Prego Mego – 21 weeks – nursery furniture

This week I’m 21 weeks pregnant with our twins, Knox & Sloane :) Ah, it feels good to type their names!

This week has flown by. I feel like I JUST did my 20 week post. I’ve been swamped at work and pulling double duty. It’s physically painful to sit in my office chair as much as I have this week. Yes, I have a pillow I sit on. Luckily, my bossed filled our open position and I’ll go back to up and down a lot more like before.

I’m feeling lots of movement and I’m loving it. I never got worried about lack of movement with Cohen. I guess he just moved so much. This time, now that I do know where the babies are in my belly, I do notice myself wondering if one is moving and one isn’t, or if one is moving more than the other. Yesterday, I felt Sloane moving lots, but I kept waiting and waiting for Knox to move. He did, finally. That is weird to me because last week he was the wiggle worm when we saw him on screen both Thursday and Friday. Sloane was shy and more calm in movement. I guess her jabs are just more powerful and Knox’s wiggles are more discrete.

I’ll be curious to see if Sloane stays more chubby than Knox. I posted their measurements last week, I think.

If I slack on drinking water I feel so parched. It’s a weird feeling, but I immediately think about how I need water and want it NOW, haha.

Sleeping on my left side is hard. I’ve had a little better luck on my right side lately. Even with the pregnancy pillow, I put the body pillows back underneath me. I just need that soft cushion.

My husband is on a major diet. This isn’t all too fun since I’m pregnant. I do understand where he is coming from. He may or may not have gained weight with me last year when I was pregnant. He decided he couldn’t do it again this year, haha.

I didn’t gain a pound last week but I’m sure I will have by the time I go back to the doc :)

We don’t go to the doctor this week since we went last week. We go back next Friday.

I’ve been loving starting the nursery. We were going to paint this weekend but the fabrics won’t be in until Monday or Tuesday. We need them to pick paint color. Monday will be fun because not only could the fabrics come in, but the cribs and a bookshelf might also! I did get an email saying one or two might be a bit delayed because of the weather, which is totally fine.

I’ve been sad about the people and towns that were hurt due to the weather. My prayers are with them.

As far as the nursery, I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to share as we go or just do a reveal once it’s done. Honestly, my goal is to have it done pretty quickly! I just know I’m not going to be able to do it this summer. So, my goal is to have most of it done by the end of May. I have a friend who has offered to make the window panels and crib bedding. I’m SO thankful to her. However, since I just sent my first detailed email today, she may back out in her reply, haha. No, I’m really not that picky. I just want it to be safe and look nice. Thank you for all the bedding feedback!

Here is a little preview of the furniture we’ve gotten/ordered so far. The shelf will be painted…

This is the furniture we picked when thinking about Cohen’s nursery. The only piece we ordered before deciding to pack up the house was the crib. It is still in the box. I LOVE the crib. However, since I need two now, I just felt it would be a bit too big and woody looking. Instead of doing espresso, I decided I will go with white now. It will help the room appear to be larger and you won’t walk in and immediately see a bunch of dark wood every place.  My parents are going to use the crib at their house. Luckily, two of the Jenny Lind cribs were about the cost of one of we already had. My parents gifted us with the cribs :)

I’m going to look for a dresser to use as a changing table. I will probably look at estate sales/ antique store, etc. As for a chair, that’s a toughy. I found one I LOVED but could not fathom paying the price. I know I can find something I like for much less. We have a big puffy looking chair that isn’t attractive but was free and we took it because we knew we would need it that we will use in our room. The nursery is RIGHT next to our bedroom so that is nice. I think I’m going to borrow a mini crib from a friend to go in our room.

I’m may do a teaser on some other nursery items soon :)

I have one friend who found out she was having a little girl this week and one friend who found out she is having twins! She doesn’t live in the same town as we do, but our twins will definitely be friends. I’m thrilled for them both!

Here I am this week. I’m not sure that my belly has grown, but I have, haha. Unfortunately, the ‘production’ of certain things hits multiple spots on me pretty quickly. So, I’ve already passed the point of being able to wear sleeveless. What would I do without cardigans? 😉 It’s getting way hard to lean over. I’m 5’2″ so things are quite compact. It’s interesting. I’m starting to hear giggles in the back ground from Brent!

Here is the comparison with Cohen….

Hope you all have a good Friday!



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    you are beautiful. We did white and I loved it for Baileys nursery (though she never did and still does not sleep in her own room) HA!

  2. says

    You look fantastic! I love the nursery furniture you have picked out so far. I love the look of white in nurseries! That's so fun that your friend is having twins too!

  3. says

    You look awesome! And I love the white Jenny Lind cribs! Can't wait to see the whole nursery. Which reminds me.. I still haven't posted pics of our finished nursery and Evie is 5 months old! You are on the ball!! :)

  4. says

    You look beautiful!

    I love your nursery choices, especially because it is the exact same crib we have for our little Connor! I think it has such a classic shape, and the white really pops.

    His room is brown with white trim and chair rail, and one whole wall is painted with 9 huge squares in pale blue, pale green, tan, and white. I am sure your nursery will be gorgeous!

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    I am 15 weeks with my duo and cannot wait to feel movement and know sexes!! I love that you are ahead of me so get a taste of what is to come!!
    You look GREAT!!!
    Love thier names!

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    you look great! i'm loving the nursery choices, i'm a sucker for white furniture in a nursery!

    i laughed out loud when you mentioned brent giggling at you as you get around. last night i heard my husband say to someone on the phone, "well my wife is 9 months pregnant and can barely walk." WHAT?! men!

    and, by the way, i have trouble sleeping on my left side too. weird.

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    I love the white Jenny Lind cribs you picked! They'll look great in the nursery.

    And I hear you on the cardigans! My arms are not looking great so cardigans have been a lifesaver. Unfortunately, summer in Florida is quickly approaching and I'm going to have to choose between sweating to death in a cardigan or baring the arms. Both sound scary to me!

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    I have been following your story and am entirely inspired by the strength and optimism you have shown throughout this pregnancy.

    I would be honored to crochet something for Knox and Sloane. As you put together their nursery or start filling their closet(s), please let me know if there is anything I can contribute.

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    You look wonderful!

    My husband has lost 17 lbs during my pregnancy so far! I was really mad at him for choosing this time to do it because I am getting huge and he's shrinking! I understand that he wants to be healthy for our son, but sometimes I wish he held off until I had the baby and we could lose weight together!

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    You are beautiful pregnant and always! So happy for those sweet healthy babies! I love jenny lind cribs! Great choice! Can't wait to see some other sneak peeks!! :))

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    HI! you look great! I noticed that the cribs you picked have let down sides… I don't mean to be a downer, but I've seen that a lot of those kind of cribs have been recalled and wanted to let you know about that so you can make sure yours haven't been… also, if they have, has cribs for less than $150! (we have the Graco one for my son and we LOVE it! It was $137 on sale at babies R us last year and its CONVERTIBLE!!)


    ps– I would like to donate a FREE digital file birth announcement for the twins (and Cohen as well if you don't have one for him)! Please contact me at if you're interested!

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    Their names- awesome.
    The furniture- lovely.
    You- beautiful!

    I enjoy reading {er, lurking!} your blog. Can you share links where you bought the furniture?

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    Nice, but from the picture, it appears the cribs you chose are drop-sides, which are now illegal to sell in the US because of strangulation risks. I don't know how you would have been able to buy a drop-side crib, since they are banned, but you might want to look into that.

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    Yes, the cribs have been banned from sale, but it doesn't take effect until June of this year. Daycare facilities have until June of 2012 to stop using the cribs.

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    We have a glider rocking chair and it is the comfortable chair I have ever sat in! They can be expensive but I know Toys R Us always puts them on MAJOR sale on black Friday. I know that is aways from now, but they are a great price!!

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