Our weekend :)

Hope you all are having a good day :)

I’m snuggled in bed and Brent is at the movie seeing Captain America. This morning one of our friends flew in from Dallas. One of our other friends is having a baby shower and she came to attend. Unfortunately, I can’t :( I’ve been up enough for the weekend. However, last night the friend having the shower today, had a couples shower with her husband, and Brent and I went :) I didn’t last long, but I showed, haha.

Saturday morning I woke up in pain. The first part of the day was really rough. It’s usually the opposite. At 8am the tile people showed up to do the tile. So thankful it’s getting done and we LOVE the tile. I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable anywhere besides my bed, so I stayed here while they did it. My parents and Brent were in and out. It got a little warm, with doors being opened and closed often, and the smell of the stuff came and went, but overall, it hasn’t been bad. My parents also hit up some after summer sales and got us new patio furniture and a rug! We’ve been saying we were going to get something for a few years, but always forget. Our goal has been to get something on end of summer clearance. At least now, this can prolong having to repair some of the deck boards. I love the Greek key.

Brent has been very into Ancestry.com this weekend. He started it a few months ago, and now that he’s bunking in bed more often with me, he started up again. He’s gotten quite far on our family tree.

The second picture cracks me up. I had a box of tissue by me and I guess his head slid off his pillow and onto the box. I only let him sleep on it long enough for my to snap a pic then I woke him enough to have him move back, haha.

I may have done some online shopping Saturday. The Zulily blowout sale was too tempting, perfect for buying for two and for gifts!

As I said above, we went to a baby shower last night. We almost didn’t, but I really wanted to as they live out of town. She can’t travel for the twins arrival and I won’t be able to travel yet for hers in September.

The four of us :)

The expecting parents, Micah & Spencer, and the pretty cake! Their baby girls name will begin with an “S” but they are still decided between two names. They want to wait until they see her :)

Micah and myself. She is two weeks behind me with a baby girl! Here we are together when I was 30 weeks and she was 28 weeks. The right picture is my friend, Kristen, which is Saxon’s mommy.

What’s a weekend without yummy food. Brent came home Saturday with tortas for lunch. He LOVES them. I’m not a big meat person, but I had some of my dads, which had ham, and it was pretty delicious. The picture on the right side is some monkey bread muffins my mom made. AMAZING. I posted the recipe here :)

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I’ll do the August sponsor post this Thursday.



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    You still look so beautiful and glowing! Oh my goodness I am so going to give those monkey bread muffins a try. We use Rhodes Rolls insead of biscuits.. it must be a West Coast thing. Either way.. sugar and bread can't taste bad.

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    You're getting so close !!! The belly is really growing :) that must mean big healthy babies ! I Feel like your pregnancy has flown by and I really hope the last weeks of mine doesn't. Can't wait ti see cohen's baby brother and sister

  3. says

    Ty and I saw Captain America this weekend. It was okay. I've made those monkey bread muffins before and Ty loves them. They aren't the easiest things to make. Very messy. haha.

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    When I was pregnant, my hips hurt so bad that I constantly had to turn from side to side. I don't know how you do it with two growing inside there, especially since you mentioned it's hard for you to turn over now. Hope the rest of your pregnancy isn't too painful!
    I love reading your posts and can't wait to see the babies!

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