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So this was the week of love :) I think Valentine's is a fun time to give people treats and let them know they are sweet!

It's not the only day Brent and I attempt to spoil each other, though it's kind of like an expected day.

We told each other we wouldn't spend much and neither of us really wanted/needed anything. We went to dinner last Friday night to avoid the crowds on Monday. Here we are then...

I got Brent a fun, small gift...

It's a 2011 Boston Terrier calendar. He can put it right at his desk. I ordered it from African Grey. SUCH cute stuff.

On Monday, this conversation happened between Brent and myself. Pretty funny.

The man does know that one of the keys to my heart is food, good food. He went and picked up a few of my favorite things and brought them home for dinner. Yes, we shared. Yes, I ate leftovers the next day. It was all so good. We had chocolate geateau, fillet w/ asparagus & wasabi mashed potatoes, lobster bisque, sun-dried tomato & jalapeno risotto & sushi. Not pictured - yummy homemade bread & vino. I figured why not make it a night to indulge after I opened all of the below.

While I was anxiously waiting for Brent to get home, I was thinking about how it was our ninth Valentine's day together. Last year was by far the worst Valentine's day as we had just found out about Cohen's heart. So, I kind of have that on my mind this February as well. Anyways, we've been together nine years this September and married for five years this October. I realized I hadn't posted pictures from our third and fourth anniversary. I created a quick post here and placed it in 2009. Soon, I'll add in the small anniversary recap for 2010 even though it mostly includes pictures of my then newly cut bangs :)

Here are our past four wedding anniversary days. All October 28th, of course. 





And because February and hearts, and well, all things heart will always mean this to us....

Cohen has been a precious little member of heaven 8 months today.

Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's & February, @lifeofbrent.

I hope you all had a fun week of love and sweethearts.



  1. I love how Cohen is in the picture from this year's picture! That food looks delicious! You deserve to be spoiled :)

  2. It looks like you had a great Valentine's Day! The calender is adorable and I am super jealous of your feast. All of the food looks delicious! I loved looking at your anniversary pictures, you guys are such a photogenic couple :)

  3. So sweet! You are so very lucky to be spoiled by that man! They aren't all like that!

  4. that food looks amazing! yum! that would totally win my heart as well. you look great in your pictures! you are so thin!

  5. You two are so cute. I love the texts and oh my yummy food!

    We spent Valentine's in ICU while Owen had a speedy recovery from his 3rd open heart surgery. Hearts were on my mind for sure.

    I can't believe it's been 8 months since Cohen's heart was made perfect.

    I'm glad you had a great Valentine's Day because you totally deserve it!

  6. Awe! This post was so sweet it just melted my heart. You both are so precious and I pray that the Lord would bless your lives tremendously in the coming years :)

  7. Such a sweet post! You can tell you & Brent have so much love for each other. I hope ya'll had a wonderful Valentine's Day & you know that both of you are SO loved by your blogging community! <3


  8. love that conversation.. that food looks yummy :) what a great husband!

    love the calender what a great idea!

  9. What a special feast for a special day!!

    You two are gorgeous. No wonder you had such a pretty baby :)

  10. You two are such a good looking couple! And I love your food choices. Yummy!

  11. That food looks wonderful! I'm glad you had a good Valentine's. You deserve it. That's such a sweet picture of Cohen...

  12. What beautiful couple pics. And sweet baby Cohen. Food looked delish as well. Glad you were spoiled well for Valentines and probably most days :) Happy Weekend to you! Im now a new twitter follower as well. (Seesa1)

  13. That calendar is awesome!

    And that photo of Cohen is inspiring... a great month to care about our "heart" babies...


  14. What a lovely post. I'm so glad y'all had fun.


  15. When I read "My baby's not eating that", my heart skipped a beat, I thought you were announcing you were pregnant. But then you raved about sushi, and I thought hmmmm maybe I was wrong.

    At any rate, sounds like a fun Valentine's day. Your husband seems like a sweet guy. And as always, I love seeing pics of sweet Cohen.

  16. What a fun little Valentine's celebration! And that calendar is sooooo cute! What a fun gift!

  17. Love the pictures - you guys are such a cute couple!!

  18. The calendar is so cute! All that food is making me soooo hungry. Brent is such a sweetie.

  19. you two really have gotten cuter by the day. love y'all and love how sweet you are to each other - it definitely shows. what a precious couple ... still praying for y'all every day!!

  20. That food looks phenomenal! Love the texts between the two of you. Adorable :)


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