Baby Product Help! From you :)

So, I have a big favor today. Brent and I are hoping to register this week and I wanted to make some decisions on a few things.

We have been around lots of babies, but as far as products and such go, we haven’t really kept up with that.

We did register with Cohen, but shortly after, we made the registry inactive and now it doesn’t exist. We took Brent’s sister along with us to Babies R’ Us, which was VERY helpful!

I thought who better to come to right now than you all. I know there are lots of mom’s reading and I’d love your thoughts/opinions/advice/etc. as far as what you liked/loved/hated/etc.

For the past two years, I have been really good at “bookmarking” posts that talk about baby things. However, I recently updated Firefox and it ERASED all my bookmarks from the past year! Talk about bummed. My computer guy tried to get them back, but couldn’t get any after May of last year. It was partially my fault for not backing them up more often, but I was super irritated about losing so many :(

This applies to anything! We have picked a stroller and that’s about it. Since we do have a few little ones in the family, we are getting some nice, new hand-me-downs. I think we already have a swing, one car seat and two bumbos coming. Because of this, some things we will just have to register for one instead of two.

So tell me, what bottles, blankets, toys, gadgets, diapers, etc. etc. etc., do you like or not like? recommend or not recommend…etc.

For diapers and such, do you use a delivery service such as Amazon Mom?

In case you have done a post about this on your blog, I will put a linky below and then you can just put that URL in it for me (and anyone else) to read.

Also, if you are a mom of multiples, I’d love for you to let me know that as well :)

Thank you so much!!!



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    I linked you to my "favorite things" post…but I have a few more! Avent bottles/pacis. Dr. Browns formula mixer (if you don't bf), I also received a few toddler gifts, and they have been great as my 16 month old has gotten older. Register for convertible car seats, and other "older" items! Best thing I ever did!

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    I use Amazon Mom for our diapers and wipes. They are so much cheaper! You can set your delivery to be whatever you need (1 time each month, etc) but you can have it shipped immediately if you see you are running out in between shipments. So convenient!!

    We use the Avent bottles, but I have heard lots of good things about Tommy Tippee and Dr. Brown bottles.

    Also, one thing that I would recommend is a swaddle blanket. Makes sleep so much better when they can't hit themselves in the face and wake themselves up!

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    I have a daughter, 5 months old, so I have had tons of baby stuff I have used, and haven't. We recently just took a trip back to Buy Buy Baby to return stuff we never ended up using. The one thing that I will praise until I turn blue is Angelcare baby monitor. It is a monitor that goes under their mattress and tracks their movement, including breathing and helps reduce the risk of sids. If there is no movement within 10 seconds it sets off a little beep in the room to startle the baby to make them breathe. If for some reason they don't an alarm goes off from your monitor. I feel this literally saved my daughters life. I was a "it wont happen to me mom" and left the bumper in my daughters bed, one night she wiggled around and got her head stuck under it. If the monitor wasn't in there I can't imagine what could have happened. I will now buy these for ever shower I go to. I know some parents might feel this is over kill but for about the same cost of a normal noise monitor, which it does as well, it is definitely worth it.

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    -Born Free bottles
    -Pampers swaddlers
    -Huggies wipes (any kind)
    -California Baby Calendula Cream is an amazing moisterizer and gets rid of weird rashes
    -Johnson's Natural soap
    -Boudreux's butt paste
    -Arm & Hammer diaper pail

    Things we didn't need:
    -Baby bathtub (we bathe her in the sink)
    -Baby towels and washcloths — we got a ton of these as gifts, but use our normal towels more often
    -Nursing pillow — got a My Brest Friend, but only used it once. Just didn't work for us/we didn't need it

    Expensive stuff:
    -Fisher Price cradle swing (goes two ways) with AC adapter
    -Medela pump in style

    -Tiny Love crib soother (in lieu of a mobile you'll have to take down)
    -Wubba nub pacifiers

    Best thing we didn't know we needed:
    Boppy Newborn Lounger (this is different from the regular Boppy. we used it every day for 3+ mos.)

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    We had to use NUK bottles because Bailey didn't quite understand how to use her tongue to suck when she was born. She is 3 and JUST now retired the sippy cup that fits on the NUK bottle. We LOVED them. (though, at 3, I'm SO glad she finally gave up the cup) :)
    I HATED my wipe warmer because it dried out AT LEAST half of the wipes we put in there. I tried everything like putting water in the bottom of it and putting plastic in the bottom. It didn't matter, it dried them all up.

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    I have an old post – but even you're already getting a swing, unless it's electric, you MUST spring for the Fisher Price Snuggabunny swing! You can plug it in, and seriously, it will save you trillions of dollars in battery consumption!

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    Presley (5.5 months) loves her playmat (activity gym). She will lay on it and play and jabber at the animals for literally over an hour. It is hands her favorite toy and best entertainment.

    We use the Playtex Vent Aire bottles. Simple, easy to clean- standard nipple. And reasonably priced. Come in 2 sizes.

    The swaddle me blanket. (get cotton- fleece is too hot). Presley is a double swaddle baby (still) and she is officially just about grown out of the biggest swaddle me size. I'm beggin my MIL to break out the sewing machine and make us a bigger one. I think the kid will be swaddled till 2.

    California Baby Calendula Cream, cleared up the baby acne and works excellant on sensitve skin. We love it. It's expensive. But definately worth it.

    We didn't use the baby bath tub. I bought the foam thing ($5 or 6 bucks) lays in the bottom of your tub, she loves it. Keeps her whole body the same temp since it just soaks up water in the tub for her to lay on. They are washable and inexpensive enough to replace a few times before babies are sitting up and can just sit on their own in the tub.

    Nightlights! You will be up in the middle of the nigth alot…chaning diapers ans such. I hated turning the bright lights on. I wanted it to be dark in the middle of the night so she didn't get too stimulated and wake up. Also in this category the twilight turtle was night. If she was awake after a change and feeding int he middle of the night, I'd turn on the turtle, she can look at the stars on the ceiling and sooth her self back to sleep. It goes off after 20 mins.

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    My son is 5.5 months old. For Christmas (he was 2 weeks old) we got a set of Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, which were nice because they were so BIG and stretchy but now that it is hot outside I love them even more. They are so lightweight and it's great to be able to throw it over his stroller while we're walking to block some sunlight but not feel like I'm overheating him. He also loves chewing the fabric =)

    We rarely used the baby bathtub, it was a pain to haul it in and out of our small bathroom. . .after the first couple weeks I just put him in the big bath with an inch or two of water,and kept one hand under his head/neck the whole time.

    He slept in a Moses basket instead of a bassinet, and adored it. He liked to rub his face on the soft fabric on the side =) Plus, I think it made the transition to his crib easier because I put the basket in his crib for a couple of weeks. That way he was still in the same "bed" but used to the new "scenery" in his room.

    My baby has terrible skin, really dry and irritable. He breaks out if I use any scented baby lotions; Aquaphor is the only thing that works for him. It also has cleared up any little diaper rash he's ever had within a few hours.

    Lastly (sorry this is so long!), I kept all my coupons for and Amazon mom, but I've never used them. My son grew SO FAST that with the diapers we'd been given (which wasn't even THAT many, really), he still grew out of a lot of them before using up a whole size. I'm sure it's an incredible resource (especially with twins, going through twice as many), but I would say hold off until you really get a good feeling for how many you'll need!

    Good luck =)

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    Pampers are a must for the first 3 months for little boys- huggies just didn't cut it. No leaks with Pampers. Now I love the Costco brand of diapers- so much cheaper and they are great quality!

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    I liked Born Free bottles best. I tried out Dr. Browns but wasn't too happy with all the parts it came with. We use Pampers diapers and Huggies wipes. Huggies are a lot thicker than Pampers and I felt like Pampers wipes felt soapy-ish. For detergent, I didn't use Dreft. It's just too expensive! I did use free and clear and that was fine.

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    Aden and Anais blankets
    The Miracle Blanket (for swaddling)
    California Baby bath products (natural AND the cradle cap shampoo is a miracle worker!)
    Boudreux's butt paste
    Summer Infant video monitors (we have the complete coverage with the LCD screen and the handheld device)
    Dr. Brown's bottles
    Bum Genius cloth diapers if you ever want to go that route! (You should check out G Diapers if you're up for a hybrid.)
    Boogie wipes when they're a little older and have runny noses
    Maxi Cosi carseat for infants and Recaro or Britax for toddlers
    Baby Bjorn travel crib (so much lighter and folds up much more compact than a pack and play)
    Ergo baby carrier

    Never used:
    Wipe warmer
    Bottle warmer
    Bottle sterilizer
    Bebea baby food cooker (I know, I know – *gasp*… regular steamers and food processors work just as well!)

    *You'll quickly find that what works for others may not work for you… I sent out a similar survey to friends when I was expecting and the conflicting advice I received was funny. I'm expecting twins late this fall (baby #2 and #3 for us) and I'm excited to try out new producs with them (like the Nap Nanny) – and will be avoiding the 'never used' items above!

    Good luck!

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    Here's my 2 cents Megan!

    Carseats – Britax – have loved every one of them we have/used!
    Diapers – Pampers when they're young and then we switched them to the store brand – WAY CHEAPER – and register for all sizes too!
    Bottles – Avent
    Boppy(s) – a must have!
    Blankets – don't register for many, if any at all – you'll get a ton…with 3 girls we have a large surlus of pink blankets and we never use them now. I would get them each a minky/silky one though, my girls each have one and they all still use them at 2, 3 and 4 1/2 :)
    Stroller – I know you said you had one picked out, but I LOVE our double stroller, the seats can all be moved to face different directions – LOVE!
    Sleepsacks – Another must, especially for winter and babies!
    Monitor – we love our Graco wireless one, doesn't pick up our neighbors phone :)
    Excersaucer (spelling?) – in my opinion a must, keeps them up and occupied and none of mine liked the swing, but loved this once they could go in it.

    I could probably go on and on…email me if you want more!

    And if you think it's something you're not going to use, or it's a craze item…don't get it, you probably won't use it. We got a bottle sanitizer, maybe used it once with each of the girls, and now it's just taking up space.

    A side note, get a breast pump, Medela is what we used and the more expensive, the better it works, trust me. And I would seriously just have one on hand just in case…day 1 home with our first, we got bundled up in November in Minnesota and bought one!

    Love ya girl! Take care of those babes!!

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    My favorite product EVER with all three kids was my sling. Our youngest came nearly 6 years after our 2nd and he LIVED in the sling for most of his first two years. Just tuck him in and go:) FABULOUS!! I got mine from hotslings. Also, Lansinoh nursing pads if you will be nursing/pumping for Knox and Sloane. They were the best ones I have found. So excited for you:)

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    I can't wait to see what people recommend b/c I also have NO idea what all we'll need and I will have to start making a list in the next few months.

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    The best bit of advice I got before we had our kids was that you don't need even half of what you think you need and to wait until the babies are here to buy bottles. Sure, have a few on hand to try but don't go nuts buying all one kind because the baby may not be able to use them or may not like them.

    Also, things like wipe warmers are silly. Seriously. Unless your wipes are stored in the freezer, room temp wipes (or warmed in the hand before use) are just fine.

    And only buy things that make your life easier, not more complicated. Consider getting baby seats that strap on to tables or existing chairs instead of a high chair – they'll be functional longer and are usually cheaper.

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    My Son Rowen is just now two months so i don't have too many things yet but these are my two cents!

    First of Stroller, I realize you said you already picked out the stroller, but one thing I highly recommend is one that has a conversion to a bassinet. We have the baby jogger City Select Stroller and bought the conversion pack for the bassinet and it was a life saver! Rowen slept in it pretty much for the first couple of weeks for all of his naps and its easy to just set on a chair or table as well! They have an adapter for car seats as well which is great, if your babies like their car seats (which mine hates :)).

    Diapers: We have a subscription from Amazon Mom for pampers swaddlers and it makes things very convenient! When Rowen was first born they gave us a pack of newborn huggies diapers which I must recommend because they had a cut out for the cord and I liked that much better than folding the pampers down. Now that his cord is gone we are back to the pampers.

    Pacifiers if you chose to use them, the MAM newborn ones are a great fit for their small faces, we tried a few different kinds and they were kind of pressing on his nose, but these fit perfectly!

    For bottles, my son actually really likes the ones that come with the Medela pump so we have bought a couple of extras of those.

    Swaddle Me blankets are a life saver if you plan to swaddle the twins, just make sure you wash them by themselves because the velcro tends to stick to other pieces of clothing and is a pain to get off!

    And for bath time we love the Johnson's bed time bath soap, it claims it helps them sleep better and we give Rowen a bath every night with it before bedtime and I am a believer!

    I hope this helps!

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    I don't have any children (yet), but nanny. One of the best, latest gadgets I've seen are Inch Bug Orbit Labels. They seem like they would be ideal for a family with twins! Help keep bottles and sippy cups straight! (Orbit Labels)
    Good luck!

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    I love my double stroller. Kolcraft Tandem Contours. It is a really nice product. For carseats I love the Combi Shuttle. For a swing- YOU WANT IT TO PLUG in! Ours is battery operated and eats the batteries! I like the First Years Breastflow bottles. I use gerber cloth diapers for burp cloths. I also do cloth diapers and love the Flip system. I have 6 covers and 14 inserts and that is plenty. Thats all I can think of for now!

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    Some of the best advice I got was in regards to bottles. Someone told us I was best to buy a few of each just in case baby didn't like the kind we chose. We went through 2 kinds until our baby settled on Playtex. Also, not sure where you stand on pacifiers, but we applied similar logic. He eventually settled on Avent (and weaned from them easily at sixteen months).

    The other thing that earned it's keep was a bouncer. Our little guy didn't like the swing, but loved the bouncer. He also loved the Jump-a-roo for many many months (more so than the exersaucer).

    Lastly, the best socks we found were the plain white bony socks from the dreaded Walmart. While there are definitely much cuter socks that exist in the world, these never came off (regardless of how much without occurred).

    Good luck with the registering and have a great time :-)

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    I use for almost all of my baby purchases! It's so wonderful to have everything delivered right to your door, and there is free shipping when you spend $49, which is easy to do with a large box of diapers and wipes! Also you can mail in your manufacturer coupons and they will automatically apply them to your purchases. Now they even have a sister site called that has lots of household products too and it will combine your orders from both sites into one order!!They have awesome deals, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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    We used Avent bottles and pacifiers. We loved them. I also feel like a swaddle blanket is a must. I swaddled Maycee Belle with a regular recieving blanket for a month or so when someone gave me a swaddle blanket and it made a huge difference!

    Also look for a swing that has an adapter that you can plug in. We went through TONS of batteries because Maycee Belle would only sleep in the swing after 2 a.m. for a while and this Momma needed some sleep! haha

    I prefer pampers diapers. They just fit Maycee better.

    And I love Parent's Choice sensitive wipes from WalMart. They are much cheaper and better I think that any other sensitive wipe. No only are they scent free but they are made from real cloth and are SUPER soft and seem to wipe up "messes" better in my opinion. =)

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    Be careful with hand me down car seats. They do have an expiration date on them and that is important. Also any car seat that has been in a wreck is no longer good. Buying used, you never know if it has been in an accident or not.

    My grandaughter had a baby tub that had a sling in it that made bathing her as an infant really easy and she loved it.

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    You have to get Miracle Blankets! They are the best invention in the entire universe. Our little boy was a preemie and had the WORST startle reflex. He also happened to by a Houdini who as strong as an ox. After 8 weeks of him only sleeping in 45 minute stretches, he was cured with one night in the Miracle Blanket. Truly a miracle in this tired mama's eyes.

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    I have had a few friends ask me this so I compiled a list of stuff we love.

    1) Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles – Love that they have a sterile drop in each time.
    2) Steam Sterilizer (We used "The First Years" brand). Great for cleaning everything!
    3) Sleep Sheep! :)
    4) Diaper Champ. We spent a fortune on diaper genie bags before making the switch. It uses regular trash bags which is awesome!
    5) If you plan to nurse, this is a MUST HAVE!

    The tip I wish I had known the most is this: Don't buy the expensive bedding sets. We learned this the hard way. We bought the whole set with the bumpers and comforter, only to find out that pediatricians warn against putting anything in the crib until 1 year due to SIDS and suffocation. All you need is a fitted sheet, which you can get at Target for $10. Save yourself $200! :)

    Hope this helps! So excited for you and your family. :)

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    Nuk pacifies were what my kiddo loved at first (and Nuk bottles) and then we switched to all Mam pacifiers by 12 months. He wouldn't take any others after that but on pacifies, it seems every baby is different and some don't want them at all!

    I loved pampers diapers the best even though some people hate the scent of them (I personally love it). They fit the best. And on that note, Luvs are the exact same diaper, just a little less soft but much cheaper and under a different name. Huggies wipes are better in my opinion – thicker and they take care of big messes with less wipes.

    The play mat was so-so but my kid loved the swing for several months. A bouncer toy was essential for us – he could spend forever in there. Some people say you don't need a bathtub, but we used ours until 7 or 8 months!

    My son wouldn't stay swaddled so we used Halo sleep saks – he seemed to love those.

    Also for me the boppy was a necessity for nursing and you have the bumbo covered which I recommend. Also, get the JJ Cole diaper caddy. Put it in the living room (or wherever you hang out a lot) as it has a place for diapers, wipes and a drawer for creams, etc. and has a changing pad that folds up. Much easier to have it by you then running to the bedroom to change diapers each time.

    A lot of it will be what your kiddo's prefer and a lot will be trial and error. I think that is what friends and craigslist are for!

    Good luck!

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    Hi, I'm a mom of multiples, B/G twins who just turned 1. I loved the Avent Bottle system, easy to clean, not a lot of parts. I used a bottle sterilizer from the First Years, I loved having this, it took about 5 minutes to sterilize about 20 bottle nipples. If you are doing pacifiers we used the gumdrop brand,they gave these to our babies in the NICU and they only liked those(I think they sell at Target now).

    I used Pampers swaddler until they got to size 3 then we switched to Luvs and I used Amazon Mom because it was so much easier to have them shipped to the house and not have to run out to get a box of diapers.

    We had two mamaroo's which worked but I liked our classic swing better. So we usually moved them back and forth so they didn't get bored of one. We had one playmat and that worked great until the were bigger and by then it took more to amuse them anyways. Sophie the teething giraffe is a must, get 2 for sure.

    I hated receiving blankets, they are too small after a month or so, I loved the Aden and Anias blankets from Target, I bought 8 and that seemed like a good number.

    We had the Summer Infant Best View video monitor, the camera rotates so you don't have to buy an extra camera for the system to view both babies.

    Boy this ended up being longer then I expected, sorry, anyways you can check out our blog at I am working on a post of our favorite things from year 1 right now.

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    Call me the car seat lady! I recommend the Chicco Keyfit 30 or Safety 1st Onboard 35 car seats, especially for multiples because they are typically very small newborns, and these seats fit newborns better than any other. They also have high weight limits and will last a LONG time. Ask me again when it's time to buy a convertible seat – the new recommendation to is rear-face for 2 years or longer! And if you're nursing, don't go cheap on a pump. This is one thing you really get what you pay for.

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    In case you're planning on getting two swings, I highly recommend the Graco Sweet Peace sing…'s amazing….it VIBRATES!!! You can also take the seat out and put the infant carrier car seat in if they fall asleep in the car.

    I loved my Avent bottles….also check out the following two links for my two FAVORITE things!! The mobile is AMAZING and graduates to a projector for when they get older. We still use it!!
    And you'll definitely need some wubbanubs:

    I've always used Pampers diapers…swaddlers and then Cruisers….and the wipes for sensitive skin. I've always been happy with them and I'm even on a research panel for P&G diaper studies (I live near their headquarters) so I've tested lots of diapers for them and I think they're the best!

    Have fun!!!
    :) Wendy

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    I can't believe I forgot the most important thing – WHITE NOISE MACHINE! Supposedly, babies hear everything through white noise when they're in the womb and it helps soothe them and helps them sleep after they're born. My boys still sleep with theirs (and so do I!). Also – get a night light with a backup battery in case the power goes out!

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    -a wrap/sling so you can have one cuddled up to you while holding the other baby! Or, some wraps will hold twins at the same time. I have the Moby wrap….love it and my baby did too!

    -some kind of nursing pillow like Boppy…when you are home alone with two and they both want to eat at same time, you can prop one baby up in the Boppy.

    -I like the Playtex bottles with drop-in liners…they are BPA-free and so convenient because you simply throw out the used liner instead of having to constantly wash bottles.

    -bouncy seats, swings, playmats, exersaucers… many different things to put the babies in as possible…you will find that you will be constantly rotating your babies throughout these things. Although you will be holding the babies a lot, you will want to be able to put them down in different places so you can get things done, have a few minutes to yourself, etc.

    -lastly, pack n' plays are awesome! If your house has multiple floors, I recommend one pack n play for every level of the house. They even come in handy later on when you travel and also for the beach/outside play for when baby can sit and stand up.

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    Aden & Anais blankets…so worth the money! Our daughter is 15 months old & we have been using them since she was a week old. Swaddle in beginning, now she carries it around & sleeps with them. They're breathable, natural muslin fabric & with every wash only get softer! You will see other brands with the muslin fabric but I did buy another brand one time & have never used them. They were rough & poor quality! Only a&a brand in this household! With the summer heat they're perfect! Also, haven't bought one but for winter months they do make a multi-layer blanket called the dream blanket. The a&a blankets come in so many adorable prints too!

    My baby girl has sensitive skin so I quickly learned the "safe on baby's skin" dreft is bull honky! All baby detergent made her break out. I only use baking soda & white vinegar (as a softner) for her clothes. No fabric softner or static sheets. I buy a bulk baking soda bag at Sam's & use a cup or so in the detergent part & white vinegar in the softner part of washer (we have a front loader). Clothes do not smell & it gets out stains!

    Also, any & all California Baby products. Smells great & no parabens or harmful chemicals. The Calendula Cream seriously got rid of weird baby rahes!

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    Dr. Brown's bottle are amazing! I have worked in a NICU before also, I'm a RN, and Dr. Brown's have been the best for the babies for preventing gas, or if they already have acid reflux, which is really common. I'd also recommend Pampers diapers over Huggies, we also use those in the NICU because they tend to be less irritating, more absorbent, and a better fit…but I've also heard that the Target brand of diapers, Up and Up, are awesome!

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    We love our Tommee Tippee bottles – the nipple is really big and supposed to be most like momma. That was helpful for us because I nursed, but bottle fed for daycare.

    Amazon Mom has the best prices on diapers, but I still clip coupons and match them up to in-store sales to fill in the gaps.

    A playmat is a must for tummy time. It;s the only way Lily would be entertained (read: not cry) on her tummy for 5 minutes at a time. She still isn't a fan, even though she's 7 months old now.

    Adan + Anis swaddle blankets – the real ones,not the Target kind. They are huge and the best for swaddling. We still use them spead on the floor to tummy time and in her stroller. They are light and breathable.

    Boppy. I used it for nursing, but now at 7 months we still use it daily. i prop Lily up in it so she can hold her own bottle to eat, and I like it for at night when I'm cradling her on the couch. She's the perfect height to snuggle in.

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    I started my blog after the baby stage so no gear post about my favs on there.
    but do have lots
    my graco slim line highchair was a favorite- our house was small and ti LOVE that it adjusted up and down to desired height, folded easily and quickly down to fit in the spot between cabinets and fridge. also loved that it was vinyl and could be wiped down except frot he straps with got GROSS! babies are messy dudes:)
    2. ultimate swaddle blanket by swaddle designs…pricey at $28 BUT well worth it…we had one and used it every ngith and I washed it every other except on leak nights at which time I washed daily and worked full time! that great!!
    3. bumbo but this is a short lived stage bc their legs get too fat for them!
    4. pack in play with vibration!! a must have! but you can sleep twins together and most recommend that they do best together!
    5. you need way more sleepers and onsies than you think! they go through them fast!
    6. I liked gowns in the early first 6 weeks
    all time fav night time jammies- circo zip up foot sleepers from TARGET! can also find some at walmart but harder to find!

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    My favorite bottles are Born Free. They are expensive but worth every penny!! Avent can leak if you dont get the lid on just right which is a pain when you have a screaming baby. or two 😉 I also loved our miracle blanket swaddle wraps and my daughter loved the swing and not the cradle swing just a regular foward and back swing. Best thing ever!! I dont know what kind of stroller you went with but for newborns I would suggest the double snap and go. It will be such a life saver because big double strollers can be so heavy and when you can still have them in the carseats the snap and go is so simple and lightweight. I'm getting ready to have my 2nd baby and i'm getting the Baby Jogger City Mini double. Good luck

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    My favorite items have for sure been my slings/baby carriers. Both of my boys have been so much happier being held that way and it helps me get some stuff done. I have tried many but my favorites are the Baby K'tan for when they are little and the Beco Baby Carrier for an older infant.I think there is a twin hold for the K'tan. We have also found two strollers handy – a smaller umbrella fold type for the car and travel, and a more all terrain one (we love the BOB). Hope this helps!

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    Here is my two cents from a mom of three (though not multiples :)

    1. Huggies diapers
    2. Huggies wipes (for brand new bottoms then I went to a generic brand as they got a little older).
    3. Dr. Brown's bottles
    4. Miracle Blanket – SAVED.MY.LIFE.
    5. Desitin for "everyday" diaper rashes. Triple Paste for severe ones.
    6. Used Graco seats from birth and still using them for my 3yo and 5yo sons.
    7. California Baby bath products are the best!
    8. NUK pacifiers

    I can't stress enough how much the Miracle Blanket saved us. It lives up to its name!!

    Hope this helps!

  38. says

    Oh and I forgot to mention I agree registering for toddler toys and such like covertible car seats, wagons, cozy coupe cars and such!

    I cloth diaper most of the time but still use disposbale and love Bumgenius. I found it easier to wait until they were a few months old though when they aren't being changed constantly! I do think Amazon Mom subscribe and save has great diaper prices. I also get some at CVS with coupons and also Costco.

  39. says

    Sorry….one more thing. I love the Burt's Bees baby wash. It lasts a really long time and is even great one my kiddo with sensitive skin. And it smells great too!

  40. says

    Hey pretty girl…The Itz Bin Timer you can get it at Target, Amazon it is amazing Jennifer over at The Francis Family loves it too…you can set it to go off at feedings, put in when they last went to the bathroom etc., you will love this thing….also the Angel Monitor pad to put under the mattress to monitor there breathing and let you have peace of mind about SIDS is a big love product for me, oh and pampers diapers I found were best, we tried huggies but they were so rough and leaked more, my friend uses and they ship to her door and she loves that lol, also the nap nanny you will love, Baby Bjorn a must I loved that thing you will too especially with twins you can put one in that that you are holding and one in the baby seat on the buggy when shopping, pampers wipes are the bomb when they are babies and then huggies for the big messes as toddlers LOL….Dr. Brown's bottles to prevent colic or Vent-Air Bottles love them….


  41. says

    One thing that I received as a gift for my little guy (now almost 1 year old) that I now buy all new mom's is the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper.

    It doesn't look like much or it would be that helpful, but it is WONDERFUL! Check it out!

  42. says

    As many others have already mentioned, don't waste time or money on the bottle warmer. I think we used ours for a week or so, and then just used a microwave or hot water. Also, as others have mentioned, wait until you know whether the breastfeeding will work before buying bottles. At first, the ones that are pump-to-feed are good for now because you just screw on a nipple and are good to go. Loved my Medela pump.
    Here is a list of a few must haves:

    1. A good rocking chair. My dad bought ours for us, and it's the most expensive peice of furniture we own…also the best!!
    2. Blankee from They are by FAR the softest and best made blankees. They make a smaller version, too, for when they get attached and start walking. My son is 4 and still won't leave home w/o his!
    3. Butt Paste and Johnson's Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder (in combination, it will get rid of diaper rash very quickly AND you can put the cornstarch in the bathtub to help with diaper rash)
    4. Swaddle Me blankees. My son was swaddled until almost 6 months. Helped him sleep SO much more soundly.
    5. New for my 2nd baby, I bought the Breathable Bumper for the crib instead of a traditional bumper. I was never super nervous with my first child about the bumper being safe, but this time, for some reason I was. You can get them at Babies'r'us or
    6. Another new thing for the 2nd baby is the Puj Tub. It's a flexible material that you fit into the sink for bath time. It's slip proof, and around $35 at or online. Can't say how it works just yet, but it's definitely easier to store than a great big plastic tub.

    Good luck with all your finds. Registering is so fun! And there will be things you personally will not care for using, and others you can't live without! :)

  43. says

    Wow you got tons of help! I was going to do a post on this subject next week for tips and ticks tuesdays for moms. I can email it to you. Can I link this post up since it has tons of info?

  44. says

    No little ones of my own yet but I've been a nanny for a little guy since he was 2.5 months so here's my insight :)

    We used Born Free bottles and I didn't love how many pieces they were, how they are yellow plastic because it looks gross (they are better BPA free options in my opinion), and how after a while the parts don't seem to get clean anymore. That said, we NEVER had a problem with spit up except the one time trying out the bottle that came with the Medela breast pump instead, so I guess they work well! Honestly it seems like the Playtex drop-ins would be the most convenient with two babies, all you have to wash/sanitize is the nipples for the most part.

    I love the Medela microwave steam bags for sanitizing bottles/pacifiers/pump accessories. We have a bottle sanitizer and it's never been used! 

    C used Swaddle Me blankets until he was almost too big to fit in them and they worked awesome. 

    I would definitely recommend a video monitor. It was awesome to have during sleep training because it was easier to let him cry knowing he wasn't hurt or trapped. Also helped to give peace of mind when he decided to start sleeping on his tummy. We have a Nubi handheld version which works pretty well but the batteries die VERY quickly so it's not that great to walk around with, better plugged in. The camera unit also isn't ideal, it doesn't really attach to the wall so once C got big enough to grab it off the side of the crib we put it on a nearby shelf and now it only offers a partial view. I would shop around and read online reviews if you are considering one.

    When he was younger he loved his Whoozit toy, pretty much the only thing that kept him entertained before he could hold toys.

    Baby Einstein DVDs were also a lifesaver. He was a terribly fussy baby until he was around four months old and Baby Mozart always bought 30 minutes of quiet :)

    Don't wait until they are eating solids to unpack the high chairs! The one C has (Fisher Price Healthy Care Rainforest) came with toys and he would sit there happily and listen to the music while I did things in the kitchen. Most now recline and have a five point harness so you can use them sooner rather than later and get more use out of them.

    We used the Snap and Go stroller with his carseat for quite a few months (until he wanted to be sitting up and looking around). He loved being in his carseat/stroller and took most of his naps there before we discovered the Swaddle Me. I believe they have double Snap and Gos as well. They aren't the easiest thing to maneuver however. We now use a Kolcraft Contours stroller which comes with a carseat attachment (and there is a double version!), this would work even better than the Snap and Go because it is SO easy to push but basically the same concept!

    C hated his bouncer and swing so I would definitely wait and see what the twins think of the hand me down swing to know whether it's worth purchasing a new expensive one.

    The California Baby soap was great at first but once C started getting more active and sweaty, it didn't seem to get him clean enough or smelling good again. I'd go with something else that's natural but also works better as soap!

    And from previously working at a daycare for a few years, the most effective diaper cream I've seen is Triple Paste. It is expensive but it works so well. In second place would be mixing Desitin and Boudreaux's. I have no idea why it works but a parent googled it and told us about it, and it does seem to be more effective than either alone!

    Sorry that was super long, I hope some of it is helpful!

  45. says

    I am a mom of twins and I highly suggest the double snap n gp stroller to put their carseats in at first it folds up very small and is easier to use with carseats. Nap nannies are also a great product. Bottle warmer. Boppy pillows for lying them in and tummy time. Ultimate crib sheet. Wubbanubs. Ergo carrier. And go ahead and register for the next carseats they will need after the infant seats because that way you will have them and wont have to turn around and spend 600 in a year. We love the britax marathon.

    Do NOT buy a breast pump. For twns it is much better to rent the medela symphony from the hospital or a pharmacy. It is a ton more efficient and will save u a ton of time.

  46. says

    When I was pregnant with twins, I had the hardest time deciding what we needed two of and what we only needed one of, so here is my input!

    Things that you will need two of:
    **boppys (when I was feeding alone, I would sit on the floor/couch with a boppy and baby on either side of me…much easier and quicker than feeding one baby at a time!)
    **swings (some babies don't like them, but mine did and I was so thankful to have two…we had the fisher price lamb one that would front to back or side to side…LOVED it)
    **bouncy seats (these were great because they were portable! I would move them to the bathroom when I showered so I could see them as they slept or great for sitting outside on the porch)

    We got a jumperoo and an exersaucer so that they would have a little variety once they were old enough to play in them….one loved the jumperoo and one loved the exersaucer!!

    We got two Chicco highchairs but two of them took up SO MUCH space in our kitchen. If I have any more kids, I am getting the kind that you can attach to a table/bar…they take up less space and are portable!

    Other Favorites:
    Maxi Cosi Mico Infant seats/Priori Convertible seats
    Avent bottles
    MAM pacis
    Pampers swaddlers/cruisers
    Huggies wipes
    Aveeno bath wash
    Baby Magic lotion
    bottle sterilizer (much quicker than waiting on a dishwasher…I still use it to sterilize pacis)
    Pampered Chef pitcher with the stirrer thing (I would make a pitcher of formula and fill bottles for the whole day instead of doing them individually)

    And I am sure I have forgotten something!!!

  47. says

    I've done a few review posts so I added them to your linky!

    As for diapers, we do cloth and love it! I know it can seem overwhelming for a new mom…but with twins you could really save a boat load over buying disposables. Shoot me an email if you'd ever want more details!

  48. says

    You've gotten a lot of good suggestions and you'll figure out what works for you and your family soon enough….but my one "best baby product" would have to be the:

    Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

    It's usually around $25 and can easily be cleaned (or hosed off!), it's lightweight and straps on to any chair in your house.

    We hated other highchairs, but both of my kids have used the booster seat happily…and we even keep one in the car because it fold down and has a carrying strap. It's great for those times when you're visiting with friends and don't know if there will be a place to feed the baby.

  49. says

    I do Amazon mom for diapers and wipes. I wish that I would have known about this with my first baby! It's nice having the diapers show up at my door step every month or every other month on the wipes.

  50. says

    I would suggest the swaddlers that have a "pocket" for the baby and velcro. This was life saver with our daughter and so much easier than swaddling with a receiving blanket. I also suggest the Space Saver high chairs that hook right on to a chair the still tilt and recline and save so much space! Good luck to you!

  51. says

    Great idea!

    My favorite things:

    1. The miracle blanket, best swaddling blanket, we call it the baby straight jacket

    2. Dr. Browns bottles, love them!

    3. Video Monitor…it was great being able to see that some of those crying fits are just that, gives you piece of mind

    4. I never used my jeep carrier but I wish that I had in hindsight

    5. Mylocin gas drops

    6. a good cool mist humidifier (sp), great for when they get stuffy nose

    There are so many things but you sort of learn as you go!
    Good Luck!

  52. says

    My daughter is 25 weeks pregnant with her second daughter. She has a few items she says she could not survive without. The book the happiest baby on the block. Ana and Anis gauze swaddlers. Itzbeen timer, she breastfed her first daughter for a year, exclusively. The timer was great for when she was tired and just couldn't remember what side she started on and for how long the baby nursed (there are aps for the iphone, too). Cloth diapers for burp cloths. and lastly the Graco sweet peace swing.

  53. says

    We're only a week in, but I have a couple favorites…both involving swaddling:

    Aden and Anais blankets and the Summer SwaddleMe. Both are fantastic!

  54. says

    I have 2 kids, 3 year old son and a 20 month old daughter.

    We found that Huggies Snug & Dry were the only disposable diaper we could find for our son that would not leak every other diaper!! For our daughter we started off with Huggies, but have switched recently to Luvs – cheaper and they work great for her.

    As far as other baby products, we liked Avent bottles and pacifiers, white noise machines (a MUST in our house), swaddling blankets, and sight & sound monitor.

    Things we never used were a bottle sterilizer (seriously at 2 in the morning soap & water work just fine), and a boppy (but I think we were the exception).

    I will say to you, if you are going to nurse – GET A GOOD, COMFORTABLE NURSING BRA!!! Also, use disposable nursing pads as opposed to those Lily Pad ones. . . seriously, your boobs will thank you a 1000X over. :)

  55. says

    You will be overwhelmed with recommendations, so just remember that what works for your twinkies (I love that you call them that) may be totally different than what the "majority" says! We prefer the Costco brand diapers (Kirkland) though use Pampers BabyDry for overnight. We used the Avent bottles but I've heard Dr. Brown's are what work for kids with reflux or colic. Bouncy seats a must have, especially those that vibrate. Car seat was the Chicco KeyFit 30 that went with their stroller (travel system), but my son is almost 21 months old and not even 30 lbs. yet, and we switched over to the convertible carseat at 10 months old and about 18 pounds. Unlikely you'll be carrying a 30 pounder in an infant car seat, so go with the Keyfit 22. Make sure you put on your registry "GIFT CARDS WELCOME!" Seriously, when I buy a baby gift after a new baby is born for friends, I always include a gift card. I might include an inexpensive outfit/toy, but in all honesty, you will get plenty of that stuff too. I was so appreciative of all the gift cards that I received at my shower as well as after Tommy's arrival. They came in handy to buy diapers, the swing (which we were on the fence about as I'd heard of people whose kids HATED them), refills on disposable garbage bags, and most importantly, the Diaper Champ. Some people like those things and others don't. I'd read more things that said they weren't worth it because they don't keep the smell out totally. My friends who used them thought I was crazy. So I bought one with a gift card, caving to peer pressure. I have NEVER regretted that purchase. There is NO smell in our son's room with the Diaper Champ. Or perhaps I'm immune to it. But I ask people who come over if they can smell anything, and they swear they can't. I chose it over the Diaper Genie b/c you can use regular trash bags and not have to buy the special ones that go in the DG. Weird that I'm that passionate about my Diaper Champ, huh? But I admit I thought it was one of those unnecessary items. And for some it might be, but we are very pleased with it. Good Luck!

  56. says

    I added my blog post I made about our favorite things that we "can't live without". I use Amazon Prime and get free 2-day shipping on almost anything, that way it saves me time not having to leave the house. I also use a lot, too!

  57. says

    I love Playtex bottles and pacifiers. I have used them with all 3 of my kids. I nursed all 3 of mine and it was so easy to store milk in the bags (either the Playtex bags or Medela pump & save bags) and then drop them in the bottles. Recently with Colton, I got "The First Years Milk Storage Organizer" from Target and it was worth it also.

    I recommend getting one of these: "Playtex Fridge To Go Bottle Tote" and some of those ice packs.

    Get a nursing cover if you plan to nurse in public. *Well unless you aren't shy, lol.* I always used a recieving blanket with my frist 2 (12 and 10 years old now) but I loved having a cover for Colton (15.5 months). I was also fine with using disposable nursing pads, I used "Johnson's Nursing Pads".

    If you are going to nurse and you need to pump, PLEASE get a Medela pump. Seriously, it is the best!

    To me this is by far the best diaper pail: "Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail" (Target). I never ever used one for my first 2 but I seriously couldn't have lived without this for Colton. I never smell the dirty diapers in my house.

    I used Hyland's teething tablets when they started teething. Get one of those mesh feeding things that look like a pacifier. Colton loved his. You can put fruit, etc in it when they are a bit older.

    I've always used Pampers diapers and the unscented Pampers wipes. I loved Boudreaux's butt paste for diaper rash.

    Get one of those cheap nasal things. Sometimes they give them to you at the hospital.

    I loved gowns for my kids to sleep in the first 6 weeks, so much easier in the middle of the night. And I liked using the thicker Gerber cloth diapers for burp cloths.

    Oh register for a good big stroller and also a lightweight one for when the twins are a little older.

    I can't think of anything else. I hope this was somewhat helpful.

  58. says

    Though it has been a while for me, my twins are 17, I am still a preschool teacher and Nanny so I try to keep up with what is popular. The first thing that I KNOW we loved was the swing. I know there are lots of them out there and they are all great- batteries work the best. A little CD player/sound machine for the bedroom is also a must have. It blocks out all of the background noise and allows you to not cringe when the phone rings…the doorbell…the dog barks. And after a little bit, the jumperoo or johnny jumper is wonderful. Mine would bouce until they fell asleep. So cute! I'm so happy for you and I'm praying for healthy happy babies!

  59. says

    oh I saw some comments about bath tubs so I had to post…
    I used the cheap one from Walmart. It is blue with yellow and it fits in the sink and also folds up on both sides for easy storage. I used it for all 3 of my kids. Much easier on your back standing at the kitchen sink to bathe your baby(ies) then bending over the big bathtub.

    I never used a wipe warmer.

    I never used one of those bottle warmers. I just used warm water running into a coffee cup with the bottle sitting inside of it.

  60. says

    I am a nanny for twins, and their mom has a blog with her favorite things, so I posted a link for you! Good luck navigating through everything!

    I started with this family when the girls were 4 months old, and in my experience, the lifesavers have been:
    miracle blankets, bouncers, and Dr. Brown's formula pitcher! This is a recommendation but a warning, stay away from the Chicco poly highchairs, they have 1 million nooks and crannies and you will spend half your day cleaning them!

    Good luck and have fun registering!

  61. says

    I didn't read through all of the comments but definitely a baby monitor with video! That way you can check on them without risking waking them up!

  62. says

    Get a swaddle blanket. That thing saved our lives. We used Avent bottles and they worked great. And Avent pacis. We also found that Huggies diapers work better for little boys (our son peed out the side of his Pampers – and we heard this same thing happened with others who had boys). And, if you are planning to breast feed and pump (and you'll have to pump with twins!), I highly recommend getting a Medela breast pump. Maybe even a hospital grade one. You get what you pay for with pumps so it goes a long way to pay a little more!
    Good luck with your little ones!

  63. says

    I am a new momma to an eight week old. However, for Corah there are two things we couldn't live without. Our favorite product is the Summer Swaddleme Blankets. Corah actually fights us when we put her in the the blanket. But, she calms down quicker when she is in one. She also stays asleep longer. (We also like the swaddle pod and the swaddle sleep sack, but the swaddleme is the best.)

    We also couldn't live with out the Moby Wrap. Corah is a singleton and I am not sure how it would work with twins. BUT! She loves it. She falls asleep almost instantly in the Moby. Ours is black…but in retrospect I should have selected a lighter color for the summer time.

  64. says

    Hi Hun!

    My only suggestion is a very serious one… Please DO NOT get, nor use, a "Bumbo Baby Seat"! I have warned all of my friends about this and want to let anyone else I can, know about it.

    I've read and investigated a lot on this product and it is awful for infants! Firstly, they have had many recalls due to the seat flipping backwards whenever the baby moves around too much, which has resulted in serious injuries, and even brain damage caused. Also, they are not good for infant's joints, muscles and posture! The Bumbo seat restricts the infant to where their muscles are not gaining the strength they need to learn to sit up on their own. The Bumbo Seat is also only for infants under 3 month, but their is a reason why infants that age do not sit up on their own; they haven't yet developed all their muscle strength to do so, and thus inhibiting them from being able to at the right age.

    My sister's good friend used one for her daughter almost 3 months during infancy. Her daughter is now 19 months and not walking. Their Doctor is doing some physical therapy to help her muscle gain more strength.

    Please Google on this subject, there is a lot of info on it. I just want to share this with anyone else I can.

    I'm so excited for you!
    God Bless You :)

  65. says

    I really think that Amazon Mom is the ONLY way to buy diapers. They are considerably cheaper and when you're busy with a little one its just nice to have one less errand to run!

  66. says

    Miracle Blanket
    Dr. Brown bottles
    wipes warmer
    Kirkland wipes (Costco brand)
    Aveeno body wash & shampoo
    Fisher Price swing
    Carters gowns
    Diaper genie pail
    tons of burp cloths

  67. says

    We love Target diapers :) They are taller in the back and contain a ton! some stores don't carry the smaller sizes, so if your doesn't, the second favorite diaper in this house is Luvs. I can't afford Pampers and Huggies, so these have worked very well for us. Haven't tried a diaper service or cloth diapers yet!

    Stick with Graco carseats.

    Drop in liners are great for babies with reflux issues :/

    Register for diapers and wipes, in big sizes too :)

    You won't use baby towels or washcloths.

    Just a thought I had about swaddling baby…I read a couple comments about how great it is. I swaddled all 3 of mine when they were little bitty–up to 8 weeks maybe? maybe less? I would recomend NOT swaddling for too long because (as I have read) they DO get used to it and they won't be able to sleep without it. For sleeping, get them into a routine that works well for you and Brent. And hey, that's just my two cents :) Swaddle till their 3 if you want. lol

  68. says

    My daughter LOVED to be swaddled. And when I say LOVED I mean she was swaddled up until about 7 months or so when SHE decided she was done. So that being said, I love the Summer brand swaddle blanket. Wal-mart and Babies R' Us sells them. They were a life saver…just don't dry them because they do shrink.
    As far as toddler carseats are concerned (because they will be growing out of their baby seats before you know it) I am a carseat Nazi! My favorite is the Sunshine Kids Radian XTsl. We bought one for each car and are so happy with the purchase. They are spendy but are top of the line in safety. They are thin so you can put 3 seats in a row in a small car. They rear face to 45 lbs (HUGE!! and very important but that's a whole nother story) and forward face to 80 lbs 5 pt harness!! We went with this one because the height limit is very large, my daughter is tall so she will out grow it in height before weight but it should last her until she is out of carseats.
    If you need to buy formula, we just bought the store brand from Costco and Target, if you think about it, everything has to go through inspection and be FDA approved before it is sent out so it is just as good as the expensive formula. :)
    Speaking of feeding, if you have a spitty baby, like mine, we didn't but the AR formula, just the regular and mixed it with our own rice cereal. We just bought rice cereal and blended it down to a fine powder and added as we needed. It helped tremendously and she was happy and full for a long time.
    Hope you can use this information…sorry it is so long.

  69. says

    One other things. Diaper pails do NOT work. If you wanna keep the stink out, keep the diaper out :) We bag each of the dirties up right away, and toss in the outside trash. In the cold months (u are lucky to be due in September) you can sit them just outside on the step (if u want) until the end of the day and pitch them all at the same time. They freeze outside :) And dollar tree sells tiny bags in packs of one hundred for, you guessed it, $1. Just what we do. We tried two different types of pails and neither kept the stink out.

  70. says

    I'm sure others have said jumperoo, but I want to second that. And maybe you need two. And two bouncers. I don't think it matters which kind. A sound machine for their nursery will help for naps. Both my kids sleep much better with them. We never used a bathtub, just the foam thing you lay on the bottom of the tub. Good luck! And congratulations!

  71. says

    I am not sure if this has already been mentioned or not, but we cloth diaper and LOVE it… they are just as easy to use as disposables, and especially with multiples I can't imagine how much money you'd save.

    Also Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. Even if they don't like to be swaddled, they are still the best blanket in my opinion!

    Lastly, spend the extra money and get a great breast pump, Medela brand is amazing!

  72. says

    I'm an "almost" Mom of multiples – I've nannies for twin boys for the past three years since they were just a few weeks old. Some of the things that were the most helpful in the early days were having two play mats for them to each have their own to lay and look up at, and two boppies. We would prop their heads up with the boppy for tummy time and let them look at each other. They LOVED that! The first giggles we got were while they were looking at each other – so cute!
    I'm expecting my first this fall and someone gave me the book "Baby Bargains". It is an awesome book that talks about everything you'll need and how much, and then reviews the products for you! They talk about things that are important to consider when looking at an item, and things that manufactures will tell you are important but aren't, which has been really helpful. I highly recommend picking it up!
    Best of luck to you and these sweet babies! You're house is going to get a massive dose of cuteness!! :)

  73. says

    Do you have a Costco near you? We joined this summer just for diapers and wipes…great deal and great quality! We also buy similac there now.

    I love, love, love the halo sleep sacks! Grayson never liked being swaddled so we used these almost from the start. We love them and he sleeps great in them! Also, as a dog owner, we use a sound machine to drown out any barking and playing:)

    Here is the link to my old post on baby must-haves:

  74. says

    Oh, a few more I thought of :)
    *A sound machine is a must!! They have to get used to the other making some noise, but having the noise machine helped them to not wake each other up with just little squeaks and stuff. We still use it now for nap because it is so great!
    *You might have an easier time keeping things straight because they are B/G twins, but we picked one of the boys to be the "notched" baby – everything that was his had a little notch in it, like his nuks and his bottle nipples. It was just on the edge and looked like a little triangle cut into them. It helped SO much to have something visual when we were so tired, and it was easy to have any other care takers remember as well.

  75. says

    – a water bottle with a straw so you can drink with no hands
    -a notebook for keeping track of diaper changes, feedings, sleepings, questions
    -medela tender care lanolin if you are BF….a MUST HAVE

  76. says

    I have 3 kids and worked in a nursery taking care of 10+ babies @ a time- so I got the multiples thing. Must have 2 swings! The plug in, back/forth, side/side kind is a must. As well as a MOBY wrap can hold 2 little babies at once- they'll sleep for ever & you get hands free snuggle time. A Jumperoo for a few months down the road will be priceless. In General- Pampers diapers, Huggies wipes, Mam pacifiers & Playtex Drop-in bottles (easy clean & they have 1 zillion different nipples- so you can find which baby likes)Plus Playtex makes a pump adapter to make it work with any breast pump & you can freeeze your mommy gold in a drop-in bag and pop it in a bottle when you're ready to use!
    Last but not least- instead of investing in a playpen- try getting a co-sleeper instead that will also convert to a playpen. We have the Arm's Reach Full Size- but we've used it w/ all 3 kids and my brother borrowed it for his 2 and it's still like brand new! The one thing I wouldn't want to be without during those LONG nights in the beginning.

  77. says

    I have one son who is 2.
    When he was a newborn to he became mobile I liked pampers swaddlers. Then once he became mobile I started using huggies little movers. I'm kind of OCD when it comes to his diaper. HA! I didn't like pampers once he got older because once he peed they sagged down to his knees. Even if it was one time.

    Bottles: I used Dr. Brown's but I breastfed 90% of the time so I very rarely used them.

    burpcloths: I loved using cloth diapers. They were my absolute favorite!

    diaper rash cream: Burt's bees. I also loved all their other baby products!

    Things I thought were a waste:
    wipe warmer
    diaper genie

    These are a few things that worked for us! You will find that what works for one person doesn't always work for the other. You are going to do great. You are already an amazing mom. I have a friend with twins I'll ask her to send you what worked for her.

    I didn't register for toddler things and wish I would have now that I look back. Super smart thing to do in my opinion!

  78. says

    Playtex Drop In Liner Bottles – few mins cleaning nipples each day instead of all of those bottle parts.

    Wipes Warmers – I have one in every room.

    Plug in Swing.

    Diaper Dekor Pail – My fav out of all the pails out there. Save plastic bags for stinky diapers and just toss them outside immediately.

    Order all Wipes,Diapers, and formula from Amazon mom. So much cheaper.

    A must for the 1 year+ age a portable DVD player :) Restaurant outings are so much more enjoyable.

    Never used:
    Any Baby carrier – had slings and Bjorn.

  79. says

    LOVE the Moby wrap and you can use it with twins! My son loved being in it and it keeps your baby snuggled so close.

    Pampers swaddlers diapers for infants. Then I have had much luck with Target brand Up&Up. That being said, my son pees a LOT in the night so I use Pampers cruisers with Dry Max for night time since he's been about 10 months.

    Our SAVIOR was the Miracle Blanket. I think you can only get it online. It was our best swaddle blanket by far. Our son was a preemie so he liked being swaddled and could get himself out of anything BUT this blanket. A MUST HAVE.

    Those are the first things that come to mind. Happy shopping!

  80. says

    I could give you ton of advice but what worked for our twins/family, may not work for yours.

    The number one thing that was a lifesaver was our E-Z 2 Nurse pillow. Breastfeeding two babies at the same time is such a time saver!

    We're using Dr Browns bottles and love them.

    We use Mam pacifiers and love them. These are the only ones they could keep in their mouths.

    We were given a ton of diapers so we don't use Amazon Mom or yet, but we will soon, I've heard great things. We love Pampers for our Boys, but I've hear Huggies works best for girls (although a friend of mine is switching her daughter back to Huggies.)

    And when they grow, (if you use Pampers) put them in size 2 Pampers, then size 2 Pampers Cruisers, then size 3 Pampers, size 3 Pampers Cruisers, etc. because Cruisers are a little bit bigger than regular Pampers without being as big as the next size up.

    The other item that I absolutely love is our Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleepers. They're easy to position next to the bed and if both babies are asleep, I'll pull the sleepers into the bathroom so I can shower.

    The Baby Bjorn is a lifesaver! I'll even put one of the twins in it when he's fussy but I need to get ready for work, I can soothe my baby but have my hands free for make-up/hair.

    We also went with the Graco Snugride 35. Britax are good, but very large. I actually got one and ended up selling it brand new as it didn't safely fit in my car.

    A book that I used a lot before buying anything was Baby Bargains – it doesn't have a lot of twin-specific info, but it goes into great detail about brands and I wanted to make sure we were getting good brands. It did recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini Double stroller, which we got and I love!

    We use only one swing, play gym, exerscauser at a time so I'd save yourself the money (and the space!) and only get one of those.

    You can always email me if you have any more questions, but like I said, these are the things that work for us.

  81. says

    Aden & Anais sleep sacks/blankets
    Snuzza Halo monitor-it clips on babie's diaper and detects whether they are breathing or not. We used this instead of our Angel Care. for diapers, best prices for sure.
    Moby Wrap-my daughter is 8 months and I still use it. You can also hold twins in it.

    Didn't Like:
    Mamaroo- I REALLY wanted to love this but my daughter didn't. I wish I would have gotten a regular swing instead.

  82. says

    I am due with baby #4 in September so I can definetly help you out!! from birth to about 6 mos/1 yr you will need:

    Bottles: Dr.Brown-for formula, Advent-for nursing and a
    Medela breast pump and nipple cream
    Lansinoh breast pads
    Wipes:unscented pampers or huggies
    Babywash:johnson johnson lavender bedtime bath
    Diaper cream:desitin

    plenty of recieving blankets
    a crib soother
    extra crib sheets(jersey material keeps cool/dry)
    car seat covers( to block wind,snow,rain etc in fall/winter months)

    best of luck!!!:)

  83. says

    Robezz kick proof socks they actually stay on, aden and anais swaddle blankets and sleep sacks, ergo, miracle blanket, baby legs, tie chair, some sort of wrap or sling and the fisher price rock and play sleeper. Also a awesome website for baby stuff they will feature most of the stuff i mentioned for at least half price or more and the shipping is crazy fast

  84. says

    1. Video Monitor (still use it with my three year old)
    2. Graco makes a large playpen which you can buy online. I loved it for my son and it might be even better for two babies because they can both fit in it. Unfortunately it only comes in primary colors, but if it kept him contained, I didn't care.
    3. Boppy
    4. Okay here's the thing I found with bottles. I bought all these expensive different types of bottles and then I found that my son prefered Gerber bottles to any other. Kind of funny and much cheaper.
    5. Pampers diapers – everything else leaked
    6. My son loved the swing and hated the bouncer. My niece loved the bouncer and hated the swing. (don't give up on either too soon)
    7. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't buy the full blown high chair, but I would instead buy the kind that fits in my kitchen chairs.

    I would say for the big purchases keep the receipts if at all possible. First, most are under warranty so if they break you may need to make some returns. Second if you are given or purchase a bouncer (for example) and they hate it you can return it. Which I ended up doing.

  85. says

    I posted a link to my Top 10 newborn essentials but here are a few more of my favorites:

    1.) Born Free bottles
    2.) Huggies wipes (they are thicker than other brands)
    3.) Pampers or Luvs diapers
    4.) Angelcare monitor – This is probably my favorite baby product

  86. says

    Sorry I thought of something else!

    I wouldn't get a diaper genie! My sister had 5 babies in 6.5 years so by the fifth they didn't have time to mess with a diaper genie, instead they just put the poop diapers in ziplocs! At first when they are newborns this might seem pretty environmentally unfriendly but once they move out of that stage they usually only poop once or twice a day. A good alternative to taking each diaper out to the dumpster and since they are truly air tight you don't smell anything! The baby I nanny for has the most expensive diaper genie there is and it still emits a cloud of poop smell when you open it to put the diaper in! Plus it uses lots of bags because you want to change it often since it smells so bad and you have to tie knots at the bottom and top, wasting those expensive liners! And it's hard not to gag when changing it…
    And I definitely do not recommend the diaper genie that requires you to squeeze/press the diaper through the tight opening. Seriously who wants to be squeezing dirty diapers, and why did the makers not realize this? Haha

  87. says

    I am not even close to an expert, but I like to think I am a fairly cost mindful person, so here are a couple of things that I found to be life savers.

    DO NOT get a diaper genie. Purchase a diaper pal – they have them at target. They take regular trash bags, so you will save a ton not buying the diaper genie refills. I have some people that think the diaper pals are gross, but those first few months when they basically have poop every change it is nice to toss it in there and just change the bag out every few days. I would imagine with twins this would be a neccesity.

    I also loved swaddle blankets with the velcroe. I found mine at Toys R Us, and thought they were worth the extra money.

    I settled on Pampers diapers, but in the beggining he would pee out of every diaper. I am not sure if it was a boy thing, but we tried every kind and it always happened. It finally stopped after a few weeks, so don't get discouraged if it happens.

    I also borrowed a breast pump from a friend and just purchased a new kit for it and that saved a ton. I did not want to incur the expense if I was unable to breast feed.

    Hope these help and feel free to email me with any questions:)

  88. says

    Hi! I am a mommy of twins myself! I HIGHLY suggest that you get a side by side stroller. I have a front to back and the twins don't like it. Even if we take turns the baby in the back just isn't happy!.. Also, swaddle blankets, Mylicon gas drops, gripe water, a musical/light up mobile, a a ton of bibs! I also suggest that you don't waste your time and money on a few things! Like, baby bath robes. Yeah they are cute but being a mom to newborn twins.. that is the last thing on your mind! Also, diaper genies have a lot of hype as well. I always forgot I had it… plus why waste money on extra bags when you can just throw it away! I will do a favortie things post and link you! :-)

  89. says

    I almost never comment on blogs but since I have four month old twins, I thought I'd add my two cents about equipment…first you will LOVE the bumbos. I didn't use it with my first, but with twins SO much easier. Also, Fisher Price Rock N Play sleepers – best child equipment I ever bought, seriously! It keeps them cradled and a little upright while they sleep. Also, I would use Amazon Mom for diapers and wipes – use their subscribe and save feature – saves time and money, both of which you will need with twins ; ) Praying for you all!

  90. says

    Hello there : ) Here's my 2 cents (for what it's worth my guy had extremely severe GERD, so Heaven forbid you rum into those issues I feel like these recomendations may help!)
    1. )AVENT bottles (we tried EVERYTHING! incl. tommee & Dr. B- These have been the best as far as not taking in air

    2. ) Boppy Pillow (I'm petite like you and the my brestfriend was way to big for me

    3. ) Pampers swaddlers (the new born & size 1's have a built in yellow stripe that turns green when the babe has tinkled…so so helpful at 1 am when you can barely see : )

    4.) Target diapers!!! From sz2 & up we have always used these & they are very reasonable & we have had no leakage issues at all!

    5. ) Nuk Paci's

    6. ) Desitin Creamy Diaper cream

    7.) Swaddle Me sleep sacs (but I've heard great things abt the woombie…

    8.) Fisher Price Ocean wonders soothe & glow Seahorse- they come in pink & blue : ) it plays 5min of classical music w/ a gentle night light that slowly fades…My guy loves it & I like how it slowly gets dimmer & more quiet

    9.) If you need to use formula- Good Start Gentle Plus is AMAZING! Our G.I. @ Mass Gen had us try alimentum, Neocate & Elecare (all very expensive Rx Formulas) and the Good Start has changed our lives!

    10.) A white noise machiene- Our is a $19 job from Target, it is by far a must have

    Good Luck registering! I did mine online b/c it was so much easier : )Deff avoid doing it on a Sat or Sun afternoon, BRU is insane then!!!

  91. says

    This might be a repeat of what others have said, but I don't have time to read 104 posts :)

    Playtex Ventaire bottles. We love them, and our nearly 8 month old daughter never had problems with them.

    DO NOT GET A DIAPER GENIE!! They stink (literally, they absorb smell or something). Get the Arm and Hammer diaper pail. It's got this little container to put baking soda in and in 8 months we've NEVER had ANY kind of aromas coming from ours :)

    HALO sleep sacks are a must.

    Booginhead pacifier clips. When baby spits out the binky it doesn't hit the floor. Plus, it's super convenient in the middle of the night/in the car/etc to be able to find it, because it can't go far when it's clipped to them!

  92. says

    I am sure you will get a million different opinions on what people like! I love the Breathable Baby Bumpers. The only reason I mention it is because I think a lot of mom's don't know they exist. Of course they are not as cute as traditional bumpers but pediatricians recommend against using those so I found these to be a great alternative. We tried going without a bumper but I got out of the shower one morning to find my precious boy had his chunky thigh stuck in between two crib slats and I actually struggled to get it dislodged. It broke my heart and I ordered the breathable bumper that same day! Some moms are comfortable using padded bumpers and that is totally respectable, I however was a little OCD about SIDS so this was a great alternative to me. Have fun registering, it's a blast!

  93. says

    I loved my fridge to go cooler pack. I still use with my 18 month old to keep milk cold. Loved my swaddle me blankets. Also a swing is a must have when you will need your hands free! Hope this helps a little. Resinol worked great for diaper rash but you have to get it from behind the counter at the pharmacy. Amy

  94. says

    *Kiddapatumus Swaddlers (summer brand now – I think Summer purchased Kiddapatamus)
    *Huggies Diapers (the only ones that worked through 8-12 hours of sleeping and didn't leak)
    Yes to Carrots baby wash and lotion (0rganic)
    *Read the books Baby Wise and the Happiest Baby on the Block – I used both book's techniques and had a baby sleeping at 4 weeks through the night. And goes to bed and naps almost instantly. I swear by routine, routine, ROUTINE!
    -I have a baby swing that was HEAVENLY when Addy was 4-6 months old. She hated it at first, but once it was on HIGH speed (yes, HIGH), it would help her sleep if she woke up in the middle of the night.
    – I have her baby swing – just sitting in my attic if you want it. FREE. It's not cheap, but not the most expensive either. Facebook me if you want it! (I'm not having any more babies….and I will end up donating it to Goodwill/Salvation Army if I can't give it away)

  95. says

    thank you so much for doing this post! i know it will help you out, but this is also going to help me out as well! praying for yall!! love your blog!!! :)

  96. says

    I have two children, boy and girl 13 mos apart and love these products: Nuk bottles and sippy cups for both of them ( not a lot of parts to clean, dont leak, do great in dishwasher!), targets brand of diapers are great AND cute – esp. their newborn size with little hearts that show up when they need a change, all natural teething tablets, and mylicon drops for gas. also,personalized "inchbug" nametags for around bottles and cups. these are the products that i couldnt live without!!

  97. says

    I have a 9 month old baby boy who was born at 35 weeks.
    NEVER used:
    bottle warmer, wipe warmer, ergo baby carrier (spent a lot of money on this and he didn't like it), bumpers on the beds are a no-no, didn't use the crib for at least 4 months

    MUST haves:
    1) Medela pump (esp. if you think the twins might come early). My son was a preemie and could not breastfeed immediately. SO glad I had this ready to go, so I could pump at home immediately.
    2) cloth diapers to use as burp cloths, etc.
    3) lots of blankets, esp. the swaddling ones
    4) Moby carrier I used when he was a couple of weeks old and it was the only thing that helped him calm down when he was colicky
    5) LOVE amazon mom and also the 2 day free shipping w/ my free amazon prime!
    6) white noise machine thing of some kind
    7) help from family to bring you dinners, make sure you are hydrated, give you breaks!
    8) comfy rocker

  98. says

    Things I loved:

    My sling. I had a Baby K'tan and it does have a position for twins. I didn't have twins but loved the sling. Didn't hurt my back and was comfortable and easy to use.

    Britax convertible car seats. I feel like they are some of the safest most comfortable seats for the kids. Mine rarely ever complain about the Britax. Unfortunately, they are also rather large so harder to fit in small vehicles. Installation is a breeze though.

    Knickernappies one-size diapers. They are cloth diapers and I loved them. I would recommend trying them if you are thinking of using cloth diapers.

    The regular flat cloth diapers for spit rags. You can find them with designs on them specifically for this purpose and they were wonderful. Much more absorbent than other burp cloths.

    The Jumperoo. My last two babies absolutely loved it. We had the rainforest one from fisher price but honestly any stationary jumper like that would probably work. They jumped like crazy in it and would giggle. It was fabulous.

    I know you said you got a stroller but we love our McLaren. It's an umbrella stroller but it reclines and we rarely have an issue using it anywhere.

    My husband loves the Ergo baby carriers we have. He still uses them for our 2 yr old.

    The Woombie. It's a sleep sack without arms so they feel contained like when they are swaddled. It has different materials to choose from and allows for some movement. It's suppose to mimic being in utero. It also has a number of sizes for the growing baby.

    If the twins are born early and end up weighing less than 5 pounds, you may want car seats that are approved for use in babies less than 5 pounds. The Chicco car seats are for 4 lbs and up I believe.

    If you decided to use pacifiers. Search for gumdrop pacifiers made by Hawaiian medical. They are all one piece and shaped like a standard bottle nipple so that they suck the way they are suppose to and they don't represent a choking hazard. Hospitals usually use the gumdrop ones or the Soothie pacifiers. The gumdrop ones are easier for them to keep in though.

  99. says

    ~I love my "Mommy Hook" it is a life saver with your heavy diaper bag and purse etc..
    ~Also for when they are older. I love the "sippy cup strap" It attaches to anything and prevents them from throwing their cups or bottles on the ground. "MAM" passys, they stay in the babies mouth so well,
    Hope that helps and so happy for you both!!!!

  100. says

    Bath Time – Squishy Knee Pad, and Squisky Elbow Pad so you are not in pain when you bathing your darlings. I got mine at OneStepAhead but they don't carry the exact one anymore.
    Bottles – We loved the Avent bottles, but to each his own, some people hated them.
    Sippy Cups – Nalgene Sippy Cups, cute as can be and don't look super baby-like.
    Water Proof Pads – Crib Size, layer them on top of the water proof mattress pad, so that crib accidents just hit that pad and you don't have to strip the whole bed.
    Diapers: Costco or Amazon Mom seems to be the best deal. And I have friends who have used Amazon Mom, used coupons and gotten a crazy amount of diapers for super cheap, grab the coupons out of the magazines at your OB's office.
    Diaper Cream: Triple Paste – serious business diaper cream, never let me down, but a small fortune.
    Long Sleeve White Onesie – perfect for layering cute t-shirts so you don't have to stick to the warmer months and can create a stylish outfit.
    Wipes – LOVE the Costco Wipes, and love Huggies Wipes.
    Shampoo – Paul Mitchell Kids

  101. says

    My all time favorite thing was our Baby Bjorn carrier. It's versatile and lasts a long time since you can start with the baby facing you when they're an infant and then when they get too big for that you face them outward. My little boy always LOVED it.

  102. says

    Hey – I am a mommy to 11 month old twins (Jake & Georgia) and a 4 year old (Summer). I am so excited for you, you are in for the time of your life! ;o) It really is so much fun. Anyway about the must haves ….

    You HAVE to have TWO swings and TWO bouncy seats. All three of my babies loved these two items and without them, I'm not sure what I would have done ecspecially with the twins. I still had the Fisher Price Aquarium Swing from my oldest and bought a matching one on craigslist. Same with the bouncy seats. I don't think it matters what kind you just NEED 2!!
    The babies (twins) slept in the swings for the first couple of months and napped in them until they were 6 months old. They both preferred these two things and if I did not have 2 I would have been in big trouble!!

    I also love my sound machine. I still use it. I just have a cheap one from WalMart and I keep it on the static mode on low while the babies are sleeping.

    Cool Mist Humidifier, I would go ahead and have one on hand. We use ours ALOT!

    All of my babies have had sensitive skin and I use nothing but Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I also use Resinol for diaper rashes. It use to require a prescription but is sold over the counter now, you may still have to ask your pharmacist for it though. I swear by it!

    Oh and another thing that I have just recently realized I needed two of, were highchairs. One worked until they started eating finger foods and now when they see the other one eating they want to eat also. I ditched the big highchair and got the kind that hook onto the kitchen chairs. They are so easy to use and easy to take with you when you are on the go (I got the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Healthy Care Booster x2)

    I had lots of gender neutral day gowns for when they are really little. In those first couple of months it makes it so much easier to just grab a gown instead of having to make sure it is pink or blue. (Ecspecially on those late nights)

    One more thing. I was not going to get two baby bathtubs I was just going to use the one that I already had but as a gift we received 2 of the Summer Infant Mother's Touch Deluxe Baby Bathers and I love them. You can position both of them in the bathtub at the same time and it cuts down on bathtime and you will appreciate that, I promise!!

    That is all I can think of at the moment but if I think of something else I will let you know. Also, if you ever want to know anything about anything I would love to help!!


  103. says

    This is fun to think back on what we did and didn't use…

    DID USE:
    -Dr. Brown's Bottles
    -Target Brand Diapers,Wipes & Formula (seriously…the money we saved here is rediculous)
    -Fisher Price Glowing Seahorse (I don't know what it is about this thing, but my little girl loved having it in her crib at night and I've heard the same from several other mommies)
    -Woombie (if your baby likes to be swaddled)
    -Sleep gowns (ah, the ease of late night diaper changes)
    -Primo Bathtub (much more room to grow than most of the other infant tubs)

    -Wipe Warmer
    -Bottle Sterilizer

  104. says

    Oh! One more thing…a breathable bumper is a wonderful thing! I wanted everything to match in my daughters room and when I read and heard about the increased risk of SIDS with the use of bumpers. We found ours at Babies R' Us! They come in several different colors so your can cooridinate accordingly. You could probably even dye them the color you want if you like :) Hope that helps!

  105. says

    Registering can be SO overwhelming!! I used the Baby Bargains book to narrow down the brands I wanted to buy for all of the various things and then when we went to the store I only had to concern myself with colors and patterns – I think it really helped me keep my sanity!! Good luck with everything and a few of our absolute faves, in addition to the ones I linked above – are our Dr. Brown's bottles and California Baby everything (body wash, sun screen, calendula cream, diaper rash cream, and bug repellant).

    SO excited for you guys:)

  106. says

    The best baby item I have that I couldn't live without is my baby video monitor. There is a button on the top that you can push and see what your baby or babies are doing at all times. It gave me comfort at all times to be able to click and see what was going on in there (you can see everything even in the pitch black). I got mine from and its called Summer infant day and night and it was way cheaper than Babies R Us. Good luck with your registering! Have fun momma:)

  107. says

    Love this post. Even though I am probably finished having babies, I love to read about baby gear. I linked up with my ideas!

  108. says

    I live in rural Texas and shop for their variety on everything from diapers to baby food to nursing supplies. Target is 30 minutes away and with 3 babies it may as well be the other side of the world! I love

  109. says

    I have two older kids and I had a baby 4 months ago. Here is my list of must haves:

    (1) Boppy Lounger- Katie LOVES this thing. She likes to lay on it while we are talking to her. We have used it since day 1.

    (2) Fisher Price Snug a bunny Cradle Swing – It goes front to back and side to side. It also has an A/C plug in so it doesn't eat up the batteries.

    (3) Playtex Drop-Ins Bottle System – This is AWESOME! I love the sterilized drop-ins and i onl have to wash the nipples and the rings.

    (4) If you formula feed, i highly recommend the nusery water and the powdered formula. I just make up the bottles with the water already in it. Then i just put the formula in and shake it up. So much easier than trying to warm bottles.

    (5) Going along with #4, i would also recommend a formula dispenser. Its a little round container with a lid. IT has 3 compartments in it. I just measure out the formula and its ready when ever i need it. So Handy!!!

    (6) Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper – Katie has reflux so she has to sleep at an angle. This is the only item that is angled that is recommended for sleeping. Its inexpensive and its the BEST thing EVER!!!

    Good Luck and have fun picking everything out!

  110. says

    I can't help with the baby stuff but download XMarks to make sure all your browser bookmarks are kept. XMarks will also sync your bookmarks for multiple browsers. I hope that will save you some trouble in the future!

  111. says


    I am a mom to a 15 month old baby and this is what I used the most:

    Pampers Diapers (Baby Dry – they don't have the weird blue stuff)

    Huggies Wipes

    Summer's Infant Swaddle Me's – Saved my life, we swaddled from day home until 4 months

    Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet – so easy to travel with and took up much less space in our room for the first three months

    Medela Nipple Shields – Makes the early days of breast feeding easier.

    Bumbo – we still use it!

    Born Free Bottles – only ones that didn't leak

    Nuk Pacifiers – according to our dentist friends, best for teeth and palate!

    I always had two diaper bags in the beginning – one always in the car that had wipes, diapers, and a change of clothes, in case I forgot the real one, I wasn't with out

    Graco 23 Snug – infant car seat

    MaxiCosi – Convertible carseat

    What I never used:

    Swing – maybe for two weeks
    the 30 receiving blankets that we got
    Too many stuffed animals
    Infant toys – his fave thing to play with was an empty plastic water bottle with some rice in it!

    Hope it helps!

  112. says

    Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are wonderful! My 14 month old snuggles with his now, but we used them for swaddling the first few months.
    I would register for convertible carseats (we have Britax) and we loved Dr. Brown's bottles.
    Good luck!

  113. says

    My only baby tip is to go and have your carseats inspected/installed by your local police department, if you do anything your twins it should be this. 9 times out of 10 they are installed incorrectly and it can be a matter of life and death if you are in an accident!

  114. says

    This is my favorite convertible car seat…used it for my 12 year old, 10 year old and now my 15.5 month old.
    "Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat"

    I also forgot to mention the formula we used when I substituted breast milk. I liked Good Start in the purple container. My daughter (now 12) was kinda colic-y and this helped her a lot. And I just continued to use that brand for Zack and Colton too. Plus mylicon. I have never used "gripe water" but hear that it works good too.

  115. says

    I'm sure by now you have gotten a lot of great suggestions, but I thought I would add mine too. As a mom of twins, I thought I would have to get two of everything, but it isn't the case. Here's what I have found invaluable their first year.

    *ITZBEEN baby care timer

    *2 Bouncy seats (we used Bright Starts–it was extra plush!)

    *Extra thick burp rags

    *Aveeno Baby care products (super gentle)

    *2 diaper bags (a large one for longer trips out, and a smaller one for quick trips)

    I am sure there are more things, but this was my essential list for the 1st year!

  116. says

    Save yourself the hassle of doing all of the carseat research – it will come back to Britax w/the highest ratings every time – take my word for it – I spent DAYS on this! I bought 3 Britax car seats from – best prices hands down when they put them on sale (usually $100 off). I'm sure you know but just in case, NEVER buy a used car seat! Car seats are only good for 5 years and are trash after any accident. Also, Born Free bottles. They have glass and BPA free plastic – 2 sizes and interchangable parts. Really great for kids w/reflux like my little guy (smaller babies are more prone to reflux). The best part, I am still using them and he is 2 1/2 b/c you can swap out the nipples for sippy cup tops! Expensive up front but so worth it (oh, also way easier to clean than Dr. Browns although they are excellent bottles as well). My other tip – look online for MOMs groups (Mother of Multiples) in your area. They have awesome consignment sales as do a lot of large churches!

  117. says

    I have 3 1/2 year old identical twin boys and just wanted to share a few things that worked for us. We loved Dr. Brown bottles, but different bottles work well for different babies. I would recommend that you don't register for a whole bunch of one kind of bottle but a 3 pack of 2 or 3 different kinds of bottles. Go straight for the 8 oz bottles. You'll only need the 4 oz ones for a short time and then will have to go out and buy all new ones.

    We only had one swing. We didn't find a need for two. We decided we could just rotate babies. Turns out that neither one of my babies even liked the swing! I'd go with one for starters…

    We did, however, have both an exersaucer and a jumperoo. Yes, our living room was cluttered, but it was nice to put a boy in each and then switch. It gave us some peace to get other things done around the house.

    Boppy pillows! I didn't breastfeed, but used them to set the babies up so I could feed them both at the same time. I just put a very thin pillow over the top of each boppy, and placed a boppy on either side of me while sitting on the couch. The boys rested comfortably in the boppy without falling through (because of the pillow) and I was able to feed them both at the same time. I know that others have used two bouncy seats and sat on the floor to feed them, but the boppy pillows worked out much better for us! We only had once bouncy seat, anyway.

    For diapers, we bought Huggies at Costco for a long, long time and they worked fine for our boys. Then I discovered Target brand diapers. They were cheaper per diaper than anywhere else I looked and they did the trick in keeping in the mess.

    I know you don't know me and have lots of moms of multiples offering advice, but if you feel like you want to bounce something off of me, I'm there for you! Feel free to contact me… I'm great when it comes to convenience routes. Ha Ha.

  118. says

    Dr. Brown's bottles are wonderful. We tried all brands and off brands of diapers and the only ones that didn't leak were Pampers swaddlers. We love the arm and hammer diaper pail. An activity play gym is a must and so is a door way jumper. I have a skip hop baby bag and love it!

  119. says

    Hi, Meg. I am the mom to a 15-month old girl. After reading your post yesterday, I took some time to think about all the things that I thought we would need and actually used. One of the bes things that was ever given to me was a pacifier called a "WubbaNub". It's a pacifier with a soft, small stuffed animal attached to it. My daughter loved it! The animal was just the right size for her to grab and play with when when didn't want to suck on the paci. You can find them only line, or if you have one near you, a store Buy, Buy Baby (we just had one open here in Fresno, CA.

  120. says

    I am a mom of g/g twins.. here is my list

    Dr. Brown Bottles
    nuk paci
    swaddle blankets (kiddopatoumous)
    Aden & Anis blankets
    California Baby products
    Aveno Diaper Cream or Arbonne baby Products
    sound machine Hometics
    cradle swing
    Twin Double Blessing Breast Feeding Pillow (MUST if you breast feed twins) IF you plan to BF twins, contact me, I'll share some secrets! :)
    Pampers swaddlers and then LUVs at size 3
    Pampers sensitive wipes (way better than huggies which I think are rough on bottoms)
    UP & UP formula from Target, has all the same ingredients as Similac or Enfamil at HALF the price

    Never used: bottle sterilizes, tummy time mats, diaper champ, wipe warmer

  121. says

    Dr. Browns bottles all the way!! and if you decide to nurse tommee tippee are also great anti colic bottles, even though i prefer dr browns! and we use cloth diapers, please dont gasp about them, they are wonderful, easy, and save us so much money! This is a personal decision on your part but if you have any questions about how this works dont be afraid to email me. I would love to explain our experience with them :)

  122. says

    Hi megan~ Four weeks ago I gave birth to Boy/girl twins. They are in the nicu but I already have a few things that are a must have for me. If your hospital offers rent the medela symphony breast pump. It rocks. You can also buy a car adapter for long trips. I use mine in the car on the way to visit the babies in the nicu. I got the car adapter off of ebay. It was fairly inexpensive. The nicu uses aquaphor for their little bottoms. It works wonders. So far the babies have been using pampers diapers and I really like them. Good luck!!1 I loved reading everything as I am still getting stuff for my twins.

  123. says

    1. Swings- mamaroo (I loved, baby hated) Graco sweet peace (very user friendly), Plug in fisher price swing (LOVE)
    2. FP Little Lamb seat
    3. Space heater for bathtime
    4. 4 Moms cleanwater tub- keeps the water clean
    5. Bath Luve towel- keeps baby warm in bath
    6. Car seats- I had a Maxi Cosi when he was smaller, used the Graco Snugride 35 when he was bigger. Graco is way more user friendly
    7. Bumbo- only use it to feed baby 15 min a day, so I don’t know how that impairs muscle development
    8. Noodle and boo- smells like heaven and not cheap smelling like J&J
    9. Gowns- get a ton!
    10. Mommy Hook
    11. Sheet savers- have a ton of these
    12. Sleep sacks
    13.Gerber 6 ply diapers as burp cloths
    14. Mrs. Meyers baby detergent
    15. JJ Cole bundle me in the winter- a must
    16. Angel Dear lovey blankets
    17. FP Ocean Wonders crib soother
    18. Itzy Ritzy wet happened bag for soiled clothes when out & about
    19. Ah goo baby changing pad
    20. Book- Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child
    21. Aquaphor- I tried every diaper rash cream, this was the only cure
    22. Swaddle Designs Fleece blankets
    23. Aiden + Anais muslin blankets for summer- they are better than the SD ones, they don’t need ironing
    24. for diapers/ wipes

    Never used:
    -Breast friend (used a regular pillow)
    -Wipe warmer
    -Bottle warmer (put the milk bag in a cup of hot water to warm)
    -White noise- google “effects of white noise” and you might not want to use it.

    The next time around:
    -Nap nanny
    -K’tan wrap
    -FP rock and play sleeper
    -Frozen casserole shower in lieu of traditional shower
    -Boppy Lounger

  124. says

    Hi Megan! I enjoy reading your blog. I just linked up to a post I did about my favorite things. And the one thing I really wish I had from the beginning was the Fisher Price Rock& Play sleeper. It meets bassinet standards and is not flat….so it keeps them feeling like they are balled up a little more.

    Also- a new investment since our second….sound machines to drown out the extra noise for them. 😉

    Congratulations on your babies!

  125. says

    I used the Dr Brown bottles. They are a little more expensive, but I found they really worked the best at keeping cholic and gas issues at bay!

    I also loved loved loved my little bouncer. It worked perfect for when I was doing the laundry or wanted to take a shower. I could just strap her in and I new she would be safe. The vibrating device gave just enough movement to sooth her. It was a very sad day when she grew out of it!!

  126. says

    Using an Amazon Mom account has been our greatest choice. Doing the "subscribe and save" option is amazing. Items I could not live without: Pampers Swaddlers, Huggies thick wipes, Dr. Brown Bottles, Similac Sensitive, Nuk pacifiers, Aden and Anais burpy bips, many Swaddleme swaddles for bedtime and the first fussy few weeks, and a bouncer!!!! Let me stress the bouncer and the swaddle!

  127. says

    This is my 3rd baby and this is what worked for us….

    what to NOT get:
    -Wipes warmer
    -bottle sterilizer or warmer (under the water for a few seconds does the trick)
    -bassinett (just use the pack n' play), you use for such a small amount of time, would not waste the money
    -You will get TONS of blankets, WAY more than you could ever use!!!

    -You will get WAY too many size 0-3 clothes, try to exchange those for largers sizes. You will find that you will not get much of the bigger sizes, so exchange the tiny clothes when you can. Even without a receipt you can exchange at carters or target.
    -mobile- while it was very cute, did not do either of my kids any good.

    Must haves:
    -vibrating seat
    -jumparoo or exersaucer (after 4 months)
    -TONS of bibs
    -diaper genie (for us) was a lifesaver
    -really good diaper bag, I like the bigger the better. Especially if you have more than one child.
    -sophie the giraffe- toy
    -MOST important item was the medela pump in style breast pump (This allowed me to not give up on breast feeding given tons of difficulties).
    -nipple shield- this was A HUGE life saver for me, when nursing got painful, helped me keep going. Also nice if you are well endowed (as to not feel like your breast is going to over take baby's head).
    -good nursing bra and tanks (I LOVE the glamourmom tanks personally, especially the LONG ones).
    -Halo sleep sacks (you will need at least 3 for each size until they are a year old)
    -Dr. Browns bottles are the best EVER (these do have different size nipples for flow)
    -nuby toddler cups
    -Podee bottle-best invention ever- this is a bottle that baby can use to drink without holding. Must have if you have multiples
    -little side snap shirts (to use until belly button falls off), onesies will irritate it.
    -womb sounds- whether in a teddy bear or a cd player.
    -soother (waterfall or rainforest) both my kids loved this and used it until they were 3!!

    Diapers: I found with a boy huggies worked much better than pampers. With my girl either worked fine

  128. says

    I have an 18 month old. she took every nap and slept at night in a nap nanny until she was almost six months old. (We started using it about one month of age)… they are crazy expensive, but she had reflux and the incline really did work. I highly recommend this and I'm sorry you would need two!

    Amazon moms is the way to go for diapers and wipes, for sure. Subscribe to every parenting magazine you can (you can usually get these free or very cheap), they will often have amazon diaper coupons in them that you can stack with the 30% off. (and other coupons too…) Pampers are the best diapers in my view…

    Your babies will pick their own bottles, so the recommendation to try different ones is a good idea. Avent worked great for us with the relux, but they can have issues with leaking. The Avent pacifies are great.

    I agree with the boppy, bumbo, exersaucer, doorway jumper, swing, bouncy seat, baby gym. All of that. It seems crazy that you would need it all but its hard to know exactly what little Sloane / Knox will respond to and you will want things in different rooms. You don't have to have two of those things because you will swap it all up anyway. You might need two swings…

    Definitley video monitor. We have used our Summer version (with a 7 inch monitor and a handheld portable) daily and still using it now. Plan to use it to spy until she goes to college.

    The thing you MUST MUST MUST have, that I diden't see in the first 100 posts — GRIPE WATER. It is the absolute baby charmer for gas and tummy issues. There are different brands available, Little Tummies makes one, but look for Mommy's Bliss. That one does not have to be refrigerated after you open it, thus you can leave it in a diaper bag.

    Diaper pail: I bought a swing top large trash can and set it right outside the kitchen door in the garage. I use diaper bags and just take them out to the garage every few diapers. That way all the smell is outside — its just going to smell and its not worth having it in the house, if that is an option for you.

    Slings: please be careful as a lot of these have been recalled due to smothering and dropping of babies. I know this does not apply to the Baby bjorn or Moby.

    Definitely register for toddler stuff if you can, it will be there before you know it. Check consignment shops (do you have a Rhea Lana sale in your area?? those types of events can be great for bouncy seats, etc, especially if you need more than one…)

    don't forget books! And the crib aquariums are great great great.

    You are going to have so much fun!!! I sure wish you were closer to me so that I could sell you some used gear for Sloane!

  129. says

    Also, Johnson's products smell great but I'd highly recommend something without all the perfume, like Aveeno. And skip all baby powders. Get a shaker of some kind (I use a glass jar like you would see at a pizza place to shake cheese or pepper) and use plain Argo cornstarch as your powder. No perfume in it. And hopefully you won't have diaper rash, but we had a terrible run of it around 14 months. What cured ours was a wipe of Domeboro solution, followed with Mylanta (crazy), just wiped on with a cotton ball.

  130. says

    I swear this is my last comment: the nose sucker they give you in the hospital will be the ONLY ONE that will work. All the ones you buy, will not have the same suction. So see if you can snag an extra one or two :) And, for when the babies are bigger, check out the Boon frog for the bathtub toy storage. It is awesome. All the Boon products are great, and we have loved Sassy products as well.

  131. says

    I just posted a link to my blog to a post I wrote about one of my favorite items, the ITZBEEN timer. I also love the Aden & Anais blankets to nurse under (doesn't make you and the baby hot) and to use for swaddle, cover over in the car seat or stroller to keep the sun out or to use as a blanket.

  132. says

    Love this topic! My favorites:

    -Hospital nasal aspirator
    -regular adult noise machine
    -MOMS ON CALL!!!! They are lifesavers.
    -Aden and Anias swaddle blankets and bibs
    -video monitor
    -Tommy Tippee bibs
    -Boppy pillow
    -Swing, bouncy seat, excersauser
    -Baby Einstein DVDs for +4 months
    -Dr. Brown's bottles
    -Medela Freestyle breast pump – it is the BEST
    -Playtex sippy cups
    -Nursing tanks from Target
    -Graco 32 infant carseat and Britax marathon convertable carseat
    -DVD player for the car for long trips
    -I love Pampers baby dry diapers the best and Pampers or Costco brand wipes – Amazon Mom is the cheapest place for Pampers and it is SO nice to have them delivered to your door for free

    Good luck!

  133. says

    Pedia Bear- Scent Science Blanket. You put a scent on a special scent swatch and the baby is comforted and soothed. OH. MY. GOSH. My kid went down for naps and stayed down way easier than before the blanket. I got is as a gift from my mother-in-law. She just moved up on my list!!

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