Prego Mego – 29 weeks

Today, I’m 29 weeks pregnant with Knox & Sloane :)

YAY! One more week passed. I’m hoping and praying to keep passing weeks as it’s pretty important to keep them in as long as possible.

It’s kind of been a whirlwind of a week. I’ve blogged about this a bit already, but just so it’s in the prego mego post, too…As I mentioned last Friday, I had my first glucose test. As my doctor expected, I failed. My nurse called Monday morning and said I would need to go ahead and come do the 3 hour test. I did that Tuesday morning. She said more than likely they’d call with results Monday morning. Well, they called the very next day and said I failed, barely. Out of four blood draws, I’m pretty sure she said I just failed the second one. She said a nutritionist would be calling me to set up an appointment next week. In the meantime, still eat wanted I wanted, but not to overdo it. 

I know my doctor said he expected me to fail, but once my nurse confirmed, I was bummed. I was trying to tell myself, maybe my doctor just meant the first test. She assured me that my doctor doesn’t believe it’s anything I’ve been eating or doing. The body is just in overload right now developing two babies and insulin got put on the back-burner. Luckily, I suppose it’s pretty early in the game of gestational diabetes. I haven’t gained any abnormal weight and, in fact, I’m still a bit away from the 40lbs my doctor recommends I gain with twins. So, I’m not sure how the rest works just yet until I talk to the nutritionist. My nurse said I would have to count calories, get 2200, as well as sugars, but I guess the nutritionist determines that. Oh joy. I will keep you all updated! At least it’s only 9 more weeks.

I’ve done a little more research and this info and video helped.

I still don’t get what I’m going to eat.. like instead of just now grabbing a handful of blueberries, I made myself grab a handful of cherry tomatoes. Ick. Not what I wanted at 9:45AM, ha.

Doctor also expected me to be anemic, but some good news, I wasn’t! My numbers in that area looked great!

When I say 9 weeks, it doesn’t really seem that far away. I would love to keep Knox and Sloane in until 38 weeks, but who knows!

Knox and Sloane kick and punch like crazy. More so Knox. His positioning allows for more movement. Sloane mostly sits back and chills.

I’m still trying to drink tons of water. The heat here can be unbearable. I try to get out in the mornings if I have something quick I need to do. Hour by hour gets a little more rough for me so mornings aren’t too bad and they are typically still a little cool.

I’m SO forgetful. Pregnancy brain at it’s best. Like for the past two or three weeks, I’ve needed to go the post office, but keep forgetting. I set an alarm to remind myself to go sometime this morning.

I’ve not developed the dark line down the center of my belly (linea nigra) so I’m not sure that I will. I didn’t with Cohen, but I don’t know if that changes from pregnancy to pregnancy. My freckles are darker when I’m pregnant (melasma), which also happened with Cohen. also feel like my hair and teeth get darker, too. Not like yellow, just darker. Weird. Hormones.

I think I have 3 or 4 stretch marks now. I can’t imagine how many if I make it another 9 weeks, haha.

I’ve been having some cramping and Braxton Hicks, but nothing consistent or too painful, so that’s good.

I still can’t be up on my feet long at all without starting to hurt.

Knox is still ticklish. Last week I was guessing, but now I feel sure. I won’t feel any movement and if I rub my fingers around my belly button, he just starts kicking or punching. It’s pretty funny. Brent got to feel it too.

I can’t remember if I ever posted about the little rock looking cyst I got above my lip last year. It started developing a LONG time ago and when I was pregnant with Cohen, it began to get a bit worse. Well, a few months postpartum, it was bad. So it September, I had it emptied, I guess you would call it. I went to my dermatologist the day we were leaving to go out of town. I suppose he could have removed, but he didn’t want me to deal with that while going out of town. So we went out of town and I had a puffy lip. He said it would take as long to fill back up as it did the first time, which really was a few years. It just mostly happened when I Was pregnant and post. Well, it was fine and empty until I got pregnant again. Let’s just say, now it’s huge. I would do a super close up picture and show you, but who really wants to see. My OB said hold off on doing anything until the babies come. It’s not that it’s just ugly, I can feel it spreading and it feels like a hard ROCK right above my lip that could bust. He said it could get interesting depending on how much my face swells from now until delivery. Lovely.

Oh, and my lips and face have started to swell.

I don’t believe the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. There is simply no way. I mean I can understand not knowing for a while. However, this past week the episode I watched, there was one pregnant with twins and didn’t know until labor, and there was another pregnant with her 6th and didn’t know until labor. In both of those instances, I just don’t believe it!!! I know more than one girl who didn’t know for many months because their body and cycle played tricks on them, but up until delivery? Brent says if I didn’t know I was pregnant right now, he certainly would, haha. I guess that makes sense now that he is having to help me up, put my shoes on sometimes and roll me over in bed if I get stuck, haha.

A box arrived the other day and I was excited it was from one of my besties. We met in second grade :) She is also the designer of my giveaway this week! Anyways, there was a beautiful wrapped package in the box!

Inside I found….

an Elton backpack and card!!!! SO CUTE! I mean they look just like him! Allison figured the twins could use the backpack or we could use it as Elton’s travel back. Either way, pretty much the cutest thing ever. We love Boston Terrier stuff, clearly :)

I caught Elton sleeping in the nursery a few days ago and we weren’t even in there :)

The nursery is coming along. I talked to the seamstress who is making the bedding and the curtains this week and she said we should have it in the next few weeks! So excited! She also decided to make the kiddos quilts. She sent me a sneak peek and the one I saw is beautiful! She is awesome!

Remember this chest we got for the nursery. Here is some of it’s new look….

We finished up registering this week. It was fun! I’m sure I’ll be making some online adjustments as we still can’t make up our mind on a few things! This picture actually did have Brent’s body in it, but he turned his head as I snapped and it was a motion shot and looked way awkward.

Some friends who are moving dropped off our first Buy Buy Baby gift. So sweet of them. I’m sad to see them move!! It was a bit surreal seeing pink and blue on the package.

Sometimes I still can’t believe we are having twins!

I like that Brent can feel them move so much. I know that won’t happen as much the bigger they get…

Yes, I’m still trying to make dresses that are normally baggy when I’m not pregnant into shirts while I am. I just don’t want to buy much only have 9 weeks left, though I still know I have a lot of growing left! I’m just not out enough to need other stuff and I still have plenty of large dresses when the others stop fitting.

I’ve tried to avoid Zulily lately. Most days they try to suck me in with the cute stuff. It’s dangerous. I gave in and got this little beanie with embroidered baseballs on them for Knox :)

Here we are this week…

See, another reason I like to convert dresses. Shirts are just getting too short and this one is maternity!

When I was pregnant with Cohen at 29 weeks we were traveling to see his doctors. I didn’t really get a belly shot that week, but here I was….

*Please say a prayer for this sweet family as their little boy went to Heaven this week. He was just a few months old and fought a hard disease.

Have a good Friday :)


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    You look great in these pictures! So happy and just.. pretty! How adorable that Knox is ticklish!!! I have a hard time believing that show too. Some seem more believable than others, but STILL!! So crazy! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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    Hi! I just wanted to encourage you about the gest. diabetes. I delt with diabetes from the time I was 15 wks preggo, and had to take multiple insulin injections daily as well as many finger sticks. When I was diagnosed, I was devestated and thought that I could never deal with it. It quickly became the norm and really turned out to be no big deal. If you have to monitor what you eat, it will become your norm and you will get used to it so quickly. You will be surprised how quickly and easily your body loves the healthier lifestyle. Thanks for updating us on those precious babies. I have been following you for a few months and your story touches my heart so much. I am praying for you and your beautiful family.

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    Love your updates…you guys are really and truly the most adorable family ever, all the way down to "big brother" elton. :) That is so cute that he is already checking out the nursery.

    AND I must tell you that you look absolutely fabulous. In the picture on the left with the floral top I wouldnt even know you were pregnant if your hands weren't holding the belly. And that's saying a lot for TWINS in this ridiculously hot summer!

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    Meg, I had gestational diabetes too with my daughter. I, too, had to go to a nutritionalist. That meant changing my food intake drastically. I have to watch all the carbs and sugar I took in (not fun!). I ended up having to poke myself three times a day and wat my blood sugar level and even give myself shots on insulin, which was also not fun, espcially because I am deathly afraid of needles. The diet ended up working out, but it helped that I had a very supportive husband who followed the diet with me and didn't complain. In the end, because ot the diabetes, I ended up having to be induced and having my daughter by c-section a week early. I wish you the best of luck! If you have any questions about it, please let me know and I will try to answer them for you (

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    You look amazing. You are all belly.

    Sorry about the cyst. That really stinks. Hopefully, it won't get any bigger or more uncomfortable.

    I completely agree about "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant". I only had one, but by 16 weeks you couldn't miss that I was pregnant. I think it should be called "I'm Screaming for Attention".

    Relax and stay out of the heat. Enjoy these last weeks as much as possible. I know that's easier said than done. :)

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    I failked one levek of my 3-hour glucose with the twins, but doctor said I needed to fail 2 levels to be diagnosed with GD. i ate whatever I wanted and delivered 2 perfect boys at 36w4d. They are almost 3 weeks old now! Hang in there. The last few weeks are rough but you'll make it look simple :)

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    I just wanted to let you know that I also had GD during my pregnancy in January. It is definitely nothing you are doing wrong. Please let me know if you have any questions or need a listening ear. It's a lot to take in but I know you'll do great and your little ones will be just perfect.


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    Our tests came back with opposite results. I don't have GD but I am anemic.

    I was watching I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant this week too and I don't get it! How do they not know?! Even if they get a period, there are so many other signs. Like…kicking?! My whole stomach shakes sometimes!

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    I am so excited for y'all! I just love reading your posts and seeing your pictures! You look adorable and I know you and Brent will be the best parents ever to Knox and Sloane. Stay off your feet as much as you can and take good care of yourself! 38 weeks sounds like a winner! Hugs to y'all!

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    You look great! Have you tried wearing men's shirt? I was able to buy BIG and Tall men'a knot polo's. they were cheaper and very comfortable. My hubby is a big & tall guy so I also stole some of his shirts. the t-shirts were great for around the house. I delivered in the hot summer too.

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    I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, and I remember the high risk ob saying that you had to fail at least 2 of the 4 levels on the 3 hr glucose test to qualify for the diagnosis. I would ask about that!!

    But, in case they do say you have it I did not find the diet hard at all!! When reading food labels the only count that matters is the total carbs. Depending on your height and weight, they let you know how many carb servings you can have. 15 total carbs=one serving, and I could have 3 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And 2 for 3 snacks in between. Plus meat or protein with the meals.

    Good luck!!

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    You've got to love ticklish babies! I'm pretty sure all three of mine have been ticklish and it was always so much fun to tickle them. 😉 You are such a cute pregnant lady, I wish I could've looked that cute while I was pregnant. Lots of love to you and Brent!

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    I failed my 1 hour test so horribly that they went ahead and diagnosed me with GD. I was a wreck! Mostly because I couldn't get into the clinic for another week. I was panicked that I'd hurt the baby and felt like I couldn't eat anything. Once I figured it out, it really wasn't too bad. The main goal is to keep your sugar level throughout the day (usually monitored with finger pricks) and eating things in the right combo-so eating a protein when you eat a carb, to help your body absorb it and to help it last longer. The hardest meal for me was breakfast. Mostly because I also had horrible morning sickness and had to eat before getting out of bed. It was hard to find quick foods that met the diet because that's the one meal you really want to go easy on the carbs (don't want to spike your blood sugar after sleeping when it may have gone down). So that's the meal you want to avoid fruit, cereal, etc. I was also surprised by how often I had to eat. I felt like I was eating all of the time, but I actually lost weight (even though I hadn't gained much and my doc wasn't concerned.) Something that made it so much easier was the fact that my husband followed it too!

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    I think you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women ever :)

    Good luck with the new diet… so bummed for you that you're eating handfuls of cherry tomatoes… but it's all for those sweet little babies of yours!!!

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