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Happy Friday, everyone :)

Unfortunately, my weekend ended and we began knocking this off the buffet…
It is the ornament that says “Cohen” that I got in December. I posted it here. We are going to attempt to glue what pieces aren’t too shattered, though we may order another one. It was on the end of the buffet and I was taking lights off the kitchen tree and they hit and knocked the ornament into the floor :( I had a slight major breakdown. 

This week, I’m obsessed with these frozen strawberry bars. They are so good. 
All of the snow has melted away this week…
I like snow, but I’m glad the sun is out and the sky is SUPER blue….
Since I’ve come to love the blog world so much, magazines have kind of fallen by the wayside. This week, I got the January and February issues of Martha Stewart Living (they must have been behind with the new year) and I’m going to make an effort to read them. I have a stack from the past six months I should go through as well : / 
Speaking of strawberry love this week, I think I’ve decided Berry Blast is my favorite N@ked drink. I think it’s because it does have a lot of strawberry and it is thin. Some are a bit thick for me. Here are the ones I bought a few weeks ago.

I joined Jessica and her girls yesterday for lunch. We celebrated Penny’s birthday (which is today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PENNY!) She was so funny. We got her and us the Reese’s peanut butter cup cheesecake and she really liked it and we did too though she really did eat the most

See, she really liked it….

and because he is really cute this week, and every week….

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    I know this is random but I have been reading your blog recently and I wanted to give you an award bc I thing your blog is great :) Feel free to participate or not, just wanted to let you know I LOVE your blog and have loved following your story.


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    Dear Megan,

    I am so sorry about Cohen's ornament. What a blow that must have been. I have no place suggesting anything as I am a stranger to you, but therE is something special to me about piecing the ornament back together again, it seems to represent Cohen's heArt of broken perfection.

    You were very much on my mind yesterday. You see at about 11AM PST I was sitting with my sister, her husband and my much loved 15 year old nephew in hid pediatric electrophysiologist's office as he drew pictures of Peter's broken heart. I saw those drawings, was catapultated to the scanned drawings of Cohen's heart and felt mine break in a million tiny pieces. We have known for a short while that something was not right. I am a pediatric oncology nurse and have been doing a tremendous amount of research so suspected that the news we would get would not be great. I had no idea how bad. What is truly miraculous is that he has likely had this his whole life. It explains why he is so thin and a little shorter than most the boys his age. His tests results have been sent to the very doctors that worked on your boy as Peter's surgeon helped setup the program in Texas…we know we are in good hands. Everyone is stunned that Peter is doing so well and in there words suffered a major cardiac event. Quite simply, they cannot believe he is alive. He is a candidate for surgery to fix this rather rare electrical disturbance. It will be between 6 & 8 hours long. They want to test a few more things before so for now my entire family has gone to special pediatric CPR training and he must carry a defibrillator wherever he goes. I will never forget the look on my sisters face as this was all presented. I thought of you Megan and I was sorry all over again for your heartache, for Cohen's pain, that he is not here.

    I hope it does not burden you to hear of another child or to hear his broken auntie ask for your prayers. i just know you have a precious angel who is so close to the Lord and perhaps he could say a kind word on my Peter's behalf. Regardless, you are always in my prayers. You are a siwe and very mature young mother who has gracefully endured life's most bitter and unthinkable tragedy. I am so very sorry. Thank you in advance for any thoughts for "my" little boy. The boy with the bright blue eyes, who is smart as a whip, sings like an angel, runs like the wind, plays a mean board game and has a chortle that starts at his toes and fills my soul.

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