I kind of missed my weekly phone pics last week. I’m throwing those and a few new ones into this post :) I like taking and looking back at them.

  • Still no sign of my friend, Adam :( They found his car, but nothing else to indicate where exactly he is or how he is. Quite sad. Please continue to pray for his family and his safety. There is a page on facebook, here, that gets updated daily. Thank you! 
  • We are getting a team all set up in memory of Cohen for our local heart walk. It’s been a bit more emotional that I thought it would be. Just thinking about it all, seeing the shirt, setting up the page….wondering if people will show up. I guess all of it. If you live locally/close, and want to be included in the email with info I send out, let me know. I’ll post the shirt and stuff for everyone to see on here as well :) We walked in the heart walk last year and I posted about it here.
  • I meant to post this a while back with the “cute as a button” baby shower post here, but I forgot! My friend Amy, gave all the girls that hosted these fun towels. Love them..
  • Are you all watching American Idol? Who is/are your favorite(s)? I honestly think there are a good handful of exceptional singers this year. I’ve not quite memorized their names, but when I do, I’ll tell you the ones Brent and I are liking.
  • Yesterday we got this adorable baby announcement in the mail. Our friends had this sweet beauty in January..
  • My mom bought me this cute Easter egg holder last week. It’s fun. She loads me up with goodies…
  • Speaking of my mom, she has cooked lots this week. Well, I think she cooks a lot quite often. She has been doing it so long and is so good, I think she is able to do it quite fast. To me, I can’t just “whip up” something like she can. I’ve had her tortilla soup and turkey salad this week. I had a bit of a chocolate cake, but it was with bittersweet chocolates and it was rich, and well, I just couldn’t do it. I’ll try to get the recipe for the soup posted at some point…
  • Poor Elty. He’s had a rough week. His allergies and glands are acting up :( Both have always been an issue. After a hefty and I’m talking horrid vet bill, he now has clean glands and new allergy meds. He does have to wear a cute little band aid on his tosh for a few days…
  • I have two baby showers to attend this weekend. I have two newborns I need to pick up something for and also a different three or four..or five.. other babies in utero to shop for. It has to be the year of the babies. I was trying to debate on if there were more girls or boys expected, but it really does seem pretty evened out. So far, I’ve done pretty well with baby showers and new babies, thankfully. I think I have my moments, but they haven’t been gut-wrenching. I’m praying to be involved in the year of the pregnancy/baby at some point :)
    • Blueberries are delish right now. I’m not sure if that’s everywhere or just here. I got a larger container at Super Target recently and they are perfect. There wasn’t a mushy or yucky one in the entire container…
    • I had a few questions emailed on this post. Most of the products are from Whole Foods. A few of them might be/or can probably be purchased at smaller type natural/organic stores. We have Akin’s Natural Food Markets here and they carry some of the same products.
      • I got maybe a tad overly excited when Brent showed up with Chick-fil-a last night, which included some new ketchup packets. I guess I like that you can squeeze or dip. I like options, I suppose…
      • We are going to see Unknown tonight. Hoping it matches up to Taken. We loved Taken. I love hearing Brent say those certain few sentences that Liam Neeson says, that pretty much sum up the move. I’ll let ya know!
      • I’ve added a special page up top titled “coupon codes for my readers :)” I thought since people offer them periodically, I would have a place for them. There are two going right now.

      Happy Friday!



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        That "M" towel is adorable. What a sweet gift from your friend! :)

        I give you SO much credit for staying so positive and upbeat when it seems like you ar surrounded by babies, pregnancies, etc. I can say without hesitation that I know I wouldn't be as strong as you are. You are such a great friend to still be participating in showers, etc. when I know it has to be so bittersweet.

        Love and prayers! :)

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        Poor Elton…..One of my cats (I have 2) has glands that act up like those in a dog. It's not very common in cats but it can happen in them…..I hear ya on the horrid vet bill….as a result, we eat prescription food that is quite pricey. She's never had to wear a bandaid on her behind tho :-( Gotta take care of our furry babies!

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        I got those same blueberries at the Super Target by both of our houses this week and they are amazing! Please send me info on the heart walk, too. We try to walk it each year with Tommy's dad – he is a heart transplant recipient – but would love to support you as well :).

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        I'm sure there will be hundreds of people show up for the walk for Cohen.
        American Idol – So far I love Casey Brown (I think is his name) and Alaina Lauren or Alexis Lauren…I haven't quite got their names down just yet either.

      5. says

        Poor Elton! That is a funny pic though. My poor old Rudy (Doxie gone to heaven now) had problems with skin allergies. Special food, more expensive flea meds and the occasional steroids kept it manageable. Umm- that band-aid is too funny!
        my hubby was really excited over those ketchup packs too! :)

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        My dog is having her glands removed today. Not looking forward to dealing with stitches in that area. I am looking forward to no more gland problems.

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        I dont live close but would love to donate and get a shirt for Cohens walk. I can shoot you an email also and get the info from you! Have a good weekend!

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        Casey Abrams is HANDS DOWN my fav. Idol contestant. He's the jazzy, bluesy guy who always plays the base. LOVE HIM!

        Don't you love gifts from Moms! We call them "happys!" Love your Easter "happy"

        The Chick-Fil-A ketchup- My little sis sent me almost that exact same pic last week. She was equally as excited as you were!

        Hope you have a great weekend!

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        Hey there!

        I am so glad that you guys are doing the walk in honor of Cohen :) I would LOVE to buy a t-shirt! Let me know when you get all the details.

        Much love :)

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        Chickfila is having Free FryDay this Friday March 4th. All you have to do is mention the new ketchup packets. I think they are great too!

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        There is another family whose angel is in Heaven.

        A woman named Kellie follows your blog. I am guessing you don't know her story. On Feb. 17th she was teaching kindergarten when she got the worst call of her life. Her 4 month old baby died in the care of the babysitter. Kellie is a wonderful woman who needs our help! If you could see her blog and feel inspired, it would be amazing if you could do a post about the auction they are doing on this coming Monday, the 28th. They are trying to raise enough money to (in the future) have another child and be able to stay at home with them full-time. Kellie and James didn't deserve what happened to them. Could you please help out a wonderful family in need by posting the link to the auction on your site? Thank you.


        The auction site:

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        Chick-fil-A's new ketchup packets caught my eye, too! I called my husband and told him and brought one home to show him. I think he was underwhelmed, but I love it. :)

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