Occasionally, Brent emails me some pretty funny emails and videos from work. This one just had me giggling so I thought I would share...

{I think this has pop up ads that come on at the bottom. If so, close it out so you can see the dog's mouth!}

He recently sent me an email containing hilarious "family portraits" and such. I wanted to share those, but for some reason I can't save them to my computer right now.

Here is another funny dog. He has been keeping me company as I rest.

I just looked over to find this. He had somehow managed to kick Brent's pillow off and pull the sheets up. We had him completely out of the bed and he wasn't even jumping up anymore trying to lay in it. Well, as soon as I began laying here for longer periods of time, he couldn't stand it. So, he's back up...for now.




  1. Awwwww that is too cute!!!! I just Love Elton!!!

  2. I saw that video too...I was cracking up! :)

  3. I have also tried kicking mine outta the bed but for some reason we never stick to our guns and keep him out. Plus I just love to snuggle with him!
    Elton is super cute!

  4. My husband and I LOVE that video. Hilarious!

  5. Elton is too cute! Our Boston also lays around like that! Must be a BT thing!

  6. That's hysterical! Elton is adorable and "needs" to sleep with his mama & daddy! Hope you are feeling great!

  7. Ahh, loving that post and your blog! :)

    Now following!


  8. I was just showing that video to my friend tonight! So funny!!

  9. Awwwwww he's keeping you company! He's telling you that he's there for you through thick and thin!

  10. I have so many pics of our dogs like that! The love our bed!!! Elton is so adorable. He looks like a "lover" just like our Ernie.


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