DIY Cake Stand!

You may remember a while back I did this post about crafty inspiration. Well, I wanted to attempt a few of those projects. I then posted here about having the materials to take on one. I did it, and it was easy! I’ve actually been meaning to show you all the pics for a few months. No, it did not turn out perfect. I went for the quick, less TLC approach, but I think it’s cute for what it is.

If you’ve been reading a while, you know my love for cake stands, cake plates, cake pedestals, whatever you would like to call them :) I love them. I’ve not purchased one in quite some time probably a year or two. However, when I came across the DIY I blogged about, I thought they were so cute and wanted to give it a try.

The biggest things I didn’t do, that I read about, was using screws. I used glue. With screws, if you make a lot of these, you can screw off the top and they will store easier, I suppose. I also didn’t do any sanding, priming, etc., which once I was done realized I probably should have. You can just tell the wood is still a bit rough around the edges. Since this was the first time I made one, I did buy the miter box saw, yellow paint and wood pieces. So, my total was probably about $10. Next time, if I have the color I want to spray and now that I already have the glue & saw, my total would probably be more like $5. These are cheap! The most time consuming part was cutting the trim with the miter saw. I think next time, I’ll probably just use one of my dad’s smaller saws that will cut it in one second versus sawing each end for a few minutes.

These are the supplies I originally posted… you can see a change I made…

I used another glue that I already had that I thought would be better for wood. I took a picture of that glue and some of the price tags just to show how cheap :) Also, I didn’t snap a good pic of the trim.

All of the wood except the trim came from Hobby Lobby. The trim & saw came from Michael’s. I already had the glue, but it was from Hobby Lobby as well. Spray paint, you can get lots of places.

The finished results…

I thought it was pretty cute. I really like the trim…

When you are close, you can see a bit of the roughness, and when you are on a certain side, you can see where I didn’t measure good at one end, haha…

Overall, if you needed to make a bunch for a party, I would highly recommend. You would save a LOT of money. Plus, you could have them matching colors or coordinating!

Heading to my diabetes class, blah!

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    It really turned out to be SO cute! What a great DIY project and super creative! Hope the class was better then you thought it would be…hang in there 😉

    Oh, the orange and white cupcakes look delicious!

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    I made my son's cake for his rock star themed party. It was in the shape of a guitar, and I don't think I've been that stressed about something in a long time. Point being I just discovered the world of cake decorating and think a new obsession is forming. The end result wasn't perfect, but I loved it and can't wait to do more! And I just used a flat cardboard cake holder, so I definitely think a pretty stand would be something worth investing in! :)

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