Names :)

It’s time to share the names :)

We’ve known them for a while, but we are still working on the full names. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. So, I randomly picked today to post them.

We actually picked out baby girl’s name last summer. We decided if we ever had a little girl, we knew her name. Our boy name was on our list while deciding on Cohen’s name last year, but this time we still debated between it and another for a bit.

Though we do know what we are going to call them, we’ve not exactly decided on middle and/or first names. Well, I’m pretty sure we have for baby boy, but we have not for baby girl.

I know, I’ve already posted these, but I love them. Here are our most recent pics of their sweet faces :)

Here is my most recent pic with them. The picture I posted in my 20 week post was taken with my iPhone and it didn’t really fit well next to my comparison. So, I took one in my alittletootight Easter dress over the weekend in the same ole stance and place….

As seen above, baby A is baby girl and baby B is baby boy. The doctor said this is determined by who is closer to the cervix. He said this could change, but probably will not.

Since A comes before B… and ladies come first….

Baby girl’s name is…..

Baby boy’s name is….

Our sweet twinkies will be Knox & Sloane :)

I love their names.

Honestly, we came up with Sloane came from Entourage. We’ve been watching it since it started, six years ago, and every season it seemed we would talk about the name Sloane. For those who don’t watch, it’s one of the actresses name in the show. As I mentioned above, last summer when we were watching it, we decide the name would be at the top of our list of girl names :)

We just really like the name Knox. I haven’t a clue where either of us heard it first. I went to high school with a guy and Knox was his last name. We visit Dallas a lot and frequent Knox/Henderson area, haha. It was on our boy list when picking with Cohen, but ultimately, we decided Cohen should be Cohen. It fit perfectly. Now, his brother will be Knox :)

How cute are their first personalized gowns? I LOVE them! SheSheMade made them. I’ve had them for weeks and I’ve been so anxious to share. When they arrived, I might have shed some tears seeing their name for the first time on something. Hormones.

From the practice I’ve had, I think gowns will be a blessing when the twins are young, not walking yet and having lots of diaper changes :) I’ll probably be stocking up.

We’ve definitely heard of kiddos/adults with both names (prior to and after deciding), but we don’t mind. It’s simply inevitable to go your whole life without having the same name as someone. Of course I hope the names don’t become as popular that the majority of their school class would have it in common, haha.

I will post the rest of their names as soon as we decide all of Sloane’s. Knox’s first name is shared throughout all sides of our family.

:) :)



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    cute names!! I love the name Sloane but my husband never went for it. Boo :( I also like the name Knox, very different and I don't think you can make a nickname out of it..can you?? I can't wait to hear the full names. I wish you all the best with this pregnancy.

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    Beautiful names! Sloane is currently my top pick for a girl (not that I'll be having a baby anytime soon :), and I love Knox too! They're definitely going to be cool kids with names like that. Congrats again!

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    Cute and they work well together! My mind immediately went to Ferris Beuller w/ Sloane, but that's a good thing! And Knox is actually a family name for us.

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    I LOVE these names … and it's too funny how you came to Knox. Every time I'm in Dallas, I go see my on-again, off-again off of Knox-Henderson :) Know that area well!

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    I love those name, I am a big fan of unique, original names. I don't know anyone personally with either of those names, although Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt came to mind, as they have a Knox also.

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    I LOVE those names!:) When we named our daughter Alayna, we thought for sure it would be semi-unique to her (since we "thought" we created it by combining Grandma's names). When she started Kindergarten last year, there were 3 "Alayna's" with different spellings in her grade!:/ Oh well, she's still unique to us and we have a sweet story to go with it! Love, hugs and blessings to you all! Prayers for an uneventful pregnancy and delivery!♥

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    Love the names you have picked out. I have been stalking my blogger dashboard all morning waiting to hear the announcment of your precious wee-ones names. Im so excited for you and Brent.

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    Oh goodness, I can't tell you how much my heart jumped when I read these two beautiful names! Both have a special meaning in my heart. My mom's maiden name is Sloan (no e), and my given middle name is Sloan. It's on the list of potential family names to use in some form or fashion when we (hopefully!) have babies one day. And I live in Knoxville (and thus, Knox County), so naturally I love that, too! What perfect names for such perfect babies! I can't wait to "meet" them!!!

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    Love their names, they coordinate perfectly with each other. I have to say this too, my sister lost her first little boy at 24 weeks last summer, and just found out she's pregnant with twins too! She also has PCOS. Miracles all around! :) God is good!

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    Love their names! My BFF's middle name is Knox & I've always love it! As for sloane? Love! Love entourage too & that's the first thing I thought of when I read sloane

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    Oh my goodness! I love the babies names. Knox is our dog, who is like a child to us. And I've always loved Sloane. Congratulations, Mommy and Daddy!

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    Love the names! My little man is Knox William… He will be 2 on Cohen's birthday. Isn't that funny?! Btw, I had the name picked out before Angelina Jolie even had her twins!

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    I love the name Sloane! It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". :) And Knox was on our short list when we were deciding on names for our newest little one that will be here in June. It was between Knox and Finn, but Finn eventually won out.

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    sweet names! thanks for sharing.
    btw, you look so different in this pregnancy than your last one. i don't know..there's a very nice glow in your expression (of course you looked pretty in your first pregnancy, too. don't get me wrong,lol).

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    Picking baby names is SO hard… we're due with our first boy in a month (eek!) and went back and forth for MONTHS on a unique, different, uncommon name. I feel like its a fine line between trendy and crazy (haha), but I absolutely LOVE the names you picked and think they go so well together, too! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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    Adorable names!!! I LOVE Sloane and it's on my short list if we ever have another girl.. but my hubby has vetoed it time and again. :) So I'm so happy that you'll have a little Sloane!! Just precious.

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    Perfect!!! I absolutely adore those names. So exciting. And the outfits just make it even more special. Something about seeing the name always takes it to a higher level of happiness. :)

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    I think this is my first time commenting on your blog but I've been reading for quite some time now. I LOVE LOVE those names! They're going to be so cute!

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    Great names! I love that they're different without being weird! I know a girl with Sloane as her middle name, but I don't know anyone named Knox.

    I've heard that those gowns at the best for babies because they're so easy to do middle of the night diaper changes in and stuff! I've stocked up on them for our little boy! :)

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    Love, love, love the names! One of my girlfriends has a Knox and I think it is the cutest. We love the Knox-Henderson area, too! Yum, yum Chuy's. 😉

    I think Sloane is a beautiful name for your beautiful little girl!

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    I've loved the name "Sloane" since first seeing Ferris Buller's Day off (Sloane Peterson!) I think it's a perfect name for your little girl since I know she will be gorgeous with dark brown hair (like the Sloan from Entourage and FBDO).

    I love one syllable names — but I don't think I'll ever give my kiddos a one-syllable name because or last name is one syllable and it seems to flow better with longer first names.

    Great names! Congrats again! Much love!!!

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    I love their names! Sloan (without the "e") is actually a family name of mine! And I babysat a Knox for about 8 years! I'm so glad they are doing well!

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    I love them! I just told my husband over the weekend that I want a baby named Sloane!

    I am so truly happy for you both! I get chills everytime I think about these two precious babies!

    God has great plans for your family!


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    Yay!for baby names! I love different names and these are two very cute names indeed!!! I always had a bunch of people in my class growing up with the same name and always had to put my last initial on my papers…. I love names that are not as common! We just knew Paxton would be sort of different when we picked it… had only heard it as a last name… but now there are "Paxtons" coming out of the wood-works!!!! HAHA! LOVE the gowns!!!!

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    YAY! Thanks for sharing :) I've never met anyone with either of these names, and they're wonderful to hear. You look very cute in your Easter dress!

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    Love the names! And those gowns are adorable! I bought a onesie from her for my BFF that just had a baby – love her stuff! You look great!

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    Beautiful names you have chosen for your precious twins! I agree with others, that they sound good together, also. Knox sounds like a future baseball player, and Sloane, is just beautiful, and I can picture her with long dark hair, like her Mommy's! The little gowns are absolutely adorable, love the colors you chose, they are perfect!! It is so special to see their names on an outfit. Now they have an identity, instead of just being babies. Can't wait to see them on Sloane and Knox! Really sweet!
    Continued good wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy. God Bless!
    Sending Hugs!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

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    I have been checking your blog all morning! Love their names and their new little gowns! I can't think of anyone with those names and that makes them even better! I think its great to have unique and different names from everybody else! Congrats!

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    Love the names! We are naming our little girl Lilah Sloane, she is due in July! Salona is a family name so we made it into Sloane as a middle name. I love it for a first name too!

    Knox is adorable, I can't wait till your sweet babies are here!

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    LOVE those names!!! They are perfect and so unique! I'm all about unique names that you don't hear everyday and ya'll did an AWESOME job picking those names!!! Love their little outfits you had made for them! Great way to use those and share the names!! Love it!!

    Hope you have a great week! You look great btw!!! =) xo

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    I love the name Sloane … That was my girls name ,too . But, I'm having a boy …and he will be Gage :) . I love reading your posts and pray for you ! I'm only a few weeks ahead of you and enjoy reading all about your pregnancy .

    Best of luck to you & hubby …and of course to Sloane & Knox ! Xoxo

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    Great names! Whenever I hear Sloane I think of Ferris Bueller's Day off, which was one of my favorite movies growing up. Very cute!! Can't wait to hear the whole names.

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    LOVE the names! Sloane is my hubby and my favorite girl name if we are blessed with a child one day, hopefully! I loved it since Ferris Bueller's day off, I am a sucker for 80's movies! Love Knox too!!!

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    So sweet! Love the names and the gowns. We actually got the teal gown for Davis when we found out we were having a boy and loved it.

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    I LOVE their names! They are beautiful and unique but not crazy. The only Sloane I can think of is Ferris Bueller's friend, and Knox maybe Angelina's boy? They are gorgeous names for gorgeous babies! And mama looks gorgeous too!

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    I have been waiting for the names announcement! Yay! When I hear Sloane, I think of Sloane from Ferris Buellers Day Off – classic movie! I always thought Sloane on there was so pretty! I am due with twins very soon – currently on bedrest :( I hope you can avoid that part of twin pregnancy!

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    I love the name Sloan and we watched entourage too for a while! I also love boys names with X in them! My son's name is Xander and I also love Paxon/Paxton. They are both very cute and even if someone doesn't like them, who cares? If you love them, that is all that matters! Oh, and I also love Piper for a girl! :) That's our girl name if we ever have a girl!

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    LOVE the names! They are so unique and I love names that aren't common. I want our children to have names that are uncommon like mine!

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    I love that you have chosen names that aren't common but aren't weird or something for all of your children 😀 They are such cute names!

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    Holy smokes, those are the cutest names. I think I'm incredibly partial to unique, uncommon names – since mine sort of is – so I really love Sloane and Knox. Congratulations, you guys!! :)

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    In college I babysat an Olivia Sloane. It was a double name and she had so much personality to live up to her big beautiful name. She's a precious, sweet girl an I still find myself hoping someday I have a little one as wonderful as Olivia Sloane. It's a LOVELY name. :)

    I adore Knox too even if I have no story to accompany it. Ha

    I love your name choices!

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    My little girl is named Sloan and we too got it off of Entourage. I was reading some of your comments and I see a lot of your reader's husbands vetoed the name. I think if they saw the character on Entourage, they might change their mind 😉 Congratulations! You will love having multiples.

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    LOVE the names!!! I think they are perfect for the twins! I would love to you the name Knox (especially since I am a Tennessee fan!) but my husband is an Alabama fan so that his a big No!! SO I am glad that someone is getting to use that precious name!! I am so thankful the babies are healthy and your pregnancy is going great so far!!

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    I LOVE the names! I heard Knox a few weeks ago for the first time and loved it so I'm so excited to hear that you are naming one of your sweet babes that! Sloane is just a beautiful girl name! Love Love Love them both!

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