Midweek Randoms

So the midweek randoms are coming to you on Thursday this week. I was anxious to post my plants and herbs yesterday :)

  • My heart hurts for all the towns and people who have experienced tragic weather recently. I think over 63 cities/towns in Oklahoma have been declared national disasters and I still get teary-eyed seeing the footage from Joplin. I wishing I would have waited a few weeks to have my garage sale and I could have given the stuff to these towns. I did gather two trash sacks of clothes Tuesday.
  • Luckily, we weren’t hit by anything other than bad storms last night. We took cover just to be cautious because sirens close by were going off. After about 30 minutes, I became extremely uncomfortable sitting in the tub. I gave in and played on the computer.
  • Our little nephew was all prepared! His mom posted this on Facebook and I pretty much thought it was adorably cute!
  • This week, I suppose my “midweek randoms” mostly revolve around the fact I have been home and in bed (for the most part) from Friday afternoon until Wednesday morning. I posted Saturday about having to go to Labor and Delivery (on Friday) and it was not a fun scare. I felt better after what my doctor & nurse said on Monday. He his level of concern isn’t too high right now, but he does want me to take it easy. He said since my labs looked great, the FFN was negative and my cervix is unchanged, there is no progression towards labor/pre-term happening right now. He doesn’t want to give me any medication until we need to slow something down and technically nothing has started for him to do so. The irritated uterus doesn’t indicate it pre-term labor, but just signals me to slow down if that’s causing irritation and for us to pay close attention that it doesn’t become too irritated and start progressing. They don’t want to require mandatory bed rest if I’m not starting pre-term labor and everything looks good. However, if I get cramps (or they are worse) when I’m up, it would be best I not stay up long…up meaning not laying on my left side.
  • With that being said, I attempted to work for a while yesterday. A while too long evidently, which I didn’t intend to do. I was in quite a bit of pain yesterday afternoon and evening. And when I say work, my work doesn’t involve much sitting. I sat through a long meeting, went and visited two clients briefly and had a meeting with a family for an hour. It wasn’t anything to extraneous, my it appears as though my body is done with that much activity : /
  • Brent and Elton are good to us, the babies and myself, that is. I can’t get very comfortable on the couch right now, so our bed is my place of rest. Usually we are always in the living room during the evenings and if we are home in the day, but not lately. Brent and Elton have been good about hanging with me in bed so I don’t get too lonely :)
  • Brent went to the movie with our brother-in-law and nieces on Saturday and he brought me some fresh popcorn home :)
  • Speaking of popcorn, Tuesday I got this text message from my mom. 
  •  She is obviously reading my blog. Popcorn and fruit cravings, haha. My dad showed up with watermelon, popcorn and two bags of un-popped popcorn.
  •  I was excited to paint my nails this week. I’ve not managed to do my toes. Someone will probably have to help me with that. I was even more excited to receive some polish and remover from Piggy Paints. They have natural and safe products! 
  • I loved the Piggy Paints! It has stayed on well and I love there is no strong smells. I got three colors from the refined line… How Merlot Can You Go, All that Razz & In the Flesh.

  • I will be honest, I was that extra cautious girl who didn’t use any polish or remover (even though I have non-acetone) my first 20 weeks of pregnancy. I was never like this before, but in my attempt to be a bit more natural, I figured what would it hurt to be a tad more cautious in my attempt to develop two babies, with the first half of pregnancy being extra important.
  • Have you been watching Idol or The Voice? What did you think about Scotty winning? Brent and I were actually behind a few weeks in watching, but decided not to catch up and just watch the finale. I thought it was quickly obvious that Lauren and Scotty are “together” if you will. I was pretty shocked that had so many huge stars on last night as well. Lots of entertainment they were going for. We are still liking The Voice, though I don’t think it’s quite as exciting as it was at first.
  • At least once a week, I think about how much I love this hand sanitizer. Is that weird? I honestly can’t remember if I’ve blogged it before, but if so, sorry. Since previously I was in and out of doctor’s offices and hsopitals for work, I’ve become pretty use to always looking for hand santizer to put on. A while back, I got this one from Whole Foods and it is my favorite. It doesn’t smell like alcohol and I don’t think it has any in it. So, the smell might be my favorite smart. It smells like fruit loops. It’s the 365 Brand, which is at Whole Foods.
  • Oh, back to food, imagine that. Our friend, Kyle, had to come by and get something the other day. He brought me coneys from our local and favorite coney place :) I’ve not had them in FOREVER and they were delicious!

My randoms for today :)

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    This is totally random, so it goes with your subject, but the husband and I were shopping last night and I saw you and Brent and my husband was laughing hesterically at me because I was trying to explain how I "knew" you. I think that he thinks I am some kind of internet stalker now….anyway you were gone before I could say hello, so Hello! Congrats again on your babies, I cannot wait to see their precious faces.

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    1-love the picture in the tub. cracking up. you actually look really comfy and snug.
    2-your cravings! true to form. salty=boy. sweet=girl. love it!
    3-piggy paint founder/owner lives next door to my sis-in-law! i love their product but i hate how fast it chips off!

    keep resting and baking those babies! you're doing a great job!

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    Sending some prayers your way that those storms will leave yall alone! I've been a long time reader of your blog and I found out that I am pregnant with my first this week. You have been an inspiration to a lot of people whether you know it or not and I just want to thank you for that! Love your blog and I hope you and the babies are doing great = )

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    I have been reading your blog for awhile and decided to comment. So happy to hear about your twins. I have 2 year old boy girl twins so I feel your pain. I starte having pre term contrations at 22 weeks and they lasted until I delivered at 37 weeks 6 days. My contractions were 10 minutes apart some days and it was my bodies way of telling me to take it easy. I was never on bed rest but just learned to listen to my body. Hang in there!! You are so close to the finish line.


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    What an adorable picture of your nephew! He's definitely ready if the winds pick him up.

    Why don't homes in the South have basements? I find this baffling.

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    Popcorn & watermelon…sounds like the perfect snack to me!! :)

    And, I absolutely adore Elton. Of course, being a Boston owner, I'm just a bit biased, eh?? 😉

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    I had a study group at B&N today and the only good part of it was the drive thru afterwards! Super yummy coneys for lunch today! :)

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