of being up yesterday!

Though, I am feeling very, very blessed, my heart is still really hurting for our friends whose little girl passed away on Friday night. They are coming home today. They are going to their house where their little girl was with them for three years and that I can’t imagine. We are going to her celebration of life in the next few days. I love that they are requesting people wear the color pink. Lauren loved pink. Kirsten, Lauren’s mom, posted on my blog before we were going to have Cohen. From one heart mother to another. She wrote the sweetest words. See them here.

I’ve also had several people comment and email about sweet Tripp. What STRONG fighters he and his family are. Please keep them in your prayers.

You have a little longer to enter this weeks giveaway here! A new one will start tomorrow.



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    Oh I wanted to get the Mammaroo so bad but, it is just too pricey. Plus, my nephew isn't a fan of his so I wasn't sure if spending the money on something baby may not like was worth it. I may just break down though, since it is so cool!

  2. says

    Aw fun shower weekend! :) Great pics and gorgeous flowers!

    Btw… I really love that you feature other families who are going through difficult things right now. I'm sure it means a lot to them and it touches me, as one of your readers…

    Glad you had a good weekend, friend. :)

  3. says

    We had a mamaroo for each baby and we LOVED them, they loved to nap in them. Lucky girl!! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!! It looks beautiful!

  4. says

    What a fun shower… I am sure glad it was wonderful. You deserve a world full of wonderful!!

    So curious now about the twins' middle names!!

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