Midweek Randoms

Technically, I suppose it's closer to the end of the week. YAY.

  • We had a good doctor's appointment this morning, which I will talk about in Prego Mego tomorrow :)
  • My mom made banana bread this week and I love it. My food intake has definitely been better the past two weeks! My prego friend and doctor both did/are getting loaves today. I posted the recipe a while back here.
  • I big puffy heart Zulily . I ordered these adorable gender neutral onesies and they arrived this week. They organic and oh-so soft. Even better, they have an Elton on them....
  • I've stayed super busy this week with the Heart Walk stuff. I'm excited for Saturday but curious if it's going to make me sad. I just love how the shirts turned out. 
  •  Someone sent their money in this. I thought it was pretty cute.. 
  • Speaking of cute, um most definitely this guy. I love that I'm never home alone...
  • Yay for being able to park a little closer even only if it's at Babies R Us. Since I've felt a bit better the past two weeks, I'm going to try to hold off on the handicap parking sticker a little longer...
  • Kristen gave me this beautiful orchid for hosting her shower. I love orchids. Hopefully I can keep it alive!
  • I like Pia on American Idol. I also loved her dress last night!
  • Last week it was sunny and warm, sometimes hot, almost every day. This week, cold and misty, almost every day. I think we even hit freezing this morning. I'm ready for warm, not hot, and sunny with no mist! I say that now, but I'll probably be miserable once it gets hot, haha. 
  • I can't believe tomorrow starts the month of April. April is a big month as we will find out the twins hopefully have healthy hearts. 
  • We have a few friends coming in town for the Heart Walk and I'm super excited to see them! Hopefully they overlook my wreck-of-a-house. 
  • *Don't forget about this week's giveaway from Lovella Bowtique here.



  1. I loved Pia and her super sparkly dress too!

  2. Every time I go to BRU, all the expectant mom spaces are taken! :P

  3. I loved Pia last night soo much! She's amaazing and gorgeous!!

    I am now checking out zulilly thanks to you... :)

  4. Pia totally got my vote last night too....LOVE the onesies!

  5. Those onesies are adorable! I cant wait to my shirts! And BTB gave me an orchid once.. I killed it in like a week... I have a black thumb when it comes to plants.. I killed an aloe plant once.. Then was told by a horticulture person, that killing an aloe plant is virtually impossible... ha!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. The onesies are adorable! The orchid is beautiful. I got one for Valentine's Day and even tough I am incredibly afraid I will kill it, it's still alive over a month later. The best advice I can give is to neglect it and don't over water.

    I hope you have a great day! Check out my headband giveaway: http://tiny.cc/2b84y

  7. yay for a good appointment! I love hearing and seeing all of the updates, I'm so excited for y'all! :) I liked Pia too. And can't wait for beautiful spring weather!!

  8. Hi....I sent you a message by twitter (which you kindly responded to)...but just so you have my email addy I figured I would post here, too. If you have an extra shirt...I would love to buy one! thankyoupaige@yahoo.com


  9. I'm soooo jealous! Oklahoma is the first state to allow handicapped parking for pregnant women. I live in Texas and this would have been so helpful when I was preggo with our twins! Fingers crossed and prayers said for healthy hearts!

  10. I got so excited to use the expectant mother spot this week!! I wish every store had one! Glad you're feeling better :)

  11. Love the onesies!! Could the colors possibly be a hint (blue and pink)!? I can't remember when you said you will be finding out!

    Pia is just amazing and looked fabulous as always. I also adore Lauren!

  12. I love this post!! ;) Yay for the Heart Walk!

    Good luck with all your upcoming doctor's appointments in April.


  13. those onesies are just too cute! :)

  14. Love the onesies! The one with Elton is especially adorable.

    I like Pia too! (and her outfit)

    I totally took that same picture at Babies R Us with the parking sign. It's a nice perk and I wish more stores would let pregnant gals park closer!

  15. You amaze me and bless me. I look forward to your blog every morning and I say a special prayer for you and the twins. I can't wait to know what they are going to be and their names. God bless you and the twins and hold you in His hand. Ann


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