Prego Mego – 25 weeks

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant with the twins :)

Now, every week feels more like a milestone.

I guess a few things have changed since last week. I may have spoke to soon last Friday morning : /

I ended up going to labor and delivery last Friday evening, which I posted here. Though, it was a bit scary we were able to come home within a few hours. Yesterday, I posted what my doctor had to say here. I’m not feeling too scared, but it definitely makes me more nervous.

Thank God, the babies are still cooking :)

I am taking it very easy as I know how important to keep Knox and Sloane in quite a bit longer. They don’t technically know what is causing my uterus to be irritated so we can only watch everything. I pretty much laid in bed for the first 12-15 weeks of this pregnancy because I was having some pain and pressure. I had a few really good weeks and now it’s time to get back to resting. I don’t feel like I ever was doing too much, nor does my doctor…my uterus, maybe. When I didn’t have something I needed/had to do, I was sitting/laying down. I probably have some decisions to make work-wise, which is unfortunate and a bit scary, but the babies come first!

I think I also said I didn’t feel like I had a 38 week belly last week. Well, about 3 days after I said that I started thinking maybe I did feel that big, haha. Maybe not that big, but definitely getting closer.

After our hospital visit and having more aches/pains/cramping, I’ve caught myself question if I can really do this or not. I mean I know I can really do this, but I worry about my body I guess. That’s the scary feeling. It’s been through quite a bit in the past two years having gone through a pregnancy, delivery & c-section, etc. It makes me nervous, but like I said, I will do everything in my power to help keep the babies in for as long as possible!

I think I will be getting a step stool for bed pretty soon. I’m not sure how that works getting out of bed, though. It’s also pretty funny trying to lift myself up getting out of bed. Every time we are at the doctor and I’m leaning up from laying down for my ultrasound, he always tells me to grab his hand with both of my hands. Well, I don’t have that kind of levy system in bed, haha.

I’m getting really anxious to get the nursery finished. I’m not really rushed… i just want to know and have the things I’m putting in it. The bedding and curtains are being made so that’s no worry, but I’m still figuring out the other little details. It’s fun, but it’s kind of a bummer not being able to walk around and look for things anymore. Thank goodness for the internet and helping friends for ideas and direction! :)

Being home really helps prevent dehydration because I’m likely to drink a lot more at home. When I’m not home I don’t drink much for several reasons. The main one being I do NOT like peeing in public places or having to stop some place to pee.

I’m getting LOTS of the “oh, well looks like you are about to have your baby soon, aren’t you?” …from randoms, of course. I stopped in some place on the way home yesterday and she said “oh, it’s almost time, isn’t it?” I laughed and said, “you would think!” I then told her my due date was September and there was so so they wouldn’t stay in past August. She proceeded to say, “well, you really even look big for two!” Um, thanks?

The way I walk looks like I’m about to give birth. The waddle is in full force.

Every week, I say I’m done buying clothes and catch my self begging myself to buy something for them, haha. For instance, last night, Totsy had Halo sleep sacks for $5-7! Considering they are about $20 or so retail at the store, I thought maybe I should buy some? Well, I have no way of knowing if the twins will like them or not. Twitter friends, for the most part, advised I get some at that price just in case. Unfortunately, Totsy’s site was messed up and I couldn’t get my $17 order to go through :( This morning, they are all sold out.

I was excited to see that today, Plum District’s National deal is $15 for a $30 Totsy credit! See, I really shouldn’t get it, but it’s a good deal! Must stay away from Zulily, too. I can’t even go there. It’s just all these “good deals” that suck me in, I suppose.

I must say, Sloane has accumulated more clothes. There are TONS of cute boy clothes out there, but the little girl ones are occasionally harder to resist. I also run into that thought of well if I got her something, I must get him something! …and vice versa. Maybe that’s normal with twins?

I really do think I’ll get better on the clothing front as we know now my income may halt sooner than expected : /

I had a few comments/emails about stretch marks. I don’t think it’s that I’m not getting them. I think it’s just I haven’t gotten them yet. Well, of course why wouldn’t that change this week with everything else? I can’t see them, but I THINK I felt a few. I must say, I have NOT been good this pregnancy about keeping lotion or oil on my belly consistently. I did pretty good last year, but for some reason this pregnancy, it hasn’t really crossed my mind much. I don’t know if I’m really just expecting it to happen or what. I had been hearing good things about Bio Oil. I put it on when I remember, so about once or twice per week : /

I also have one of those crazy ranked “best of” dermatologists (because I have a wacky skin issue) and he told me a while back, if you are going to get them, you’re going to get them. He said the moisture or products could perhaps keep them from being quite as harsh, but there is no guarantee. It’s really just depends on what your skin wants to do. I got a few with Cohen underneath my belly, that I saw/came after delivery. They didn’t last long and went away. I’ve had some on my hips since puberty.

I’m okay with the fact my bikini days might be over. There are such cute one pieces now, which seems a bit more realistic when needing to keep things covered and chase multiple kids around :)

If you have been reading my posts this week, you will know that food has taken over, haha. Not really, but kind of. Contrary to what it may seem, I am getting some protein. Last night I had some chicken and an Amy’s mexican casserole bowl. Fruit is just so yummy and quenching. Here is the watermelon I posted about yesterday. I do add a pinch of salt to my watermelon and I love the sweet & salty taste.

I’m still on a sweet and salty kick. As Kari Beth pointed out, it definitely seems true to form what they say about cravings being salty with a boy and sweet with a girl. I want some of both! One thing about being home “resting” more, I have food at my finger tips. Though I have lots of fruits and veggies, I’m still craving the occasional oreo, popcorn and yogurt!

I feel like Brent and I say “the babies” more than we say “Knox  & Sloane”. I figure this is pretty normal, but I want to get better at saying their names so they can hear :)

We are still working on full names. I’m having a hard time that Knox might be his middle name and Sloane might be her first name. For some reason, I think if one goes by their middle name, the other should as well. It’s probably silly of me to think that, but we are still analyzing!

Well, here we are this week….

This was yesterday……{I am holding the side of my dress in the right picture. The cardigan looks red in the picture, but it’s really orange. My hand continues to grow a dark bruise daily from my IV and blown vein last week.}

Here we are today. You can tell the belly is a bit lopsided! More on the left! This was pretty early and my guess is because I try to sleep on left side!

With Cohen…

I don’t think my bare belly’s look THAT much different today! Though, I do kind of look like I’m trying to push it out with Cohen, haha.

Today, I have a quick work meeting and more resting, which I’ll be doing all weekend.

Don’t forget about this weeks giveaway!

Happy Friday :)



  1. says

    First of all, you look AMAZING!
    Second, it's not just with twins. When mine children were little and I bought one something to wear, I always felt like I should buy the others something.
    Last, for what it's worth, my oldest son goes by his middle name. He said he would NEVER do that to a boy again. He says it is always confusing and all formal documents use first name. He hates that we did that. I would not do it again if I had it to do over.

    Ok, you didn't ask for my advice…so I'll shut up. LOVE following your blog!

  2. says

    You look fabulous lady!! Love that little seersucker outfit you got for Sloane, so sweet.

    I have a friend who is a twin and she goes by her first name and her twin brother goes by his middle–it's never been an issue for them.

  3. says

    You look great! I absolutely love that striped dress combo. Praying that the little ones stay put for awhile. Hope yall have a wonderful memorial day :)

  4. says

    WOW…you actually look pretty close to Cohen! I wouldn't have thought you were extra big or even carrying twins. Looks like a second pregnancy belly to me! You look fantastic!

    I think the if you buy for one you have to buy for the other is just from having more than 1 kiddo period. I ALWAYS feel guilty if I buy something for 1 of my kids and not the other 2.

    A friend of my hubby's used his middle name as a first name since in Kindergarten there were 2 "Roberts" the teacher asked the parents what to do (granted this was in like 1986) and my friend's dad said call him by his middle name…stuck with him to this day. He's never complained about it. Not sure how it worked with legal forms. I always wished my middle name was my first name….

  5. says

    drinking alot of water definitely helped keep my uterus calm when i was pregnant with my twins. i had contractions and pains/pressure from 8weeks on and i ended up going to 36 weeks. it is possible! and i agree, if one goes by middle name, other one should too. i go by my middle name and i HATE it. i was on bedrest starting at 22 weeks but most of my pregnancy complications were due to the fact that my twins were identical.

  6. says

    I have to tell you halo sleep sacks rock! We live in Central Texas and have a newer house where we can easily regulate the temperature, so we only bought the cotton ones. My son hated swaddling and always hated covers over his arms. The sleep sacks never bothered him.

    And you look great. I don't think you look big for twins. You look like you're supposed to look. And as for having a bikini body, I lost mine after being pregnant with my son. I'm really short (like 4'10" tall or short), and my body stretched in ways I never thought possible. It was all worth it, and I would give up my bikini body again in a heart beat.

  7. says

    You are looking SO great….. Praying you get the rest you need and that those sweet babes cook as long as they can. PS: I put salt on my watermelon, too :)

  8. says

    I'm totally with you on not wanting to pee in public!! I hate it and plan accordingly all the time!!

    Also – thank you so much for the tip on the Totsy gift certificate. I had never heard of Plum District and apparently, if you're a first timer, you get 5 "plum dollars" so I got my certificate for $10!!! Score!

    You look great! Take it easy!!


  9. says

    I've been following your blog for a few weeks now, I found it through Kelly's Korner. You are such a cute pregnant momma. I am praying daily that Knox and Sloane continue to bake in the belly for many more weeks and that you have a wonderful delivery and two happy, healthy, beautiful babies.

  10. says

    Megan, you are so stinkin' cute and soooooooo very stinkin' cute pregnant! You just are adorable!
    For what it's worth, I am called by my middle name (because my Mother and I have the same name and she is called by the first)but all through school and college, they start out using your first name! Just saying…………..
    Take care sweet girl and keep on blogging!

  11. says

    I have a 7 1/2 month old who I started using a halo sleep sak with at 5 months old. I use the cotton one because I live in North Texas and he is a hot natured little guy. I am a HUGE fan of the miracle blanket (miracle from newborn till they can break free. It is the BEST swaddle blanket I have ever used. In the beginning I thought he hated being swaddled, but the pediatrician told me that isn't so, because they can't control their arms to get out it's just relexes. We purchased this blanket after being recommended by a friend. He LOVED it and started sleeping from 10p-6a at 9 weeks. Praise! They are a little pricey, but definitely worth it and I think they offer twin discounts. Also, I reommend the book called On Becoming Babywise book.

  12. says

    Just a word about the getting out of bed thing…I know it's not the exact same situation (and I'm really not comparing you to an older person), but my grandfather has Parkinson's Disease and has had a hard time getting out of bed for some time. My parents found a bar that my dad installed on the side of his bed that he can pull up on. It has made a huge difference for him in being able to get up on his own and retain his balance. The bar can be taken out as soon as the twins come and you are back to your normal self. I pray the twins stay in your tummy as long as possible-you are doing a great job!

  13. says

    I always called mine the Babies before they were born and not by their names, but mine were two girls, so I didn't know who was going to be who until they were born. As for the buying for one and feeling like you have to buy for the other… that NEVER changes! I still have some really cute outfits that my girls have never worn, bc if one has a super cute outfit and the other doesn't have something similar to wear or just as cute, then I never end up putting them in it… now that I am having just one little baby this time, I'm looking forward to using all those cute outfits they never wore! :)

    I used to and still do grab on to the back of my headboard to help hoist me out of bed, you should try it… roll onto your side, grab the head board and it gives you a good push!

    As for strangers, they say the rudest things sometimes.. I once had a lady stop me in Target saying she felt so bad for me looking like I was due anyday now.. I told her I still had 2 months left but didn't say I was having twins cause I didn't feel like getting into it… she said, "well geesh, you are HUGE, looks like you are having two" and then I said, "Well, actually I am having two." She told me that I NEED to tell people that right away! uhhhh, I don't think so lady! It's not my job to run around with a sign on my head saying, "I am having twins thats why I am so big!" hahaha… I just can never get over the things people think they have a right to say to pregnant women!

  14. says

    My girls are 7 & 4 and for some reason IF I buy one of them something I HAVE to get the other one something too :) For the most part they are dressed alike or similar – I have a hard time with them not "looking like they go toether" haha. Silliness! So, I understand where all that is coming from. Anyway, you LOOK WONDERFUL!! I loved the striped dress :)

  15. says

    Hi! You look amazing! I just wanted to tell you that as a mother of twins (who are turning ONE in two weeks!) you will always feel the need to buy 2 of everything! LOL! I still buy two of everything, grab two of everything.. anything! Sometimes I get two of something when I don't even need it.. just because I'm used to it! Good luck!

  16. says

    I swear we are having the exact.same.pregnancy. Maybe it's really triplets and one happens to be in another state :) going to email you tonight!

  17. says

    I think you look great too and the same with the twins as you did with Cohen! People just don't know when to hush when it comes to pregnant woman.

  18. says

    I thought I was the only one who put salt on my watermelon!! :) you look great! And don't worry, I think "aunt tiff" has some more presents up her sleeve.. Maybe you won't feel as guilty! :)

  19. says

    So glad to hear you are doing well. I wanted to give you another baby website in case you havent heard of it. its called they have 2 deals a day. the difference with them is that they actually have the products they are selling whereas totsy and zulily dont. i just cant shop with either of those site. but beware, babysteals is addicting!

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