“Twin Treats” Shower

A few weeks ago, the twins and I had a sweets shower :)

Jessica had the girls we’ve become good friends with (most through blogging!) over and they showered us with gifts. So nice!! She emailed out a cute invite, opened her home and got yummy frozen yogurt. We all know that’s been my favorite thing during this pregnancy :) Luckily, it was the week before my whole gestational diabetes issue. I was a little over 29 weeks at this shower.

Anyways, so glad to see these ladies! I’ve not been getting out much at all and a few hours with them was very nice.

I have some fun pics, so I thought I would share, of course!

Me & Jessica…

The adorable ice cream machine and the treats everyone brought!

Sweet, sweet girls :)

Sweet, sweet little ones :) Penny was so funny. She kept trying to eat the ice and get in the container, haha.

The girls showered the twins with SUCH cute things!!! I left feeling very blessed.

Lindsey and myself…

All the girls that made it :)

Thank you, ladies :) Love you all!!

Might I add….it is SO hot here and this day was no exception. Typically, there is always gas in my car since I don’t go anyplace and Brent’s good about taking it to the station. Well, when we were leaving Jessica’s house, I realized I needed gas in order to make it home. Lindsey was kind enough to follow me to the station so I wouldn’t have to get out and pump and stand in the heat. So nice!

I think more stations need someone to pump gas. I would leave them a tip, of course. I think most people would.

I posted a few pics from my shower this past Saturday here and I’ll do the rest soon :)

I just posted a recipe for roasted & stuffed tomatoes here. They are really yummy!

This week I have a giveaway from Pampered Chef! Check it out here.


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    Such a cute idea for a shower! You look fabulous! You could always move to New Jersey where it's illegal for you to pump your own gas!

  2. says

    Megan what a super cute shower! I love that yogurt machine I think I need one for my house LOL! Look at all the goodies you got! What a pretty group of friends you have! LOve the bloomies for Sloane…that was so sweet of your friend to pump your gas for you!


  3. says

    Adorable shower!!

    We are have an ice cream bar for my son's 6th birthday party in a week. So excited!!

    You are blessed with some amazing ladies in your life.

    It is also illegal in Oregon to pump your own gas! =)

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    Hi Megan! I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I found your blog. You are one amazing, strong, Mama. We recently lost our precious twin boys (I was 17 weeks along) and are ready to try rebuilding our family again. I am so very encouraged to see you doing so well with your twins on the way after having to say goodbye to Cohen. You have said so many words that spoke directly to my heart and I'm inspired and encouraged about our future having read your story. Many, many blessings to you and your family as you anxiously await the arrival of your babies! I will be following along with you on your journey! Here's our story if you'd like to follow along with us: http://www.findyourspark.blogspot.com Congratulations! Margot :)

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    Love your shower pics! The ice cream machine is awesome! As a Jersey girl, I don't even know how to pump gas!…..girls around here actually have bumper stickers that say "Jersey girls don't pump gas." ha! You are very blessed to have such great friends!

  6. says

    What an adorable shower! And, Megan, you look so pretty!

    I completely agree with you about the gas pumping… What ever happened to the old school full-service stations?

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