Etsy Finds

So my love for Etsy continues to grow.

I mean they have everything.

As soon as I started working on the twins’ nursery, I went to Etsy. I knew they would have different things that couldn’t be found just anywhere. I also knew I could order from my bed versus trying to trapes all over town…on a scooter or in a wheelchair.

Once I blog the nursery, I’ll share those Etsy finds.

For now, I thought I’d share with you all some things on my favorites list :)

Love these brother sister outfits? And the price? It’s great! It’s just a little over $15 for each.

I love all paper goods, party supplies, etc. How cute are these striped party favor/ treat bags??

I love imperial trellis..and green!

This little art print is something I made a favorite when I was searching for nursery things. I thought it was pretty cute and liked the book page in the background!

I love bunting, rosettes and wreaths, so I this definitely caught my eye. I love the bright colors, too!

How cute are these knitted reindeer booties? Knox and Sloane might need them for December!

I love cupcake & cake stands. I think this one is so fun.
No, I still haven’t ventured into Pinterest, but I plan too soon!



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    I love all your finds! I spend most of my time on easy looking for things for my twins too! I recently joined pinterst and I'm hooked:-) Its so nice having all of your ideas and favorites on one app and one page! You should definitely join! Can't wait to see the nursery!!:-)

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    I have to stay off of Etsy. I always find things that I think I need. Actually, I need to stay away from any website that sells anything. I could spend all of my money on baby stuff.

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    oh megan… I've been meaning to sit down and sew some adorable brother/sister outfits for you.. I think they will be even cuter than the ones you found on etsy (wink wink)! I LOVE etsy and get a lot of inspiration from there. I also love pinterest… it's like doing a google image search.. only about 1000x better! But it is very time consuming.. you just get sucked in by all the inticing images 😉

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    I don't Etsy, but boy do I Pinterest!! (I've been reading your blog since before Cohen was born and I don't think I've ever commented!!) As if Pinterest wasn't bad enough, I downloaded the app for my iPhone. I sat at the car place yesterday waiting for an oil change and pinned the whole time!! :)

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    Adorable Etsy finds! I don't know what I'd do without Etsy – they have everything you never knew you needed! I've ordered so many baby items and gifts for friends babies on Etsy. The brother-sister outfits are just adorable!

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    Etsy is my go-to place for unique gifts! I recently started my own Etsy shop ( and because I have a girl and a boy (not twins), I love to make clothing that a brother and sister can wear to match each other. My favorite so far has been the sock monkey dress and overalls I made my kidlets to wear for my son's 1st birthday party and which I also sell in my Etsy.

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    I've never commented, but I read your blog often! SO excited for your twins!!! I have 15 month old identical twin girls. You are SOOOO going to love having twins!! Our girls keep us constantly entertained! Moms of multiples belong in a special "we always look frazzled and crazy" club – so welcome to it!! Praying you have a safe delivery!!! God is so good, isn't he?!?

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    I love all of these finds, especially the wreath…it's so whimsical!

    You should definitely venture into Pinterest. It is such fun, and much easier than trying to save house or fashion ideas to a folder on my computer, which I can never find later. :)

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