Blogger Christmas Party

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been blessed with many new friends since I’ve been in the blog world. A few of these girls (Katie and Jessica) I knew long before blogging, but now they blog too :)

Luckily, a wonderful group of girls that blog live close by. No, we don’t all live in the exact same town, but in the relative area. There are still a handful missing form this picture that hopefully will be in the next one!

I know this post is very late. I will probably move it to December archives before it goes in a blog book :)

I hosted a little Christmas dinner a few weeks before Christmas. Everyone brought a dish and we had a great time chatting and filling our tummies.

{Top row – Melissa, Sarah, me & Katie . Bottom row – Megan, Lindsey, Jessica, Ashley, Katie & Lynn)

yummy treats – my mom made the mice. I honestly can’t remember who else brought what!
the main foods :)
drink cart
The rest of the pictures I snapped before everyone arrived :) (except table one with food)
Can you tell I love glittery things?

Love my drink cart I think my mom got this cart at a antique store when I was in college. It’s been in storage until a few months ago. I went with bright colors are the cart :)

what’s a party without fresh flowers?

I love hosting parties and I’ve had such a fun time getting to know these girls!

Yes, I probably still have more belated holiday posts coming :)

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    very merry!! love all the photos … gorgeous girls, gorgeous house, gorgeous you! the mice are pretty fantastic, too. :) xoxo pretty girl. happy friday eve!

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