Prego Mego – 16 weeks

I had several people comment or email asking where I found the pics/sites on my post yesterday. There are links underneath all the pics. I may do a post on reference links tomorrow :)

So, I’m 16 weeks pregnant today with the twins :)

I must say, I’ve felt a LOT better this week than I did last. My pressure pains have decreased a great deal, thankfully. There is no telling how long it will last, but I’m definitely enjoying it and trying to get a few things done while I can be up on my feet a little longer!

Since I’ve been up and at it a little more, I’ve seen more people. It never occurred to me how many people (that don’t know me) would ask if this was my first “babies”…. They start out by asking when I’m due. I tell them. Once they show that look of ‘wow you’re big’ on their face, I quickly say there are two :) Then, they always, always say “are they your first?” At first it took me by surprise. I don’t know why. I got asked last time as well. However, it happened four times this week. Four. The checker at Target, Orange Leaf, a new client, etc. My response? No, I had a baby boy last summer who went to heaven. He had congenital heart defects and was only able to be here with us for 12 days. I’m use to saying it now. In some way, I have obviously had to come to terms with the situation. It doesn’t hurt to say it quite like it use to. People probably feel bad for asking, but I hope they all go home and Google congenital heart defects.

I think I’m having a hormone surge this morning. I woke up starving; like needing crackers in bed starving. I also had a pretty kicking headache. My nails look like they grew 2 inches each over night. I think I can actually feel my stomach stretching out as we speak. It’s so bizarre.

My appetite seems to have been a bit better this week. Though they probably aren’t the healthiest option, these cookies probably had something to do with it. I’m still on a big berry kick.

There is one place I like chicken from. I’ve had the chicken parmesan from this twice this week. I’ve got to get protein where I can, I suppose.

I’m assuming this is heartburn, but my chest has been hurting after meals, when laying down, etc. Not all the time, but sometimes. When I pull my shoulders closer in the back, it eases up some.

I’m SO ready to see the babies again! Though we were there last Wednesday, it feels like it’s been forever. Since we were checking things out from my pain, I didn’t get pics :( Hopefully I’ll get some new good pics when we go next Thursday.

I’m ready to be able to feel them moving around lots.

Hopefully the babies are prepared for lots of pics when they come out. We’ve given them some good practice so far…

My water intake is funny. I mean there really can’t be many moments where I’m not drinking water in order to consume the amount I should. I’m liking my Bobble water bottle, but still really adjusting to the slower out pour. even recommends 128 ounces of water per day and 600 extra calories. Woozers. Some of my books even say 1000 calories.

Speaking of, the size of my baby this week is about that of an avocado. It doesn’t really say if with twins it’s two avocados or a little less. That’s a question for my doctor next week. In case you are interested in seeing what they look like in the womb  (no, not real babies & body), I’ll show an image below from If you don’t, keep on scrollin’.

We are going to get a pregnancy pillow this weekend! Poor Brent, every night in bed he says “let’s go get you that pregnancy pillow soon.” I think my wiggling may get a bit annoying. NINE pillows, people. Nine. There may need to be a picture taken of this.

Well, here I am today.

I feel like I’m looking large. Most of my shirts are getting too short : / So, I guess that is kind of my proof, haha.
Here is the side by side from now and  16 weeks when I was pregnant with Cohen..
No big difference, huh? haha

Happy Friday :)



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    I can't believe that you need to drink/eat SO much more! It makes sense now that you've said it, but I never would have thought about that. You look great! All belly :) Oh, and I think I asked for the link to one of the pics, and then I saw the 'via' under it, sorry!

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    Those ultrasounds with two? Made my heart flutter a little bit! I could NOT imagine having twins. Makes my hands clammy. You are too cute though!

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    Love the updates!! And the pictures I can't believe what a difference it makes with twins.. I can't imagine what it would be like to carry more than that! You have/ and are going to have such a beautiful family! One lucky mama. 😉

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    You are beautiful & you have a beautiful story with the world! I am 7 weeks and I'm having the hardest time with my water intake! I love reading your pregnancy posts!

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    I have the hardest time drinking all the water I'm supposed to because I don't want to live in the bathroom all day! I only have one baby in there, I can't imagine drinking even more with 2!

    You look wonderful! :)

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    Look at that belly!! :) Of course it's going to be bigger… you have TWO in there lady! haha I totally craved Berries like crazy around those weeks too! I still am, but they're hard to get over here in Sweden… I can't wait to be back and take over whole foods berry section! Glad to hear you're feeling better!!! :) xo

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    ammmmmazing! im loving it…so much. i want twins BAD so this is just perfect for me to see what goes on just in case i do get that privilage!!!!

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    u look fab!!! my girlfriend delivered twin girls last June at 37 weeks!!! she also had the same pressure pains that you have talked about and someone may have already suggested this but if not she used a belly band that supported her growing belly!! she loved it she slept in it as well!!
    good luck!!!

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    You look great Megan. I just love all the ultrasound pics you've gotten all laid out. Isn't it such an amazing miracle.
    I hope you start to feel great and enjoy every minute of this pregnancy :)

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    I love reading this updates from you Megan! You look wonderful and I'm so happy things are going so well. Keep taking care of yourself and the sweet twins!

    Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!


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    You're beautiful! People probably ask you if they're your first because you're so young and you look even younger! Congratulations and I love reading your pregnancy posts!

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    get used to the "she looks huge" looks from people. I just got in the habit, when people would ask "oh do you know what you are having?" my response was, "yes a boy and a girl" people would catch on and understand why i looked so big.
    and on the size of your babies, twins develop faster then a single.
    But you are doing good, and enjoy life. keep it up girl.-it will fly

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    I cry everytime I read a sentence about Cohen, but I am sure you are use to that. You are such an inspiration to so many and I am thinking about you and your bundles of joy all the time. My daughter has chosen to use the version of Hallelujah for her solo audition in dance because of your video. Thank you for your inspirational blog!

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    The information my doctor gave me said to eat 2800 calories a day. That rarely ever happens. That is alot of food, especially if you are not eating large meals, which I'm not. The best I've found is to never let myself get hungry but never let myself get full. This means I'm eating a snack about every 2-3 hours, but they are snacks. I just don't know where all those calories are supposed to come from. I am little more concerned about my water intake than my calories!

    You look fantastic! Glad the growing pains are easing. Mine are starting to kick up a little and I had to make a run to the doc this morning b/c I was throwing up blood. I haven't been sick, so it really scared me.

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    I got a pregnancy pillow and a white noise machine for Christmas during my first pregnancy. Best. Gift. Ever!

    The pillow helped more than I thought it would before i got it. Now, I use the white noise machine for my kids. Hopefully, you will be able to get the pillow and get a little relief when you sleep.

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    ive been looking at your blog for awhile now, and i just love it! you are so precious and seem so sweet!

    i wish you the very best and praying for you!

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    you look awesome! Love your preggo updates!

    Orange Leaf…. mmmm! Isn't it heavenly? We just got our first one Lousiana… I'm acutally painting a mural at the 2nd location in South LA this weekend.

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    You look pregnant, but I don't think you look large :) It's amazing to see how babies grow inside their mothers. Such a miracle.

    I really admire the way you matter-of-a-factly tell people about Cohen. I also have to say that I think it's good that you tell people why. I know I would go home and find out as much as could about it.

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    You are about the cutest little Prego Mego I have seen (uh, except for my daughters)! :-)
    You look beautiful and your smile is radiant AND infectious!!

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    you look great.
    I am 11 weeks tomorrow and still looking fat. I want to wear a sign that says I AM CARRYING 2 BABIES- not just fat. :) But I am sure it will be quite obvious soon. Love your response about Cohen. I think it sounds perfect!
    Love the updates. Lets me know what I have coming my way.

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    Just found your blog tonight, I'm also pregnant with TWINS! I'm just about a week and a few days behind you. Love your pictures, you have the cutest bump! Others say I have a bump, but I just feel FAT :( Glad I have someone to experience this all with. You're so lucky to not be sick with nausea!!

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    This is so exciting! I love hearing about this journey for you!
    I have a bobble and love it but it is slow! I recommend the 24 oz turvis tmbler! That is what I used when pregnant and I drank TONS of water which was so helpful for many reasons!

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    I really enjoyed your blog and am a new follower. Please stop by and visit when you can. I'm sorry to hear about losing your little boy. That's always hard!!
    God bless,

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    NINE pillows??? We seriously need a picture!! 😉 You look fantastic! I can't wait to see your sweet little avocado babies!

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    You look wonderful!! I had twins in Oct. and I think we ended up with around 100 ultrasound pictures! I still find random ones laying around every once in awhile!

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    The first picture you posted with the twins and the one you was pregnant with Cohen. You face loooked like you had lost some weight. I am glad to hear you are eating better. You are a blessing to me. I love Psalms 103. I quote that over myself all the time. And I am going to quote this verus to yo" He is going to surround you with His tender mercies and loving kindness. I feel like I am living through this with you. I constantly pray over you and the twins. And cry some days over Cohen.I love you and your family. Mona Ann Ponder

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