Cohen’s Donation Project

While we were in the hospital with Cohen, we were fortunate enough to have access to a camera, phone, computer, video camera, internet & iPod for music. This was all found on one object, our iPhone. 

Once we got home, we thought about it and not every family owns an iPhone or the other things I just listed.

Our project is called “iPods from Cohen” :) We decided we wanted to donate 18 iPod Touches to the Children’s Medical Cardiac Intense Care Unit. This would allow each room to have one, giving them access to most everything I mentioned.

This way, all patients/families in the room would have access to communication they may not normally have access to. I cannot imagine not having been able to take pictures & videos of Cohen; not to have been able to email/blog them; not to have been able to play music for him; not to have been able to research on the internet when we were given a term we were unsure of. The list goes on.

Brent and I decided we would start saving some for this, though we had to put other things first for the time being. We were hoping to have it finished up by Cohen’s first birthday, but that didn’t happen. We started having to save for Cohen’s brother & sister :)

We have talked to Children’s and they love the idea. They approved us to do the iPods and want us to let them know when we will be coming to bring them so they can let the staff & media department know.

We did have a company contact us in the fall about being interested in helping. After they got their budget for 2011, they decided it wasn’t something they would be able to fit in. When they requested information, this is what we sent them……

We are hoping to start a project in memory of our son, Cohen. Cohen had a broken heart and was at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas TX, from June 7, 2010 and passed away at Children’s on June 18, 2010. We underwent a major heart surgery and several other surgeries and procedures. He was quite the fighter. While he was in the hospital, he loved listening to music on our iPod (which was located on our iPhone). Though the hospital did play standard background music, we felt it would be nice if Cohen could listen to the same music as his mommy and daddy, which he heard before he was ever born. We felt like he enjoyed it as well as responded to it. He had previously smiled for us when we turned on music during an ultrasound. With this project, we are hoping to raise money to purchase iPod Touches for each of the rooms in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Medical Center. This way, the children can listen to the music at any time. The older ones can also play games for entertainment. If the parents need to access the Internet, but don’t have a computer, they can do that also. Along with the music and Internet, the iPod Touch also offers “face time.” You can speak to someone on the phone and see them if they have a phone that offers this or an iPod touch. You could also Skype. We think this would be a great way for children to visit with their loved ones and be able to see them even if they can’t be there at the hospital. If the family does not have a camera of their own, the iPod Touch also takes pictures. They could then email the pictures from the touch to themselves or a loved on. We cherish each and every one of our pictures and videos we have of our little boy. We would be honored to make this donation in memory of him. We think having this technology available at Children’s would be a wonderful amenity and that every patient, family member and friend would be very grateful. We are hoping to be able to donate 18 iPod Touches and their cost is approximately $229. We appreciate you contacting us and feel any amount of help would be a blessing.

We hope to have the project complete my Cohen’s second birthday. Christmas is our short-goal, but we will just have to see how things go!

I’ve never heard of Apple discounting for bulk purchases, but calling them about it has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

To read and see lots of details about the iPod Touch you can look here.

The first iPod image was designed by Diamond Doll Designs :)


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    Megan, my very close friend works for the corporate office of Apple in Sacramento, CA and I have another friend who is a developer for Apple in the Bay Area (CA). I don't know if they can be of any help, but they are closer to those who may be able to do so. Let me know if you want me to pass your name and info along to them. Thanks!

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    Have you thought about setting up a PayPal account where you can accept donations? You can put a button your blog for it, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the response.

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    Have you thought of setting up a paypal account or something where people can donate money towards this project? We would love to help in some way even if it is just a contribution in Cohen's memory!

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    Think about contacting a local retailer, too. Someone such as Best Buy may not be able to do much, but may be able to offer you a discount on such a large quantity. Like you said, every little bit helps. :-)

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    Very cool! I'm a NICU nurse and i think the idea sounds great! Let me know if you want any insider advise coming from a nurse regarding this donation because i have some ideas for you to help this project be awesome! iphones/ipods are the best and i can't tell you what i'd do without mine inside and outside the hospital! i love reading your blog and it helps so much seeing through the eyes of you. you've taught me so much : ) xo, erin

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    What a wonderful idea. You and brent are two of the most compassionate individuals, what a neat and unique way to give back to Children's.

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    What a great idea! I'd love to donate some money if you set up a Pay Pal account or something. Also, is there an Apple store near you? You may have better luck reaching out to your local store instead of going to the headquarters. Does Target or Best Buy sell iPod Touches? Perhaps they'd be willing to donate one or two. Good luck and I know the families will appreciate the gesture :)

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    What an amazing idea! When our son was in the NICU at Texas Children's in Houston, we had a digital camera, but not a very good one. It would have been so nice to have the video camera, as well as access to the internet. (this was 6 years ago, though!)
    I know the parents will be so thankful to have something like that during what is probably the most difficult time in their lives.

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    What an amazing idea. Perfect!

    I agree with another one of the commenters – perhaps a donation here? We could all chip in?

    Good luck with your project!

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    I completely agree with all of the previous comments. Cohen was truly blessed to have such amazing parents with you and Brent. Your compassion is amazing and inspiring.
    A paypals account would be a great way for all of us to help donate to Cohen's memory. Even if it is only $5-10, you may be able to afford even more with all the donations. I would certainly be willing to donate!

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    My family and I would absolutely love to donate to this cause. Please let us know how we can give you a monetary contribution. This is such a wonderful idea!

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    Oh, Megan, this is such a sweet idea. I'm friends with a software developer that works for Apple's headquarters- maybe he can tell you who to get in touch with.

    I don't have too much to donate, but I'd like to pass alone something.

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    I also do not have a lot to donate but if there was a way I would assist some as I am sure plenty of others would too. I have not been in that situation and hope and pray that I never am so I can sacrifice a little money to help those who are!

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    I love how you thought of something so unique and personal for a hospital gift/donation. Agreed that I'd love to donate, a PayPal link so all of us "readers" could donate even just a little bit!

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    We bought our iPod touch on sale at Target on black Friday last year and got a black friday discount, they had a 20 percent off coupon on-line that you could print (and we got one in a target mailer), plus a $50 gift card w/ purchase, and the 5% discount for using our Target card. I'm sure you could find a place to engrave it for free or not much if you explained the purpose. Keep your eye out for a similar deal this Christmas : )
    Such a sweet idea!

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    I would be up for donating some money towards this amazing idea if you are able to create some sort of paypal account or a way of acceptiong donations. God Bless you and Brent!

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    What a most thoughtful notion! I know this donation would be most appreciated! Y'all are super sweet to do this despite having upcoming baby expenses (double nonetheless!!).

    Just FYI, Apple does free engraving on the back of iPod Touches (if order is placed online) so you could put "In loving memory of Cohen", "Property of Dallas Children's Hospital CICU unit", or whatever you would like. I am hoping that some of these commenters that have mentioned connections with Apple employees are able to get you a hook up so this idea/thought can come to fruition!

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    I can't afford to buy one, but sure can donate some money! We survived an f4 tornado on 4/27 in Athens, AL! We also got to adopt our fosterbaby, Piper, on 6/24! We are so blessed! Hope to see a way to donate thru paypal!

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    I know you don't know me (I stumbled upon your blog one day and have been following it for several months now.) I have an 18-month old son, so Cohen's story has touched my heart tremendously. I would love to donate to this cause. Please let me know how/where I can send a donation. -Melissa in Atlanta, GA

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    Your idea is so thoughtful. To me music is so important and every different song can make me think of a new memory, so I know that those parents would love the ipods so they can attach a special memory to a new song.

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    Island baby- why don't you take your negative comments elsewhere! How rude of you to come on here and knock a wonderful project done in the name of a wonderful baby! God does know your heart and your post is not showing him anything nice about yours!

    I can not imagine having the strength you have! You are a amazing woman don't listen to dumb rude mean people. I would love to be able to donate to iPods from Cohen! I think coming up with a project and running it is something from your heart for your sons memory :) I think it's a great idea and will be very nice for the families!

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    Island baby – That was really rude. How dare you come on here and imply that they are "tooting their own horns" for wanting to do this? You should have kept that to yourself. While I agree that maybe the ipods do need to be connected, that is for the hospital to figure out…not Megan and Brent.

    Megan and Brent – this is a truly AMAZING idea, and I think the families in the NICU would appreciate access to these more than they realize. I for one am willing to donate,a nd can pretty confidently say that involving other people in this porject shows just how far the breadth of Cohen's supporters has reached. This was started by you-and that is what matters. How you attain your goal is not important, but in this case, look at how many lives your Cohen has touched. THAT is amazing, and we all want to help in keeping his memory alive.

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    I follow you on twitter and read your commnent about a rude post and so I came back to see for myself. Island Baby – Have you read the scripture about the plank in your eye, or maybe the one about how out the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks??? I mean I'm sure some help and advice would be appreciated, but you were very rude. No one here thinks Megan is "tooting" her own horn, nor do we think that she is asking for donations. She is sharing . . . which is what a blog is for. And she is not donating in her own name. She is giving to honor her son's memory, and if you want to know the truth, I would want everyone to know who he was and about his short, but beautiful life. I cannot understand why people feel the need to be rude. If you don't like someone's blog just don't read it.

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    Hi Megan! I've been following your blog for some time because Cohens story touched my heart! I myself am a mommy to twin boys who just turned a year!:-) I think this is a wonderful idea!!! Island Baby- go somewhere else.. don't comment on someones blog if you can't be nice. :-)

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    Island Baby's comment is just ridiculous and rude. It's just negativity at it's finest.
    I think it is a great idea, that came from the heart :)
    Hope it all works out for you all!


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    Megan, this is a great idea! :) Yes, please post the info on how to donate when you have it ready to go. I know lots of us would be happy to help!

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    This is a wonderful idea, especially being able to skype with folks who are far away, I'm sure in a lot of rural areas folks have to travel to far off hospitals when there are medical issues that arrise with their baby.

    I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this but would you take donations of ipod touches in excellent condition? Sometimes when you upgrade or finally get an iphone that ipod touch just kind of sits there.

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