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Over the past few weeks I’ve had lots of questions I need to respond to :)

If you ask a question in your comment, sometimes I can reply via email, but your settings in blogger must be set that way with your email address. Directions here. Some of these questions have come via email and some via comments. If I’ve not posted & answered your question, let me know in a comment or email and I’ll respond!

When will you announce the twins’ names?

Where is the shirt/dress you have on from (in prego mego 20 week post)?
It was labeled as a tunic :) I’m short! haha. It’s from I got it when it was on clearance and during the friends and family sale, so no clue if they still have it.

Are the twins fraternal or identical? (This was asked MANY times BEFORE I posted the sexes. I didn’t answer because I knew that it could give a hint 😉
They are fraternal. We saw two sacs from the very beginning. 

Does your doctor do an ultrasound every time?
Yes, he does. I am SO thankful for this. He does it for every pregnant patient. It really gives you a peace of mine and it’s so nice to see those sweet bodies during each visit. Plus, he’s pretty good and printing pictures out :)

Just to throw in my two cents, I wish all doctors would do them every time. Also, I pray they make fetal ECHOs (to look at baby’s heart) mandatory during pregnancy. I know there are people lobbying for it. Even the lady doing ours on Thursday, said she thought they should. She has so many babies come in after they’re born with issues and then there are some that it’s too late once they realize they have them after delivery :(

Does your doctor do 3/d and or 4/d every time?
He occasionally changes the view while he’s looking. If the babies are at a good angle and he knows Brent and I would be able to see them better, he will switch it over. He enjoys letting us see their face, feet, parts, etc. It varies which pics he prints. 

Where did you get the letters? (Gender reveal post)
I got them from Hobby Lobby! They are ceramic and come in pink, green & black. After going to several stores, I finally asked someone, and they do not make a ‘Y’ in pink nor green. So, my hunt for a ‘Y’ finally ended at the THIRD store. I bought a black ‘Y’ and spray painted ‘BOY’ blue with Krylon short cuts in turquoise. They looked like this before…

Where are the gumballs from? (Elephant baby shower post)
I believe Sam’s!

Is it just fabric you bought and used with a blue tablecloth, or what?? (Elephant baby shower post)
It is fabric, but I think it was seamed off to be a runner on one table cloth and table on the other. My friend, Jennifer, use to own a store so she has some fabulous items like so.

Where is the metal branch tree from? (In two posts – baby shower & baby shower)
Jen (see above) got it at a local flower shop. There isn’t a brand on it. I would maybe do some Googling and see if you can find something similar.

I am throwing a baby shower at the end of the month and love the rattle headband your friend was wearing. Did she purchase that somewhere or did one of the hostesses make it? (Elephant baby shower post)
Jen made the headband! She used two styrofoam balls (one big & one small), a wooden stick, paint, a wide headband & lots of ribbon!

How do you get so many pictures in one post and what do you use to combine pictures into one? (picture collages and such)
I use Picasa and I have a version of it on my desktop.

Love that jump drive! Where did your MIL get it? (this post)
Not sure where she got it and she is out of town or I would ask. Here is the post where she posted them. If you Google “pink lipstick USB drive” you will see some options to order I believe!

Where did you get those cute little cupcake boxes? I love them! (this post)
I got them from Garnish! I bought a coupon on GroopDealz and was able to buy lots of fun items.

Where did you get that napkin holder!? (I can’t remember which post this question was asked, but I’ve posted a picture of it several times more than likely. It’s the one seen in this post.)
The napkin holder is Mariposa. You can get all kinds of weights. They make different ones each year. I got it at a local boutique years ago. You can find it on Amazon here.

I was wondering where you got the picture of Elton that is on your mantel. I have 2 dogs and I would love to get one made. (seen in several posts, but most recently, here.)
My mother-in-law did it. She took a picture of Elton that we had and created the Warhol appearance (in photoshop) and had it printed on a canvas. She is busy being a super photographer, so I refer all the inquiries to Diamond Doll Designs! She makes them, too!
How did you guys make the “twins” shirt? (this post)
We picked material. Lindsey printed out the letters on paper and cut around them so we would have them for fabric. Then, placed them on the fabric of choice for each letter and cut the letters out. We used an iron on backing. So then, take the letters and trace them on the iron on backing paper and then cut them out of that. I think they may stick on material before ironing on? Finally, iron on :) You can also sew around to keep them on. If you don’t, and you wash the shirt, they will more then likely ruffle up.

I couldn’t really find any shirts that I liked that said ‘twins’ on the internet. I knew I could probably have someone custom make it, but I wasn’t sure how soon I wanted it. So, thankfully Lindsey was ready and willing to help/do!

How do you and your friends come up with ideas and themes for baby showers?
More than likely, I can answer for all by saying, the internet. It’s a haven of cute ideas and themes! If you Google – “baby shower” “themes” “legos” (for theme example) “blog”…anything like this or with a combination of words, give or take, you are bound to find some cute ideas. You can pretty much do anything on a budget as well. It takes some searching and price shopping, but I think just about any theme and idea can be what you want and/or need it to be! The most recent baby showers I’ve posted about are here, here and here. I helped with the first two.

Hope this helps :) I will try to always answer your questions!

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    What an awesome doctor! I wish they would do an ultra sound at every appt. You are already paying so much why not! lol If I wasn't having a girl and already naming her Hadley I would so say to use it. lol :) Can't wait for Tuesday.

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    Megan, my family has had a difficult year. My niece and godchild's husband suffered a stroke in Jan. He's forty-two, with a girl in college, one in HS and little ones,three and one with my niece.He is back at work,three days a week! He can't travel for work yet, but it will come. So much to be thankful for this Easter.My husband had a near fatal wreck seventeen yrs ago. Smashed his back,etc. His legs can't tolerate working anymore. He is very tough. Early retirement hurt him so much. We are now, ENJOYING it.Planning half a year up North with my family and half here in FL. My point is, God has a way of making things right. Tomorrow at Sunrise Service, I will truly praise Him. For myself and family and friends and all my blog friends-esp. you!

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