As you may recall, I’ve posted several times about trying to be more green and/or natural. Food is much harder, and though I’ve gotten pretty good about it, toiletries have been much easier.

I enjoyed reading yall’s comments on this post.

I wanted to share with you all some things that are working for me as I promised I would :)

{I’ll add in links for the things that may be harder to find. It will take you to Amazon which I love to shop/affiliate with.}

Now I’m not exactly sure how natural the L’Oreal shampoo & conditioner is, but it is sulfate free and I know those aren’t too good for you. Jennifer Lopez did a commercial, and honestly, that’s what sold me on it. Good advertising, huh? But I really do like it. I think it helps with frizz.

The Burt’s Bees deep cleansing cream, I have been using for about two years now. I really like it and have no plans to change for now.

The shave foam was a bit of a challenge. I have pretty coarse hair and have always found foam worked best for me. I was surprised when I didn’t get razor burn when I tried the Alba. It is very minty and does leave that cold feeling on your legs. I will say, I think it needs to be used with a pretty fresh razor blade for best results.

I got Nature’s Gate lotion in the summer and this is my second bottle. I really love it. I bought another natural one and it was so hard to rub in. It stayed white forever on my skin. The papaya scent smells amazing.

As for the Korres powder, it’s more of a beauty product and I did just get it yesterday, but so far, I’m liking it! I think it needs a moisturizer or primer underneath to stay on best. I got the wild rose. They gave me one or two little samples of face products I’m going to try.

I would have snapped a pic of my actual bar of soap, but with no label, you couldn’t tell what it is. I couldn’t find a solo pic of the one I use, but it’s the second one in the left row. It’s camomile and I love the smell. It goes on, washes good, and washes off easily. It doesn’t leave anything behind. It’s the 365 brand from Whole Foods. I’ve also been using this since summer. It is a bit pricey for a bar soap, maybe $1.65 per bar, but I think it’s worth it.

I’m on my second tube of Tom’s whole care toothpaste and I like it. It’s the first natural one I tried, and so far, so good. At first, I thought it left a funny after feeling/taste, but that must have worn away or just been part of the changing process because I don’t notice anything now. The tube is more of a metal consistency so that can be a little tricky when it gets towards the end, which is why I grabbed a pic of the Tom’s site to post.

Finding natural products has come with it’s share of wasted dollars. I don’t mind though. I think the hardest part, so far, has been finding a shampoo & conditioner. I honestly felt like the first few sets I tried made my hair SO tangled. It tangled up in the shower and it was just awful. Before the L’Oreal above, I came up with the combination below that I thought wasn’t all too bad. I just had to run my fingers through it quite a bit.

Deodorant has also been a challenge. I’m not currently wearing a “natural” one. I tried both of these Tom’s and I just didn’t think they did the job. It’s not to say when I’m not going any place, I won’t use them, but around people and with the weather getting warm, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I’m going to work on beauty products more. Cleaning products are going well and I’ll share a post on those soon!

PLEASE, feel free to share with me things you like and/or don’t like!

There was something else I wanted to tell you all today. Oh yes, as if I really need anymore magazines, GroopDealz is running an awesome special for magazine subscriptions! They are doing $10 for a $20 credit to You can see here. I’m trying hard not to give in. I’m definitely not telling my mom. She might get more magazines than I do.



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    The Body Shop has deodorant now, and while I haven't used it, I've heard it's awesome.

    As for hair care, Body Shop also has shampoo and I love the honey, my hair is always perfect when I use it!

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    Thank you for posting all of this. I'm in the process of changing over to green/natural/organic etc and it is a slow process but I am so excited about it. I'm finishing the switch of cleaning products now and plan to move on to toiletries next, so this is perfect timing. I love learning what has and hasn't worked for people!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Congratulations on your efforts!! I love the Alba shaving cream, although I prefer the non foam one.
    No deodorant I tried has measured up to what I need. I have sensitive skin and it's been a bit difficult to find one tha I can wear at the regular drug stores. I'll look into any suggestions others post here.

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    There is a natural deodorant at The Body Shop whichs is pretty good but most of them don't work as well as I would like. I use or have tried most of those products. I am all about using everything as natural as possible. I do want to tell that I discovered Korres about a year ago and their face creams are the best I have ever used and I have tried themn all! My entire face is Korres products and they are worth the money.

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    thanks for the great post! as a dentist I'm wary of Tom's because often it doesn't contain fluoride. Fluoride really is not bad for you, despite some things you might read on the internet. It is really effective against cariogenic bacteria and keeps your teeth free of disease. I think there are some Tom's toothpaste products that contain fluoride, those are better. Sorry, I know you didn't ask for any opinions, its just that I see a lot of patients that use Tom's and really care about their oral health, and then they get cavities, and are sad.
    That being said, I can't wait to try the loreal shampoo and korres powder!

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    That's awesome you are going green! My mom and I are really big on that too. My favorite green body lotion is Mountain Ocean's Coconut Trip. You can find it at whole foods. I usually by 2 when I go, because they are always sold out!

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    Try Giovanni brand (spelling may be wrong) shampoo and conditioner. They have a leave in conditioner that is great as I use it on my girls' long hair. I've even found a big bottle of the shampoo at marshalls for 12 which my husband loves. I have to have a few different options though.
    Aveda has some great stuff that is natural but it can be pricey too. Suave just came out with a line comparable though I don't know how green they are.
    Have you tried any natural female products? If so how do you like them?
    Trader Joe has a great shaving cream that a friend just introduced me too.

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    I am so bad when it comes to "natural". I have been using the same products since high schools..12 years now! I'm a creature of habit.

    Can't live without my MAC. My sis-in-law is a regional trainer in san fran for MAC cosmetics and so she gives it away by the bagfulls when she has so much she doesn't know what to do. I am the only pale, blondie.. so I get all the cool colors. LOVE IT!!

    So. Totally not natural anything. I'll work on my diet, and then maybe my cleaning supplies. Although. nothing quite beats vinegar and water.

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    Hooray for going natural. I also try to use natural products (and use a lot of the same ones you do).

    For me, the trick with the Tom's deodorant is re-application. (I use the exact same fresh apricot that you posted.) Especially on warmer days and when I'm out and about, I just throw it in my purse and re-apply when I go to the bathroom. It's not that big of a deal and it seems to make sure that I stay fresh (and natural too!). = )

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    I use the same Burt's Bees cleansing cream and have used the Nature's Gate Papaya lotion too. Loved it!

    I use a deodorant that is called Le Stick. The gardenia scent is my favorite. It is made of french clay and does a good job.

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    Hi! I use Kiehl's Deodorant and it is naturally wonderful! It comes in a tube..which is diffent but great! I use it and so does my husband. He is a rancher and needs effective deodorant. You should try it!

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    I love the smell of Avalon products, but the conditioner isn't enough for my hair.

    And it is hard to find a natural deodorant that does the job right.

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    Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner. I have a whole spreadsheet going of natural/organic products including cleaning products. I am going to post it on my blog in the next day or so. It took some research, but it was kind of fun. Check it out in a few days.

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    Shampoo and Conditioner is the hard part for sure! Ihave never found a natural one or natural deoderant that worked well for me so cant wait to see what you find there. I love the Kiss My Face line for shave cream and The Body Shop has lots of great products but I am not sure about how natural they are but I thikn they are! ha

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    so this is really late, but for a make-up remover/wash i use 3 oz organic extra virgin olive oil and 1 oz castor oil. then, remove with a warm wash cloth. works wonderfully!

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