DIY Pram/Carriage Flower Arrangement

For one of my friend’s baby showers, I was in charge of making a few flower arrangements. I LOVE flowers as I might have mentioned before a thousand times.

Several of you asked me about these arrangements, so I thought I would share details. Luckily, I took pictures to share, too.

My friend, Jen, saw these small wire prams at a stationery store and ordered some off a website. I’m not quite sure which website she ordered from, but I think these are the same ones. I didn’t have any luck when I Googled “small wire pram” so I tried “small wire baby carriage” and had better luck.

When I saw the wire prams, I immediately thought, those are soooo cute but how am I going to make flower arrangements with them? I thought about it and realized that’s exactly what floral foam would be used for! I guess I had never used it, that I could recall anyway. You can get it at any craft store and probably Walmart. Of course, Amazon has it as well. To cover it because it’s not all too pretty, I immediately thought moss I love moss, preferable fake moss that looks real, haha. Also found at the above places.

So for the floral foam, you can wet it, put the flowers in it and it helps them to live without being in an actual vase of water. I imagine you have to “water” it, somewhat, as you would a plant.

The moss I got was considered to be ‘sheets’ of moss, but you can tear as needed. I first lined the prams with a base layer. I put paper towels down because it was definitely a bit messing. I guess that’s considered shedding.

The floral foam I got was in pretty big blocks, so I did some cutting for them to fit in the prams. Once I got the foam in, I added more moss. I tried to add enough that it would cover most of the foam, but I would still have room to put the flowers in. The flowers poke right in the foam.

I did them the day before, so here they are waiting on the flowers…..

Flowers in….

Here they are at the shower….



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    very cute! if you soak the foam in water before you put the flowers in it, you won't have to "water" it. i soak the foam over night and then let it drain for fifteen minutes before i use it.

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