Midweek Randoms

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!

I have random things to talk about. Imagine that.

Thank you all SO much for the kind words on our name choices. We love our Knox & Sloane :)

  • This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. I’ve have fought a battle with this and though it’s not been easy and pain-free, so far, I’m coming out ahead. I know many, many women who face infertility issues. It truly breaks my heart because I know what yearning to be a parent feels like. I will pray for those I know and those I do not know. Not to sound like a broken record, because I know I’ve said this before, but my parents also faced issues having children. After eleven years, they adopted a baby. Two months after he was born they brought him home. My mom gave birth to me a year to the day later.  My doctor told my mom her chances were one in a million. Never give up hope. According to this site, 1 in 8 women and men are diagnosed with infertility. You can read more here
  • Friday is National SIDS awareness day. SIDS is the #1 cause of death in infants between one month and one year of age. I posted about baby Maddie a while back and I simply cannot imagine. I can relate to losing a child, but it’s still quite a different situation. Spring for SIDS is set up to spread the word, fundraiser, etc. You can read more here.
  • I was emailed about a girl named Sarah who is 27 and has Luekemia. She is 27 years old and is going to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Along with prayers, the family is hoping for blood donations. This can be done at Carter Blood Care, which I believe are all over the DFW area. If you are able or chose to do this, they ask you donate to the name of Sarah Mehringer. I add her button on my right sidebar.
    • My sweet husband brought me home pretty flowers Monday :)  It’s ridiculous how mushy my thoughts are about how much I love him.
    • We went and saw Scream 4 last night. I thought it was actually better than I expected. It definitely doesn’t beat the original, but it was fun to watch. At times, it was a bit to bloody for my liking. I’m pretty quick to turn my head, though.
    • We also watched the premiere of The Voice. We both really liked it! I love all the judges. Cee Lo is my favorite. I’ve loved him since high school. 
    • We have sorts of little sweet Cohen things around the house. I’m not sure I ever posted about this candle and the package from Paris and Germany that came with it, but I will. My sweet friend, Suzanne, picked it up and had it blessed at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was the candle with lit  on the official day for pregnancy and infant loss and I think we will do so every year.
      • I discovered a new salad dressing and it’s excellent. It’s in the fresh food section (by salads) at Super Walmart. Target is much more convenient for us now, but my sister-in-law had it and I loved it. So, Brent and I went and got some :) I also like the fact that it’s natural. 
      • Speaking of food, I’m also still stuck on my cilantro. I eat these as a snack. It’s corn tortillas, sour cream, cheese, salsa & cilantro. 
      • I thank God all the time for the twins having healthy hearts. 
      • My mom loves buying little treats and such. She brought these over this weekend. I thought they were pretty cute. I kept thinking about how I didn’t need to consume them, but they sure would be cute for a party, haha.
      • Brent and I stay up too late. It seems like every day we talk about trying to go to sleep earlier. It’s not that we aren’t in bed either. We just can’t fall asleep.
      • Before bed, I’ve been trying to get back to the towelettes. I used them most of last summer  (in hospital and out) and I figure I will want to in the near future. Sometimes I just don’t feel like standing to wash my face, haha. Obviously I don’t pass up brushing my teeth. Since I am for natural products, there are two I’ve been trying. I like the Korres. The Say Yes to Cucumbers I just got, but I’m alternating and so far I like them. If the SYTC works well, I’ll probably stick to them because I can get them at Target or Walmart. The Korres I got at Sephora. Here they on Amazon.
      • I want to do recaps from several events soon. I need to get the pics and get them uploaded. These things include meeting Chloe, Easter, one of Kristen’s showers and our nieces birthdays.
      • I was in the top 20 for the Hopsout video interviews! I think I was #16. I’m waiting to hear more details for the final process. I sure hope to make the top five that get hired. That does involve me making another video for the company to evaluate. Thank you so much if you voted or said a prayer for me & my video :)
      • We’ve gotten some adorable mail lately. Mr. Connor blessed us with his Easter card and Miss Zoe’s announcement it so sweet! I’ve also gotten some sweet twin cards lately, too :)

      I hope you all are having a good week :)

      Reminders :)
      – This weeks giveaway is here.
      – I’m hosting a Willow House Party HERE. You can find wonderful items for the home or gifting!
      – A few of my April sponsors are offering my readers some very generous discounts! You can check them out and get the discount codes HERE (or the page can be found below my header).



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        I'm a little late on the names announcement-I absolutely love them! The candle for Cohen was such a thoughtful gift and I love the idea of lighting it each year. I hope you have a great week!

      2. says

        You are forcing me to break my rule and go to walmart! I hate ours here! I've somehow become a Target snob! :) Hope yall have a great Wednesday!

      3. says

        I am loving The Voice!!! Cee Lo is the man! Adam Levine is a cutie!!!

        Also, I'm going to use the bright colored lollipops for centerpieces at my little boys 1st bday party (yes, I'm already planning it even though it 2 1/2 months away. Ha!).
        I love all the bright colors & it will match his cake, too. :)

      4. says

        I LOVE SYTC towelettes! They are the best ones I've used. I don't feel like washing my face over the sink every night either; these are a wonderful resort :)

      5. says

        I have a hard time going to bed also. I always want to go around 9:30ish but I usually don't go to bed and fall asleep until 11:30. Then I have to wake up at 5:30am! UGH!
        I love Cilantro! I want mine to come in already. I'm waiting for it to grow in my little bitty garden.

      6. says

        I love Korres! My husband got me this awesome lip gloss set for Christmas and I am obsessed with the Jasmine lip butter. I just ran out and need to get more. I also wouldn't mind trying their other products too!

      7. says

        I love your randoms post!! I very much like seeing people focus on the positive :) who needs negativity anyway?!
        Happy Wednesday to you!

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        Thanks for posting about NIAW. I recently heard about it and since we've been TTC, this has affected me in so many ways already. We are just now beginning testing for IF. Your blog does give me hope. :)

        I tried those wipes at Sephora the other day and they were pretty nice!

      9. says

        Thanks for posting about NIAW.. We are TTC #2, I have PCOS & endo and we are onto month #3. We were blessed with a son after 5 months trying naturally, and hoping for an easy journey this time. There are SO many women that have this struggle, and its often a silent one. Thanks for your voice.

        Also? That tortilla snack looks AMAZING.

        1 more thing- I use baby wipes as makeup remover wipes. They are gentle (i have sensitive skin), don't dry my skin, and are way cheaper than facial ones, plus we buy them anyways for my toddler…just a thought!

      10. says

        Thank you so much Megan for putting Sarah on your page today!!!

        We are now selling shirts or have a pay pal account set up to help support her during this journey in her life! Find more info on katchingupwithkristin.blogspot.com or thegrimeslife.blogspot.com


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        Thank you for admitting that sometimes you don't like to wash your face. I feel the same way! I always brush the teeth, but I LOVE wipes for my face on my 'off' nights.

      12. says

        Awe! So glad you like Connor's Easter card :) We think of you all often! Can't wait to meet Knox and Sloane someday too! I want to try those wipes…I don't like to stand and wash my face either 😛
        xoxo Becky

      13. says

        Salad dressings are always something I'm looking to try. Will definitely need to look at this ranch one at our Target. I love that it's all natural.

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