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Last Thursday, I did a post about ‘crafty inspiration’ that included ideas and pictures. I had a few people that left comments and emailed asking where I found the pictures and projects. I try to be pretty good about putting links to where I get pictures and information. However, I totally understand how one might now realize that. There was a while that I didn’t when I started reading blogs.

I try to always site the source for a picture or idea if I find it on another website. I typically put a link below the picture. I like for links to be in bright blue, but blogger doesn’t always allow that. So, sometimes it’s a different color or no color at all, therefore staying black. I also make links to previous posts that I have done because I often refer back to things I have already talked about. Instead of repeating in detail, I’ll just provide the link if you want to reference back to read. Finally, the third thing I’ll usually try to link to is the site in which I’ve purchased something. Amazon is kind of my go-to. I feel like I can find anything there. So if I buy something and talk about it (no one asked me to), I will include a link so you can read more about the product if you have more questions beyond what I’ve said.

It wasn’t just the one post that had me wondering if people knew about in-text links. I often get emails with questions when I provided a link for the information. I totally don’t mind those, but I just thought this could help!

I’ll show you examples now :) The examples are screen shots (pictures) so you can’t click the links in them, but I have written on them in purple to explain.

{Screenshot 1}
{Screenshot 2}

{Screenshot 3}

Now, I thought I’d post a few pics from our weekend :) We we pretty busy yesterday, but I’ve not gotten out of bed today. My stamina is obviously lacking for multiple days in a row.

Friday, Brent played a little golf with our nephew. Cute stuff…


From late Thursday night to Saturday afternoon, this is what our island looked like. There were 57 cookies from the second batch of these. They were a hit.

Brent and I went and got my pregnancy pillow yesterday. We browsed Babies R Us for a bit. Yes, lots of “we will probably need two of these and two of those,” haha. It was hard for me to agree to buy this pillow because it’s price tag. It was about $65. Brent reminded me how it could help and how much longer I have to go. The exciting part is that last night one of my friends reminded me she had this same one that I could use! I knew someone had mentioned it, but I couldn’t remember who or if it was a dream. So luckily, we can probably take this baby back.

Along with making the cookies for the baby shower I helped host, I also made a few flower arrangements. I love flowers and these were fun. I’ll post more pics soon.

Here are me and the twinkies before heading to the shower…

 Here is the mom-to-be, Kristen…

Brent and myself…

The shower turned out SO cute. I will post all of the pics soon!



  1. says

    I know that pregnancy pillow is pricey, but it's the one I had and it is AWESOME! I know your friend has another kind of pillow, but I have to admit I slept with various pillows, and this one was BY FAR the best!! I used it every single night starting at week 20 and it made my nights so much better.

  2. says

    At first I refused to buy myself the Snoggle because of the price tag. My Mom bought it as a surprise gift and I have loved it! My back used to hurt so bad from tossing and turning, but now I sleep wonderfully! Well worth the price. 😉

  3. says

    Those cookies are just the cutest! Sounds like you all had a great weekend – I'm glad you're getting your pregnancy pillow, a pregnant momma's lifesaver! And a very belated congratulations to you and your sweet husband on the twinkies, I'm so excited for you!

  4. says

    Is it weird that I want one of those body pillows to sleep on and I'm nowhere near pregnant? =
    Second batch of cookies turned out cute too!

  5. says

    Let us know how the pillow works out. When I was pregnant with my son, I wouldn't buy one (I understand how you feel about the cost), but I'm very small (4'10") so I was big fast. I remember having 4-5 pillows but never feeling like I had any support. I'm not planning on having anymore on my own (my body doesn't handle pregnancy well), but I'm still curious to know if the pillows work well.

  6. says

    I loved my snoogle . It was the very first thing Matt bought me as a surprise when we found out I was preggo …. It was amazing especially since I have such back problems not preggo! It was the best purchase we made the whole pregnancy!

  7. says

    I was so excited to see this post! I checked my reader while browsing online for last minute ideas for my little boy's birthday party and spotted your new post. The shower looks adorable. I can't wait to see pics, please post links too because I'm having my son's first birthday party on Sunday and it's a Circus Theme!!!! Where did you find gumballs? I don't want to order them online if I can avoid it, but I'm not sure where to look locally. Also wondering about the animal crackers…I'm sure I've come upon them many times, but now that I need to go out and buy some, I can't think where to look.

  8. says

    I have the snoogle and it's sooooo worth the money! After my first pregnancy, the dogs took it over and it got all nasty so I actually had to buy a second one for my second pregnancy because I just couldn't sleep well without it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. :)

  9. says

    I love your quick updates on what you have been up to. The showers you have thrown and helped throw amaze me every time you post pictures! I am glad the pillow works for you, it drove me insane so I just stayed uncomfortable :)

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