Midweek Randoms

The middle of the week is here, yay!

  • Happy Birthday to Molly Jane!! Her momma was the first of my best friends to have a baby and I was tickled I got to be there soon after. Time really does fly because that seems like it was yesterday. She is already two years old and getting so big! Unfortunately, I’ve been down and out and haven’t got to celebrate either birthday with her, but hopefully that won’t be the case next year :)
  • Thank you all so much on the feedback yesterday regarding Cohen’s donation project. I’m actually going to be talking on the phone with someone from Apple, Inc. this week :) I will let you know how it goes! I also didn’t realize so many people would want to donate towards the project. You all are right though, even a dollar or two adds up. After my phone conversation, I will determine about going forth with setting up something for donations.
  • I have a “class” tomorrow for gestational diabetes and I’m not very excited. I told the lady that called, I can’t physically sit anyplace for two hours. My body is past that. She said I’d need to gather the important information and my monitor. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do the finger pricking : / Luckily, I go tot my OB a few hours after the class so I can hear what he has to say about it since I was told I barely failed. I’ve been eating less carbs and sugars and let me tell you, it’s not easy when pregnant. I’m hungry a lot and I’m not a meat person. I wasn’t eating a lot of junk either! Just the normal. I had fruit, veggies, pizza, whole grain pasta, etc. I haven’t been eating much junk the past 30 weeks. I guess that’s the hard part. They told me I didn’t do anything to cause it so it’s harder for me to know what to change. I’ll update Friday in prego mego what I find out.
  • Have I mentioned the bad thing about resting in bed so often is the ability to browse the internet? That has led to a little shopping, but not all too much. Thankfully, I have been saving up some Amazon gift cards. Last week, I ordered a few gifts I have been needing to gift as well as a few things for us. First off, I gave in and got the OPI Teenage Dream, haha. Random, I know. I like nail polish and I just thought it looked fun. So this one is more for me, I suppose….
  • In case you want to do any online shopping at Totsy, which I LOVE, you can get free shipping with the code July4 :) Expires on the 4th! 
  • Jessica hosted a little frozen yogurt shower for me and the twins on Sunday afternoon. I was tickled when she told me about it. She had some of the local girls we’ve met through blogging. We’ve become good friends and I just love them all. It was so fun and the twins got some WONDERFUL things! I will post more pics tomorrow :)
    • Instead of delicious Amy’s bowls for lunch, I’ve been trying to do more salad. I don’t think Amy’s is bad for you at all. I’m just worried it may have more carbs than I will be allowed. Hopefully not, but I thought I would wait until I knew.
    • A few weeks ago I started getting Cooking Light. Everything looks SO yummy! I miss cooking, but hopefully will have some time again….one day. Brent has started enjoying it a lot more, which is a good thing.
    • My mom made my favorite summer tea yesterday. We made it with some alterations, though. We used decaf tea and stevia. The frozen lemonade the recipe calls for still has some sugar and we didn’t change it out. Next batch, I think we may try lemon juice. I posted the recipe here. I’m not a big cold tea person, at all, but I love this one.
    • Brent and my dad have been working on some projects around the house. Luckily, my dad is a VERY handy man. He has pretty much built or installed one of everything in his lifetime. We figured since we decided to stay in our current  house, we would have to really start utilizing the space as best as possible. Bringing two babies in, plus all their goodies, things are bound to get tight fast. For instance, the cabinets in our kitchen island were deep and dark. We keep pots, pans, strainers, etc., in them. Well it was a pain and they were always falling out. This past weekend, Brent and my dad got those metal pull out drawers and installed them. They help a TON! I’ll do a post soon about some of the other nesting projects.
    • Elton is completely out of our bed. It’s kind of sad. We’ve been back and forth on this quite a bit. He is just so cute and cuddly. However, we know it makes for a much cleaner and safer environment if he stays off. Poor guy. I think he really is sad about it. 
    • Do you all have any fun plans for the 4th? Doubt we will be doing much. That kind of comes with this double baking baby in the summer. I think we may go to dinner and watch fireworks on the river Saturday night. 
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      Have a good day!



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          We're trying to kick our dogs out of the bed also! Not so much for sanitary reasons but because its CROWDED! They've been doing ok the past few nights but sneak up at about 5 AM. Maybe it's because of the storms we've been having. How have ya'll done it? It's so sad to see they're sweet little faces on the floor :)

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          Hi Megan,
          I have been reading your blog for several months and I am inspired by your positive outlook on life. I look foward to your posts each day. I am thrilled that you are pregnant with twins and just from reading your blog I know you will make a great mommy. I too had GD when I was preganant, I was insulin dependent and had to eat a high protein diet. I would find myself very hungry at times too. My GD nurse suggested I eat peanut butter with graham crackers and that seemed to keep my full. I hope all goes well with your appointment and I can't wait to see pictures of Know and Sloan.

        3. says

          I had GD while pregnant and the biggest thing I had to give up which I was kind of surprise I had to give up was fruit. It is loaded with sugar, which I knew but it's fruit so you think it's okay. That was really hard on me. Also, the amount of carbs in almost everything out there that we eat is amazing. That was so hard for me to cut back on but you really get a hang of things as it goes along. And the testers they give you now hardly hurt to prick your fingers. GD is time consuming when it comes to planning your food, if you weren't a food planner before but it just became second nature for me, which I'm sure it will for you too.
          ps. you look so cute in all your photos. It makes me miss my pregnant belly (just a little) :)

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          I just love your randoms. That salad looks delish. What a fun theme for a shower. And sorry you are having to cut back on the carbs and sugar. Bummer! I had low iron with my daughter so I loved eating as much steak as I possibly could. Do you like eating eggs? Maybe do some of those with toast or an english muffin to help with not feeling full.

          I need to kick my 16 month old out of our bed. He's such a snuggler though, it makes it so hard.

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          Dinner and fireworks on the river sounds amazing! I have no idea what we are doing for the 4th, but I am sure we will be watching fireworks.. probably not on a river though, you lucky girl!

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          I am SO nervous about my glucose test next week. I have been eating so much fruit and carbs that I'm just positive I am going to fail! I'm like you, I'm not a meat person prior to pregnancy but not it's even worse! I can't stomach it at all.

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          How sweet is that shower. Can’t wait to see pics. And I’ve heard GREAT things about “Heaven is for real” book… Want to read it!!!

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          I'm loving that nail polish and I think I might try the tea. I had barely failed my 3 hr test as well as the nutritionist told me what I already knew from having PCOS. Lay off carbs, but making sure the twins get adequate nutrition. Good luck mama.

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          Megan, You are going to LOVE "Heaven is for Real." A friend of mine recommended it and it's such an inspiring story. Quite the page turner and a true testiment of faith. Enjoy!

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          I kicked our sweet Penelope out of our bed shortly after finding out we were expecting. She always sleeps right between my calves and trying to flip from side to side with her there was difficult.

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          "Heaven is for Real" is a great read. I would recommend it to anyone! It's nice in that it is a short read, too. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to get Elton out of your bed! We have a pug who sleeps with us. We also have a baby on the way. But I don't think we are brave or strong enough to get our dog out of our bed. He just loves it SO much! I'm afraid he'd go into a depression! 😉

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          Cooking Light is AMAZING, I alter their recipes sometimes to make them lower fat or less carbs because I do weight watchers and even the altered versions turn out amazing. Glad to see you all are doing well. Your family is always in my prayers.

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          You guys will LOVE Heaven is for Real- it's seriously such a GREAT read! I know you both will enjoy reading it for sure! I recently lost 2 of my family members (6 hours apart, deaths unrelated) and I've been really sad and struggling with losing them, I read Heaven is for Real and it changed my whole perspective on things. Its really an amazing book! Be sure to keep the tissues near by when reading!

          I just love reading your blog Megan- you are Brent are an amazing couple! and Im so excited for the both of you! :)

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          Keep me posted on Cohen's iPod project…I want to help! 😉

          Teenage Dream is a fun color. I have it, too. In fact, it's time for a polish change & I think I'll go with that. 😉

          The heaven book? My 10 year old is currently reading it per the suggestion of my mom. She really likes it so far.

          Cooking Light is the bomb dot com! I subscribe to it, too. I really want that fish dish on this month's cover.

          Poor Elton. :( I think we need to do the same with Frisco & Buxton. They're crate trained & know it's their "house" but I totally blame my husband for breaking our dogs. 😉 I love their cuddles & morning kisses, but I don't like the hair, grit and other filth that comes with them. Oh, and there's nothing like being kicked out of a king sized bed by a 25lb. dog.

          Eeek…I'm rambling on! I'll be thinking good things about your first GD class. You're doing a great job, Mom!! :)

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          We have too have twins and dogs. We did the samething with kicking our dog out of the bed before our girls got here. Now days the dog is wherever Ruby and Mable are. Just wait, they will all be best of friends. Just keep sanitizer handy! :)

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          So, I have the Teenage Dream polish and I love it. I guess I missed this post back in June but I just got this polish in the mail and I think it's pretty awesome. I never really wear polish on my fingernails but I'm giving in for this one!

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