Prego Mego – 34 weeks

Lately, when I type in the prego mego post title, I catch myself wanting to double check the weeks.  I can’t believe that’s how many weeks I am.I guess I’m feeling that way since it’s going quickly now.

First off, this morning was little Lauren’s celebration of life service. I can say, without a doubt, it was the second saddest service I’ve been to. It was beautiful, but my word, heartbreaking. I could have gone through an entire box of tissue. I am so sad for her family. Please keep them and those grieving in your prayers.

Today, I turn 34 weeks pregnant with our TWINS. Yes, it still seems crazy we are having twins. It becomes more real every single day.

Yesterday, we had a good appointment. My doctor really seems to be impressed with the way things are going on the inside. I know how quickly things can change so I’m not holding my breath. He did say if things keep looking like they do now, he might continue with our date that is close to 38 weeks. Of course, I think he will ultimately decide about 36 weeks.

He said from here on out, he is/has to look for anything that may indicate they need to come out. So that’s crazy to think.

They are both still head down, however, Sloane is very low and Knox is still way high up! So, her head is close to my pelvic area and his is to the left of my belly button. 

I will continue to spend most of my time in bed in hopes of my water not breaking.

I think I got dehydrated yesterday because I’ve had pretty bad cramps off and on since last night. I kept thinking I’m not going into labor after a good appointment, haha. I’ve not really had caffeine at all this pregnancy. The only think I really drink when not pregnant is coffee and the occasional tea. I love iced white chocolate mochas. Well, yesterday I got one (half caf) and that must have done the dehydrating. Note to self, decaf until further notice.

I honestly can’t remember if I blogged this or not. I had a breakdown in bed last Saturday night. I did relatively well being up at my shower and such. I did have pain, but not unbearable. Well, by the time I got to bed Saturday evening, my stomach muscles were done. I could not turn myself from side to side. It’s just like my belly wouldn’t lift up. It kind of freaked me out, but then I realized my muscles are just pooped. Brent had to turn me. No wonder tummy hernias are common in multiples pregnancies.

I hope the hospital lets me where my own hospital gown because I got one! haha. I ordered mine here, but later saw that the Monogram Chick has them, too!

I have been STARVING this week. I mean it is insane. I was having to eat something like every 30 minutes until 2am this morning. I keep feeling like I was so hungry I was going to get sick if I didn’t eat. I was also trying to get down water so the cramps would stop. So on top of the eating and trips to the bathroom, I think I got to bed around 2:30. I continued to frequent the bathroom about every half hour and then got up for the count about 7:30am, starving. I mean I felt like I hadn’t eaten in a week. These twinkies better be growing!!

I’m having random heartburn and nausea. All to be expected, I would imagine so.

My friend, Toni, that has precious twin girls, let me borrow her nursing pillow! It is the Double Blessings EZ 2 Nurse twins breastfeeding pillow. Well, I ordered a new slipcover from Double Blessings this week and when it arrived this magnet was in the box….

I literally laughed out loud and thought, oh wow, that’s us!

I think almost everything is done in the nursery. We are waiting for two more items to ship in and then I’ll have my MIL takes some pictures and then show you all :) We LOVE how it turned out.

We’ve been putting things away from the shower and trying to get things washed up and ready.

One of my girlfriends gave me some of these wipes, and they smell yummy. I must admit, I’ve used some of them already.

I had such a hard time getting words/writing out for thank you notes after Cohen passed away, but I have jumped back on the wagon. The twins’ notes, for obvious reasons, are easier to write. So, I’m trying to work on those as I rest in bed. I posted, here, some Erin Condren ones I got and then some others will be arriving in the next few days that my friend, Allison, made. Jessica also made me some that go with the “twins treats” shower :) Yes, I’m all about matchy matchy, haha.

Knox & Sloane have been getting the hiccups at the same time and it’s crazy. Since they are different sides, it makes me feel like they are just flicking me with their fingers, ha.

I always snap my weekly pics with my camera sitting on our buffet. However, since they are about to start our tile, there is no furniture. Instead of looking for a different spot, I just opted to use my cell phone in the bathroom today. I might have Brent take one with the camera later on.

Here were are today….(I flipped the side pictures so they would face the direction as I normally take them.)

The pink ribbon is from Lauren’s service. They also asked everyone to wear color.

Here is the comparison with Cohen…

Hope you all are having a good day!

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    I'm looking at you and wondering how you stand for more than a few minutes. I mean you are all belly, literally. You look amazing, and I'm very impressed with how far you've gotten. Hang in there. Just a few more weeks. :)

  2. says

    I read through Lauren's aunt's blog the other day and sobbed like a baby! I cannot imagine what her memorial service was like!

    34 weeks!! Every single week you make it is such an accomplishment! You look incredible btw!!

  3. says

    By week 34, I also couldn't even get out of bed by myself. My poor husband got no sleep because he would have to get up every time I had to go to the bathroom to pull me up-out of bed and off the toilet! Thank goodness Ben and Emma were born at 37 weeks because I was done!!

    You look amazing!

  4. says

    I REALLY feel for you! Meaning, I know what it is to be on bedrest…that is hard! But I have not carried twins. Your body has got to be tired. YOu are definitely on the homeward stretch now, so stay positive :) Can I caution you with one thing? The hardest part for me after delivering my baby that I had been on bedrest with was the recovery time after the birth. It took me MUCH longer to recover with that one than with my second or third babies. My muscles had atriphied and I was much weaker. So, my caution would be to NOT push yourself too far. Just concentrate on caring for those two sweet babies and let the house sit. It literally took me almost 5 months to be back to myself again. After my 2nd and 3rd babies, I was pretty much normal the day I got home from the hospital. Sounds strange, but very true. Bedrest is hard on your body! Add in twins to the mix and well…you understand :) Prayers coming your way from central Ohio!

  5. says

    So excited for you that you have made it this far! I know 34 is a really good number to get to for twins and if you do hold out even a few more weeks, you will have some well cooked babes that hopefully need minimal time in the hospital! What a blessing that would be to get to come home with them so soon if they are doing well! Can't wait until you have them!

  6. says

    You are so close to holding your lil babies! Hang in there mama.

    I must tell you—I LOVE the Johnson's hand and face wipes. I use them all the time. Can't use sanitizer on tiny babies, and they STICK everything in their mouths.

    They are relatively new product and seriously—-always have lots of them handy!

  7. says

    You are just gorgeous! Your belly just keeps on growing. I can't imagine two – I feel like I got big with just one!

    Hang in there. I know how tough it must be physically on you. Just a few more weeks and those babies will be in your arms!

  8. says

    Getting sooo close! Our twins were born at 36+4. I can completely relate to the breakdowns, I had them often the last 2-3 weeks!! And the no sleep??!! Our twins are 7 weeks and I'm getting much more sleep now than when pregnant….it's impossible to sleep in the end of twin pregnancy! Hang in there you are soo close!!

  9. says

    So close :) Glad you and babies are doing well….by the way LOVED that nursing pillow…although my husband and I always laughed when I put it on…but it was a great help in the beginning until I got the hang of tandem nursing :) You look great!!!

  10. says

    I just cannot believe you're so close to the end!! I've been following this whole pregnancy, and it really feels like you just announced the big news!! They're going to be here so SOON!

    Cannot wait to see the nursery. Knowing you and your style, it's bound to be adorable :)

  11. says

    oh wow!! now I understand why your body is aching! you are carrying lots of weight around on your small frame. But you are looking great!

    when my grandmother passed away, we opted not to wear black and instead decided to wear color. she died happy although struggling with her health and it would have been a dishonor to her memory to not make it a joyful service. you have my condolences.

  12. says

    So glad to see you've made it to 34 wks. I walked around the mall and cleaned the house to much, and yes my water broke the morning I was 33w3d. But the babies were healthy, we were in the hospital for one wk together and then they an additional 1 wk. I now know I didn't have a very good doctor.He gave me no precautions. Praying for you to have a few more weeks rest. :)

  13. says

    You are doing an amazing job keeping those babies "cookin". I don't check blogs much on the weekend so I'm always anxious to see what I've missed! By the way, those wipes are the BEST! Love the smell too. Also, I like the Boogie Wipes in the fresh scent. :) Must haves!

  14. says

    Congrats on making it each additional week!! So excited to read the post when they make their grand entrance!

    Love the dress in the Cohen's 34 weeks pic – is that even a maternity dress? It's so flattering!

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