So, I really don’t change up the rooms in my house all too often. We have a medium size home right now and there rooms aren’t that large. I have decided that the majority of my decor preference would be eclectic. I do like other styles but I like to be able to add any piece, any color, from any time period and with any pattern. I do know they have to tie together in some way, but with more of an eclectic style, I think you just have more freedom. I may like a very traditional looking bed, furniture, mirror, etc., but have lots of fun pieces surrounding it.

I have a folder on my desktop that I drop pictures in when I come across something I like. Here are just a few of them….

The next two pictures are Candace Bushnell’s home…

The rug is too small, but I like the chandelier and drapes mixed with the furniture… 

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I know this was kind of random, but I really do love decor and all things home :) I’m itching to paint something, I think. Maybe I will re-do a room soon….or add pieces to a room. You may remember this post about me wanting to paint a room pink. No, it hasn’t happened. Maybe it will. I like to think my Elton Warhol is pretty eclectic.

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    Love the pics. I want my home to be that way as well, dont really want all the bright colors but would like to mix and math and have it all pull together. :) I hate all matchy matchy. I ldont like to buy the chair that matches the sofa and the end table that matches the coffee table. Fun to mix and match. Love ur blog by the way. :) New follower.

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    Thanks so much for posting on this topic! Oddly enough, I felt like you gave me "permission" to step out of the box decorating-wise. I end up always trying to get too "matchy-matchy" with everything and thats just ridiculously stressful! Thanks again, you're awesome!

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    I love that first picture! And of course Candice's home. Oh, and the one with the white table and the pink flowers. Swoon!

    I've been itching to paint something too. We're going to tackle the office and the guest bath next month. Yay!

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    I love this post!!!! The first pics two are by far my fav… I too am eclectic. We have a mostly neutral living room but I have a bright orange NOLA watermeter clock and hot pink pic frames etc….my dorm room in college was completely lime green, purple and black! I am in love with vintage mixed with provential with bright colors!!! You read my mind with this one.

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    I love decorating! I have been toying with the idea of painting my porch room, but I can't decide on a color, so it's off for the moment!

    Thanks for sharing those great ideas!

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    We just painted an accent wall green in our living room, the other walls are yellow. Now I have to decide what to add to the walls. I loved your ideas !

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    Oh I just love these, that first room is one of my inspirational rooms that I have saved for the baby's room. Weird I know but I'm trying to do a blue room with white furniture and some black involved. I just love that turquoise color :)
    I think all of these are so bold and eye popping. I love it!

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    My FAV color is green so I LOVE the olives. I would do that for my kitchen. Wath a fun post :)

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    I love all those pictures! Isn't home decorating fun?! I'm kind of like you in that I love eclectic. I like traditional things too, but, if I find a piece I MUST have, I want it to be able to fit in my space. So far so good…. I think…. It kind of feels like a never ending process!

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    love the photos!!! i LOVE color. every room in my house has lots … some think it's too busy, but i adore it. :) i'm in if you ever get the itch to paint … might give me a reason to visit. :)

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