Prego Mego – 20 weeks

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First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the kind words (comments, tweets, facebook, texts, etc.) yesterday. We are just beyond happy that the twins’ hearts look great and you all are bring us many smiles! Brent and I both read all the comments & tweets.

It seems like we were waiting an eternity on the cardiologist appointment. The more I think about it now, I don’t think I was worried. I was just so ready. I knew I would find peace no matter what the results and outcome would be. I will thank God every day for the hearts in my life.

To read more about the cardiologist appointment, I posted details here.

When I got home from work yesterday, my parents had put some pretty roses in our kitchen :)

I’ve been pretty emotional this week. I sit and think, I really have two babies in my belly and I have a child in heaven. The first half of the week, I was hoping and praying for the twins’ hearts. Now, my heart is so full because their hearts are okay. I talk to them and I rub on them. I tell them about Cohen. They kick to music, like Cohen did.

We went to the OB this morning and got to see the babies :) They are both weighing it at 12 ounces. Baby boy is in the 48th percentile and baby girl is a little bit more chubby and in the 69th percentile :) Everything looked great.

We got pics of baby boy today…

We are a little over half way there to meeting the twins!

Some of the comments on last weekends post cracked me up. I guess sometimes I do do too much. However, some days, I don’t do much of anything on my feet. The past few weeks, I have definitely been doing more, but I have been feeling a lot better. I mean there were weeks and maybe even months, where I couldn’t physically bear to do much of anything at all. I know the feel good stage is coming to an end (because I feel it doing so), so I’m just trying to do what I can now. I still take it easy and of course I try to be good at listening to my body.

I’m feeling some stretching and pulling. It’s also getting pretty difficult to lean over without pain. This is all to be expected.

The amount of, “oh goodness, you are having a baby soon!” or “looks like you won’t be working on your feet much longer” or “are you having your baby any day?” sometimes still make me giggle. I think Brent and a few of my friends have even heard some of the comments lately. I typically say “oh, I’m due in September.” I give their face a second to shock and then I say, “but there are two babies!” :) I would say 99% of the time they ask if it’s my first child. I often wonder if those people will ever ask anyone else that question again 😉 I tell them briefly about Cohen. I don’t get sad to tell anyone anymore, which is nice. He’s my child just as the twins are. It seems my main goal is not to make them feel bad for asking. I had my first baby, a little boy, last summer. He had congenital heart defects and was only able to be here with us for 12 days.

The twins are on top of my bladder without a doubt. The pressure I feel with the urge to tinkle, but now tinkle, is unbelievable.

The shower is a tricky place.

They got some adorable socks in the mail this week from their aunt Amy! They are sooo cute!

I still feel like my memory is doing relatively well, but sometimes I just can’t think straight. For instance, I don’t proof read posts very closely before posting and get somewhat embarrassed at the mistakes I find once they are posted.

The TV being loud annoys me, greatly.

No, I don’t post about all the not-so-fun and/or pretty pregnancy related topics. I figure you don’t really want to know much about those.

The twins received their first Easter card from Nina :) So sweet of her!

A few weeks ago, I found baby boy a fun little onesie on Zulily. A few days later, I saw a similar one in red, but with heart shades on clearance at the gap. It was clearly for a baby girl. I think it also has ruffle around the sleeve. I think total they were only like $15! I’m really trying to watch my budget on clothing. It’s all SO cute. I really like buying both boy and girl, but it could easily break the bank. I’m loving sites like Zulily & Totsy to find cute stuff and good deals. I have to watch myself with those, too. I can find something I like daily.

I’ve been searching for someone local that makes crib bedding. I suppose I don’t mind sending it off, but I just don’t know about shipping costs and such all of it. I’ve ordered one swatch (which I LOVE) and I still have a few others to pick out. I know their is a place here in town that offers twin discounts, but I think it’s just based on the companies they use. do you all know of anyone on Etsy that makes with the material I pick? I really need to know the amount of each fabric I need as well.

Ever since my doctor said I would more than likely only gain about a pound a week from now on, I feel more careful about what I eat. Before two weeks ago, I didn’t have much of an appetite. I was a little worried about not getting as many calories as I thought I was supposed to. I probably shouldn’t have cared. I think I caught up in two weeks! This week I’ve been craving corn tortillas and cilantro. I LOVE cilantro.

I have gotten nauseous a handful of times after I’ve eaten this week. Random.

This probably isn’t really prego mego related, but close enough :) Last night we watched our nieces and nephew for a bit. Beaux was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to be cuddled by Brent. I think my belly is starting to scare him, not to mention I think he gets annoyed I can’t lift him. Their cuddle time melted my heart. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen all of these already.

Here we are today….. (sorry we had a lot going on so I had brent snap these with iphone)

Here is the comparison….

Hope you have a Good Friday!



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    Love your Prego Mego posts! I am so so grateful to hear of the healthy hearts!
    P.S. I LOVE your dress! Please do tell where you found that!

  2. says

    I have been reading your blog for a weeks now and I love to read your Friday posts. I really wish I had done the same when I was preggo with my 3 year old.

    I also wanted to add that Kelly and had her daughters bedding made I believe with the fabric she chose. It might be helpful to e-mail her?!?

    And I love love love Zulily! I tell everyone I know with babies or nieces and nephews to check it out!

  3. says

    I love your weekly updates and how honest you are! and i am so happy to hear both of the babies hearts are healthy – it made my heart smile for you and brent!

    When are you going to announce the names of the babies? I can't wait to find out!

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    My pastors wife makes this incredible cilantro lime butter that goes PERFECT with corn tortillas. I can have her send me the recipe if you want it.
    So happy everything looks great with the twins' hearts! And you couldnt be more adorable with the ever expanding belly! :)

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    SO SO SO happy about the twins hearts! Now, I want to know their names! :) I'm sorry I didn't comment yesterday but I did read your post and was anxiously awaiting the news about them.

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    I was going to have custom bedding made. But by the time I figured out the pattern, fabrics & labor costs, the prices to make it were equal to the premade stuff I liked. I bought Jude's bedding on It's a boutique in New York that handmakes crib bedding. They had some super cute stuff & it was hard for me to choose. It did take a while to receive the bedding, but the wait was worth it! :)

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    Megan – you look adorable and I am SO happy that their hearts are perfect. God is SO good! Take good care of yourself and don't do too much! :)
    Many blessings, Kristin

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    LOVING the belly shots. You are so cute. It's so good to hear you're feeling good too (for the most part). I'm currently 22 weeks with just ONE, and I'm not sleepy exhausted but physically exhausted. My body just feels so tired. I wonder how I'll be feeling in about 8 weeks… Oh me. I'm blessed to be carrying a healthy baby boy (#2) but I'm also really having to push myself to get up and around the past few days. Not so sure what the problem is. Haha. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  9. says

    So glad that the cardiologist appointment went well :)

    Have you checked Calico Corners for custom crib bedding? I'm not sure if they let you use fabric that's not from their store, but it might be worth checking out :)

  10. says

    First of all, oh my goodness, you are all belly! So cute. It's amazing how our bodies stretch and grow to accomodate the little ones that grow inside of us. Secondly, I probably couldn't control myself when it came to clothing. Especially, since you get to dress both a boy and a girl.
    Third, and most important, I really admire the grace and dignity with which you explain Cohen's life and death. So many people get rude and confrontational when they are asked innocent questions. I know that it is really out of grief. I may be the same way in that position. But you answer honestly without any anger. I really admire your strength. And I think I've said it before, but I bet most of them go home and look up congenital heart defects. And hopefully by doing this you are raising awareness, which will one day lead to a cure or solution for this horrible problem. Have a wonderful Easter. And rest while those babies are in your belly. Heaven knows you won't get much after they come and not just for the first few months. More like the next 20+ years. 😉

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    I just have to say for the record, that you do NOT look like you are ready to pop. I think you look closer to around 30-32 weeks for a single baby pregnancy.

    Ok, I don't know if either of these shops will let you choose the fabric (I can't immagine why they wouldn't but hey) but they do custom orders. The first shop doesn't charge shipping. The second is cheaper and charges $25 for shipping, making it still cheaper overall. Hope this helps :)

    I make diaper bags and I do "buy your own fabric" listings in my etsy shop…so I can't immagine why a shop wouldn't let you buy your own fabric. Sorry. Just sayin :)

  12. says

    You are looking great! Have you checked out Polka Tot Designs (.com). They have really cute fabrics and I am pretty sure they have a "buy 2" discount. I ordered mine from there a few weeks ago, so far they have been great to work with.

  13. says

    Megan you look great!! I am nearly 15 weeks with my twins and sooooo excited to find out the genders I am so excited to look at clothes and bedding too. I love this post and I could not be happier that they have healthy hearts. I hope we get equally as wonderful news at our next check up.
    Can't wait to find out your names!

  14. says

    Hi! Congrats on your babies hearts! :] So happy to hear that! I also wanted to tell you that I make baby items. I haven't tried bedding yet, but I can make cloth shoes(crib shoes as some may know them), bows, blankets, car seat canopies, burp cloths, wash cloths… and things like that. I can use fabric you send me, or I have fabric samples on my facebook fan page. (Little Teapot Designs) or my friend page (Kayla littleteapotdesigns Mote)! I'd love to make you something for your twins!!

  15. says

    SO happy to see the twins doing so well. Its fun knowing you have two growing in there at once.
    I have a lady that make custom crib bedding, she lives in Kansas City but since I go up atleast once a month for work, I would be more then happy to be your "shipper" and "deliverer". She uses the fabric you give her, for bedding.

  16. says

    I guess we are nagging a little! Yoou are my daughter's age. Since she isn't pregnant, I'll keep an eye on you! (: So very happy for you and Brent. If ever two people deserve happiness, it's you two. These babies are lucky they are getting wonderful parents!

  17. says

    Lookin' good Megan! I remember seeing pictures of my mom right after she had me & Becky. She looked SOOO tired, ha ha ha! You & Brent get all the rest you can for now & take it easy. I'm so happy & what an answer to prayers that the Mego-twins have healthy hearts! I am just still so excited for the both of you! <3 Bon

  18. says

    It's funny what people will say to you isn't it? I'll never forget when my doctor said I looked like I was full term with only one and I wasn't NEAR full term. And people will insist that you're going to go on bedrest even though they've never had twins…the list of things I was told goes on and on. I'm so happy you're feeling decent, I can't wait to see the bedding once you get it all figured out.

  19. says

    I am SO happy to hear that the twins have healthy hearts. What a true blessing.

    You look super cute and your outfit in this week's photo is ADORABLE! You need to post the source for the blue shirt because I might have to buy that for one of my preggers friends. :)

  20. says

    It's wonderful to hear that both babies are doing well! I wanted to let you know that my mom makes bedding for nursery's…and she is fantastic. She has made both my son and my daughter's nursery bedding along with many other friends and family members. If you would like more info or to see pictures of some of the nursery's she's done I would be happy to email you some pictures. A bit about my mom, she works full time at Saint Francis but has always been a seamstress at heart. She makes amazing little girl dresses, curtains, nursery bedding, etc. Feel free to send me an email if you're interested
    Congrats again on the babies!

  21. says

    You are so adorable! I'm glad we got to spend some time together today. And gosh I cannot even stand the cuteness of those onesies OR the socks Amy got you! The twins are going to be the best dressed for sure. Those roses are gorgeous and I'm a freak for cilantro too… Ok I think I covered all my talking points :)

  22. says

    Haven't commented in a while, but I was almost in tears reading about the twins and their PERFECT hearts!!!

    I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see those precious faces when they make their debut later this year!

  23. says

    thank heavens! i'm so happy that both babies have healthy hearts.
    my friend, haley o'dell, is local and makes crib bedding among other things. i know she has some pictures up on facebook or i can email you some, if you are interested. she is really talented and has great style.

  24. says

    I appreciate you blogging. And letting us keep up with how you and the twins are doing. I send a prayer up for you and the twins every day. I don't know you, but I have grown to love you and your family.

  25. says

    I appreciate you blogging. And letting us keep up with how you and the twins are doing. I send a prayer up for you and the twins every day. I don't know you, but I have grown to love you and your family.

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