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Well, this morning started off with my computer power cord not working. I was bummed because I didn’t want to spend $ on a new one and I knew I’d have to send someone to the Apple Store for me. A few hours later, I looked over and it was on. I’m not sure if it’s on the verge of dying or what. VERY thankful!

I always said I’d never buy designer sunglasses. I just didn’t trust myself not to sit on them or lose them. Well, in college my friend had a pair that were Chanel and I loved them. They have the mother of pearl C’s on the sides. I think on our first or second anniversary Brent surprised me with them. I LOVE them. The only place I ever take them off is sometimes at my SIL’s house when we are playing with our nieces and nephew. Brent was the same way about his glasses. Well, a month or so ago, there was no sign of my sunglasses. They weren’t at my SIL or anyplace I could easily remember. I was SUPER bummed. I was proud I managed to hang on to them for so long, but beating myself up about it. I kept thinking I would not have taken them off any place. This morning I was about to hang up a reusable tote and there they were, in the bottom. YAY!

This video has popped up several times lately on my LinkWithin widget. I think it’s one of the sweetest videos ever. I remember bawling when I watched it and received the pics via text, haha.  I posted it here with some VERY sweet pictures in October. It’s our nieces praying and watching over a candle to remember Cohen on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Speaking of sweets, my nurse called yesterday to inform me I failed my 3 hour glucose test. I just barely failed it, but enough to maybe matter. A nutritionist is supposed to call next week to schedule me an appointment. She assured me it was nothing I had been eating, just the fact the pancreas couldn’t produce enough insulin with two babies.

This month, my Scentsy sponsor is hosting a special for her niece. We know them all personally and her niece has congenital heart defects. They go to the same hospital and same doctor as Cohen did. They are how we found out where we wanted to visit. Little Lauren is getting ready to face another heart surgery this summer and for the month of June, 50% of her aunt’s Scentsy proceeds will go towards Lauren’s surgery. I wanted to contribute so I bought two plug in warmers. I thought these would be great for places I didn’t want to sit one on a counter top. They can plug right into an outlet. Katie threw in her new favorite scent which smells awesome. You can shop Scentsy here.

I can’t remember the name of these plants/flowers, but my mom brought over two of them yesterday. I love how big they are. She brought a light pink one and a dark pink one. I think they’re very pretty!

As you can tell and see in pictures, Elton is the sweetest dog, ever. However, when the doorbell rings, he goes BONKERS. We have got to figure out how to stop this. We can put a “please knock” sign on the door, but he would still go a bit crazy, though not as bad. The sound of the bell I think hurts his ears. When the security system key pad beeps if the power goes out, he freaks. Like jumps more than half way up the wall and tries to make it stop. We tried the “Bark Off” thing of whatever and I’m really not sure if it worked or now. Now that I look at it, it’s not on, so I don’t know if the batteries are dead or what. Any advice?

I ordered some things for the nursery and this arrived in one of the packages. It’s a sweet little cupcake pin! It can go on anything :) I’ll show you the cute things the shop owner made for the nursery soon! Well, once it’s all done, haha.

The cardigan I have on in yesterday’s post is from Talbots..probably three years ago.

The drink decanter seen in this post is from Willow House.

Don’t forget about this weeks giveaway here.

Happy Thursday!



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    Glad you found your sunglasses. I completely understand the not buying designer ones because of losing and/or breaking them, but I have a pair right now, and I'm paranoid I'm going to ruin them.

    Sorry about the diabetes thing. I'm sure your bummed but at least in a couple of months you can eat normally again.

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    My two dogs bark like crazy when the doorbell rings. I was worried about this once our baby was born, but the first time it happened it didn't bother her at all. We then realized it was because she heard them barking the entire time she was in my belly. She now sleeps through all their barking and craziness which I'm so thankful for because I don't know if I could ever get those dogs to be quiet!

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    I failed my glucose test at 14 weeks while pregnant with my twins. I also have a dog who loves to bark, and while it drives me crazy it has never once bothered my twins. I guess that while i was pregnant with them, they got used to it! Hope this helps!

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    Maybe you can have Brett ring the doorbell and when Elton starts going crazy you make him sit and wait for a treat before you open the door. Maybe some treats and positive reinforcement will help :)

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    I put a post it note over the doorbell to try and discourage people from using it. I also put signs that said "Please do not knock or ring doorbell" after our daughter was born. It seemed to work for us. Our beagle would still get excited but it kept the barking down. Also, I figured that if you are knocking or ringing the doorbell you are an unannounced visitor which is not what a new mommy needs.

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    I had emailed you earlier about which brand of dayplanner/calendar that you use. I am not sure that the email went through!!! If you have time, would you include that in one of your blogs??? I love reading about you and your sweet family!!! Congratulations on the twins!!!

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    My dogs go CRAZY and bark at not only the doorbell, but really any tiny noise that they hear. They have always done it, to a point, but over the past couple of months, it has gotten out of hand. And, Cooper used to not notice it ever when he slept, but now that he's older, it does wake him up. We have tried the bark off in the past and it didn't do a thing. I finally broke down this week and ordered barking collars for them. :/ I have mixed feelings about it, but if it stops the incessant uncontrollable barking then it's worth it.

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