Texas to Us

As I previously blogged, we had planned to go to Dallas the weekend before Cohen’s birthday. We wanted a little getaway before the twins arrival and it just kind of felt right to be where Cohen was born and lived around his birthday. We spent about a month there and we prepared to spend however long we needed to.

For record, I am a Texan :) I lived there until I was 18, and then I left for college.

Below, is our first picture in Dallas and our last. Pretty surreal. The first is a bit blurry because it was my mom’s first attempt at an iphone picture. We were almost into Dallas and decided on dinner at Cracker Barrel. If you are new, in the last picture, that’s Cohen’s best stuffed friend, BT. He was with him 24/7. I first blogged about him here, from the hospital. Brent picked him out in the Children’s gift shop and showed up to my hospital room with him before Cohen’s first surgery (the BT shunt). In the last picture, BT is looking at Children’s Medical Center as we are leaving the Dallas (it was across the street from the hotel we stayed in once we left the hospital). BT was sad to leave there without Cohen as well :(

Anyways, I was pretty excited to go to Dallas for Cohen’s birthday. I knew I couldn’t be on my feet much, but I knew something about being back there I looked forward to. Sure, I expected it to make me a bit sad at times, but that’s expected.

Well, a few weeks before, our trip to the hospital determined I wouldn’t be able to travel. I was bummed, but knew it was for the best.

A few days after Cohen’s birthday a big box arrived at the door. This was inside….

A Texas goodie basket! Since we couldn’t go for a Texas visit, a sweet family sent Texas to us!

Tiffany, my blog buddy, has been so sweet and thoughtful. She sent the twins these Arkansas bibs, which we LOVE.

Yes, I got big crocodile tears when I opened the basket and then read her card.

So nice of them!

The fun Texas tin was filled with all kinds of goodies!

Once I opened the plastic, everything was packed so perfectly, I couldn’t get a picture of everything, so I arranged it two different ways to show all the stuff within two pics 😉 OCD maybe.. 

I love all the little Texas trinkets. There were even bluebonnet sends in the package!

I’ve definitely enjoyed snacking on the goodies over the past few weeks. I think the pecans were my favorite and I LOVE jalapeno jelly on cream cheese.

You should have heard Brent when he saw this package. He sounded similar to when the bibs arrived. He kept saying “we have GOT to send them like a cool Oklahoma goodie basket.” I was basically thinking, I have no idea what Oklahoma goodies I would get them, haha.

Thank you, sweet Blackwells :)

There is no telling when we will get back to Dallas. Maybe next spring we can take Knox and Sloane to see where Cohen lived :) I also have been meaning to blog about the donation we plan to do to Children’s. I keep forgetting. I’ll post a sticky note to do this next week. I’d love to have it done by Christmas, but just depends on finances since we have a few other little expenses arriving 😉 Maybe by Cohen’s second birthday.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


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    What a special gift.

    My mother is a Texan through and through. She has not lived there for over 50 years as her family moved to San Francisco after Dallas. She and my father have been married for 50 yrs and they have lived in Illinois that entire time.

    I understand the pull Texas has on a person though. As I have seen it through her eyes and that os one of my sisters who attend college in San Antonio.

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    That is the sweetest thing ever! Blessings to the Blackwell family from all of your readers! You, Brent, Sloane and Knox need to stay put and continue "baking?"
    Just feel the love that surrounds you and relax!!

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    Any thing from Texas you want me to get on my way out tomorrow? I'm here and I'm planning on heading your way to bring you your gift this week ….

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    I have been reading your blog for the past few months and have enjoyed your sweet spirit and kindred words.. You are an amazingly strong woman and the definition of courage… I look forward to every night when i snuggle up in my bed and get to read what you are writing.. I have been way to shy to say anything before.. but I am speaking out now..

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    I know it's silly, but I love that you are a native Texan. :) If you ever make it to Austin, I'd love to show you around. And love on those sweet babies! Ha!

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    How sweet of your friends to send you the Texas goodies :)

    Hope you're feeling well!! Can't wait to "meet" thos sweet twins of yours!

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    We LOVE Clint's salsa!

    But it might have something to do with my grandfather and my son both being named Clint. haha

    Glad you got some of the lone star state sent to ya!

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    I started reading your blog a few days after Cohen was born. Where in Oklahoma do you live? I live right outside of Fayetteville AR. I love the fact that Brent is such a Hogs fan. lol You and Brent are in my thoughts and prayers and have been for about the last year.

    Amber H

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    Oh my goodnness. What a sweet gesture, and how bittersweet to read about heading back to Dallas. Our baby girl lived at Dallas Children's as well and also in the CVICU. I was flooded with memories and emotions after reading this post, because, unforutnately, she was not able to come home with us either. Praying for you and those precious twins!

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