Maddie & Fundraisers for her family

I was devastated when I read the news about little Madison. I mean I cried and cried about it. I still cry thinking about it and what Kellie and James must be going through. Unfortunately, I can say from experience, losing a child is what I feel to be the hardest thing for one to go through.

Maddie was just four months old and stopped breathing.

After discussing infant death all too often this year, the one always agreeable fact… we can try and try to do our best and protect our babies and kids, but ultimately, we can’t control it. It’s just not in our hands. I’ve heard mom after mom say this.

Kellie was working and Maddie was at the babysitter’s. It’s not Kellie’s fault. It’s not the babysitter’s fault. It’s certainly not Maddie’s fault. It was just her time. I think sometimes we can be scared and wonder “when is our time?” Maddie was never scared. She became a little angel in peace and I know she wants peace for those mourning. 

I did this post in regards to my opinion on angels. I certainly think Madison is surrounding her family.

I’m sure Cohen was a gentleman and gave Maddie a hug when he saw her.

The first “girl” name Brent and I ever liked if we were to have a baby girl was Madison. In 2002, our first date was to see Swimfan and the main girl’s name was Madison. It was actually still top of our list until this last year and we randomly came up with a few others. When I say randomly, it was those crazy convos when your pregnant and wonder if your doctor has the sex wrong, and the baby will really come out a girl. Not our case, Cohen was definitely a boy. The whole name thing crossed my mind pretty quickly when I heard what happened to Maddie. I don’t know what it means, but it consumed me for a few minutes.

I was contacted about an auction on Facebook tomorrow, the 28th, for the Staats family. It’s called “The Tiny Wings Auction – In Memory of Madison Paige Staats. The visit the auction, go HERE.There are some ADORABLE items.

This auction will open Monday, Feb. 28th at 12 pm cst.
Lets open our hearts & wallets :)
God Bless♥
Lets make this huge & raise an incredible amount to help Maddies family.
**If you would like to add anything from your boutique send me an e-mail at & I will give you more details. I need all info sent to me by Sunday at 8 pm cst.

It was so helpful to us to have several people host fundraisers to help.  Though I don’t have anything to create and sell, I’m happy to spread the word. 

I also know Perfectly Precious Boutique has created a bow in memory of Maddie and all the proceeds from it’s sales will go to the Staats.

You can find the bows HERE.

I’ve seen or read about a few other fundraisers, but now can’t track them down. If you or anyone else you know is hosting a fundraiser, please add it in the Mr.Linky. Thank you!



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    How great of you to do this Megan! You are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful girl I have ever "met"!

    I will most def look around and get my shop on for a great cause and a great fam! I am so heartbroken over this story and I just cry everytime I read there blog!


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    Mama Bracelets has donated an "Angel" bracelet to the auction. It has become a donation item where people donate under this item and the proceeds go to the family. It is also available for personal purchase from Mama Bracelets~~25% of all proceeds will go to the Staats family as well. (3.3.11)

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