Saturday mish mash

I hope you all are having a good Saturday.

A few things were on my mind today!

I had a few people comment and tweet about the drop down crib I posted. We did order two. From what I’ve gathered, they will not be produced any longer, but the manufactures are providing kits to fix the issue. Believe me, ours will be 100% safe before the twins go in one. Thanks for raising my awareness, though, because from what I had researched the ones that were recalled were taken off shelves & sites to buy. Well, I suppose now that it’s been concluded that most have the danger issue they can sell them with a fix kit until summer sometime.

I was overwhelmed to see all the prayer requests in Kelly’s most recent post, but so thankful they are there. I definitely believe in the power of prayer.

I know so many people & towns were faced with tragedy these past few weeks due to the weather. I can’t imagine losing everything I own, my town, my business and so forth. It’s awful. Please keep these people in your prayers.

While thinking about these people, besides donating to help, I saw that GroopDealz is offering a 2 person 72 hour food supply kit for half off. It is designed to all fit in one container and specifically created for emergency situations. I think it would come in great for many families right now. It’s also 100% vegetarian with no harmful preservatives. See that here.

Thank you all for the Willow House & Hopscout support!

  • The Willow House party raised $150 dollars for our medical bill fund. Thank you!! We are hoping and praying to have those bills paid off this year or next and that wouldn’t be possible without the help you all have provided! Callie, from Willow House, was wonderful to work with and for hosting the party I was able to receive some amazing items for our home, too :) I will definitely share those.
  • As for the Hopscout Millionaire Mom position, I will explain as best I can. I’ve had quite a few people ask me about it. When I signed up, the rules stated basically the first round was judged based on the number of votes each video interview received on Facebook. The top 20, with the most votes, would go to the finals. When voting closed, I was #16 out of 225, I think. Well, I guess the company became quite overwhelmed with the response and the way everything went in the voting/applying process. They had some unfortunate issues to deal with. Therefore, they had to change up/alter some of the rules. With that being said, I did everything right and had AMAZING support from all my friends in the interwebs. I greatly appreciate your support! The way the top 20 were finalized left me from being apart of that :( So, I’m not apart of the top 20. Of course, I’m hormonal and my feelings were hurt. My first thought was the fact I didn’t have a child in the video like most of the others. I emailed them and they explained some things to me and I have no hard feelings towards them. I think it’s a great company! It was just hard from them to be quite as prepared as the process required for the first time doing something of the sort. 

Elton ran away today.

  • Yep, you heard me. Our dog who is obsessed with us and vice versa left us when we were home. Now that I type that out, I don’t exactly know if I believe that he ran away. I think he went exploring. Brent went to Target for some groceries and I was doing laundry and creating a large Goodwill/garage sale pile. Let me add this in real quick. We have a not very attractive storm door with a glass front in front of our front door. It closes slowly. Often times, when we are coming in or have it open for any amount of time Elton will run right out. Well, he usually just goes to our mailbox and our neighbor’s mailbox to tinkle. By the time we set whatever down we are carrying, he’s back at our door waiting on us to open it or barking for us to do so.
  • Well, we think when Brent was carrying in groceries he slipped out. Brent was carrying in quite a bit and never saw Elton go out the door by. Brent was probably walking quick to the kitchen to set the groceries down and because the door is slow to shut, Elton ran out. He never returned and barked. Brent puts the groceries away and sits down. I’m doing laundry. I come out and sit and we start chatting. Time passes. We decide to run an errand and I go get dressed. We get ready to leave. I call Elton out of our room. If I don’t see him and I’m getting dressed, he is usually under the bed. He doesn’t come. We call and ask if he wants a treat. No Elton, anywhere. We look in back yard and front. No Elton. We gather quickly he must have run out and not come back to the front door and barked. We jump in the car and start looking. Well, I start bawling before that happens because I realized how much time had passed. We drive around yelling for him. No sign of him. We stop and ask people walking, mowing their yards, etc., but no one has seen him.We come back by the house to see if he is here and one of the neighbors says they saw him not too long ago heading a certain direction. We zig zag through the streets. Brent spots him. He is by the MAIN road and ENTRANCE to our neighborhood, which is about 3 or 4 blocks away. The road you turn off of to come into our neighborhood is busy. There is a light even at the entrance. Brent slams the breaks and jumps out and grabs him up, as he is feet away from cars zooming by. 
  • I probably should not go into how I was crying hysterically the majority of the time. In fact, I think I scared the twins. I know one flipped. I’m not sure what a contraction technically feels like, but I think I may have given myself a few with the pain and stress I was feeling afterwards. I never got mad or blamed Brent because I know Elton can be sneaky. I told Elton I was very upset with him. I just kept imagining having no Elton and someone else having stolen him or him getting run over. 
  • He’s home and he’s safe. He is tired. He is still cute..

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    Oh my goodness, I know that scared you! I cannot imagine how worried I would be. I'm so thankful that you guys found him and he is home safe and sound. Our dog, Bandit, can be sneaky sometimes too!

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    Oh my! Sounds like a … week full of ups and downs. hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your weekend! Glad your pup is home safe :)

  3. says

    Wow! Glad the siuation with Elton turned out good. That was most def. scary for you and Brent, both, I'm sure.

    I LOVE the names. We found out our twins are both girls. We just named them today! It is so hard to name two babies at one time.

    I'm a little confused on the Hopscout thing. Did you make the top 20 or no? I read where you did, then I didn't see your name on the final list, and then in this post it sounds like you did make it with votes, but not in some other area. Just wondering, because I know you would love to have that opp, especially with two babes on the way!

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    Bad boy Elton!!! Lol! I'm so glad he's back home!! I would have been sick if one of my babies ran away! Silly pups!! Gotta love them!!
    Have a wonderful week!!

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    Thank goodness Elton is okay and you found him! My heart was in my throat! I'm an animal lover too (we have 2 cats, but I do love dogs!), and they have been our babies before we had Tommy. What we wouldn't do for them. Both of them escaped on us when someone didn't shut the front door all the way (not me!). A shake of the treats and Tails was back, but Tux made us chase him around the house a few times! So scary, so I know exactly how you feel!

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    Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine how scared you must have been! I may or may not have shed a tear just reading your story before I read that you had found Elton. So glad he is home safe.

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    So so glad that Elton is home and safe! I would go CRAZY and flip out if one of mine ran away. I can only imagine how scary it was! I know they're just dogs, but they really do become family members!

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    How scary! I have a Master Escape Artist too. I think he secretly likes it when DH herds him back home through the empty field next door with our van…..

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    Our Pomeranian Ranger slipped out of our house yesterday when we were unloading the car and in and out of the house. I was so scared and I too had some pains (I am 30 weeks along!) with my heart pounding.

    I can imagine how you felt. I am so glad Elton is okay and safe at home!

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    Oh my! I teared up a little just reading about Elton! I cannot imagine what I am going to do if and when something ever happens to our poochies! I know they can't outlive us (hopefully!) but it is so hard to think of life without them!
    I am glad Elton was found safe!

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    That is SOOO freaking scary I have had that happen to me with Mister Bondi and even though I looked a hot mess and was in fact wearing a onesie no joke I was running around the neighborhood like a crazy person looking for him. That can be so traumatizing, but I'm glad you found him and everything is alright!

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