Twin Language ?

Real quick – Thanks for all the comments on the elephant baby shower!!! If you asked questions or sent emails I will try to get back with you soon. I’ve been swamped with this heart walk t-shirt process, haha. It’s fun, but man, I don’t think I could be in the delivery or shipping business!

I’ll prob do a post where I answer some questions soon…on various things. I’ve gotten lots of emails with same ones so might work best!

You may have already seen this on the internet, or even your news, but several people have sent it to me today! I think it’s too cute. Definitely not something I had ever thought about! It’s apparent twins definitely have their own language. There were actually two parts to this video. I think this is the second part. I think we will always keep a video camera close by now! Yay for them on our phones, too.

We get to see our twinkies tomorrow :)

Happy Wednesday!

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    I love that video. My twin nephews are always speaking their own language. They're four. They have secret words like "Bobby" and "Soup Surprise". They say that and both crack up. We have no idea what's so funny about it but we love it.

    They also have never left Arkansas (except to go to Tulsa) and they speak like they are from New Jersey.

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    Prayers for your appt tomorrow! I gre up with 2 sets of twin girls on our little block. I ALWAYS wanted to be a twin…because they always had someone to go home with at the end of the day. :) I can't wait for a few years from now to read your stories of how these precious miracles are changing your lives! :)

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    I posted this same thing today–it's incredible! We are having twin boys (about 9 weeks to go!!?!??) and it just melted me!!
    Have fun seeing your babies tomorrow :) I just love ultrasound days!

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    I'm a twin and we definitely do this. When we are talking and others are around us, they just look around like "what are they talking about?!" Haha I love having a twin.

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    I have twin nephews and they did this too! Even now that they can talk (theyre 5) they still speak in code sometimes and know exactly what eachother are saying!!

    Congrats!! Twins are the best!! Our family had a ball with our little ones!

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    When I saw this on good morning America yesterday morning I thought of you and Brent. I am throwing a baby shower at the end of the month and love the rattle headband your friend was wearing. Did she purchase that somewhere or did one of the hostesses make it? Hope you are feeling better this week. I keep your growing family in my prayers.

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    That is seriously hilarious!

    My brothers are twins (identical) and my mom was certain they had their own language and communicated with each other and therefore had no need to talk to anyone else! They didn't talk much until 3. It could happen either way, but it does seem boys are more likely to do this but I am sure girls do it to. It will be funny to see if yours do that!

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    I have been following your blog since your sweet Cohen was born. I came here from another blog (not sure which one) that was praying for you. I was very saddened to hear of the loss of Cohen, and have continued to check in on you. I was very excited to see that you are having twins! What a blessing, and since they will probably be ornery, their big brother can be a guardian angel! I was reading this post and was just going to pass on this story of my twin cousins, John and Lisa (now in their 40's). The story goes that Lisa was the bossy one, and she would bark orders at John, he would get down and go do whatever or get her whatever she wanted. No one else had a clue what they were saying to each other! My aunt and uncle swear by the twin language thing. On top of it, John now has identical twins of his own, and they see the same thing. Just be warned, they also have a twin thing going on when they gang up and get into things. Ha! Sounds like you and your hubby are in for a lot of laughs! Can't wait to find out what you are having.

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    I'm one of the ones that sent it to you! I didn't mention it in my email but my sister has identical twin boys and they totally had their own language when they were younger! You're gonna have so much fun!!

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    I saw this on the Today Show and it made me think about you right away. I found myself laughing at the kids and thought that your Twinkies will bring you and the hubs this type of laughter. Warmed my heart! The Twinkies really are a blessing for you guys.

    Blog ~
    Twitter ~ @CMsmommy

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    Hahaha! I thought of you guys when I saw this today! I was actually going to email you this but imagined that everyone must have already sent it to you. They are so cute and adorable of course!!

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow :)

    <3 Mary

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    I love this video and really wish now I had captured my twin girls doing things like this…I was always too captivated to run and grab the camera. Having twins is a really neat experience. My girls are such good friends and care for each other so much. They are almost 3 now and it has been a whirlwind!

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