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I've never been very crafty. I LOVE to look at crafty DIY projects but I'm just not too great at executing them myself. Therefore, I very rarely think of something on my own. Thank goodness for magazines and blogs! Something else I'm thankful for is Hobby Lobby. They have more colors of acrylic paint than I knew of colors that existed. Do you remember this post? I hit an after Christmas sale and got a TON of stuff for pretty much nothing. That is kind of how I felt yesterday....

The real little pumpkin did not come from Hobby Lobby, but it's involved in a project.My mom also gave me some acorns..

I also got this...

Not all the little projects will involve pumpkins. My mom gave me these forever ago. They were in their old house. I think I could change them up a bit. I've gotten advice from my friend, Kristen, on them..

Are you working on any fall crafty-type projects? 

Maybe I could do a linky for you to show me ? ; ) I've seen a few linkys on other blogs for projects and I could spend hours looking through them all. Unfortunately, that's the unproductive part, haha. 

I spent a few hours in the Urgent Care with Brent this morning. A line drive softball hit him in the foot last night and he came home hopping on the opposite foot. He woke up this morning with it feeling worse. He had x-rays done and it turns out to be a badly bruised bone. We left the doctor with his foot wrapped in a bandage and hobbling on crutches.  :( Boo. I feel bad for him, but hopefully it heals quickly.

In other news, I'm starting Provera today. Anyone taken in before? 

Thank you for all the sweet comments on Cohen and his Beads of Courage :) 

I got several emails with questions on the Beads of Courage program. Once I find the answers to your questions, I will definitely write you back. I promise I'm trying to get to all the emails.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing an October sponsor and advertising update post. Lots of newbies this month. Check back because a few of them are offering great deals to my readers!


Cohen's "Beads of Courage"

I think I'm ready to start participating in some of the programs we heard about prior, during and after Cohen's stay in the hospital. For a while I've felt like I didn't know when I would want to, but I knew I would. It will probably feel like a constant reminder of so much that he went through, but it's kind of like, well what isn't? There are SO many heart babies. This post is about the Beads of Courage Program Cohen participated in while he was in the hospital. Now, we will participate and donate some beads.

When we first got to Children's, the staff notified of us the Beads of Courage program. It seemed like a wonderful program. Things moved quite quickly with Cohen and our little boy was so very courageous. He earned LOTS of beads that we will cherish forever. It is definitely an item that will be in something fireproof when we aren't home.

I gathered some information from the Beads of Courage website. All the information below tells you about the program. Below that, I will show some of the pictures of Cohen's beads and pictures of us stranding his beads. He earned many "special" beads and even a bead from another Cohen. I plan to gather some beautiful beads to send for the program.

beads of courage program

our main program defined

Every bead tells a story of strength, honor and hope.

What is the Beads of Courage Program?

The Program is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen the protective resources in children coping with serious illness. Through the program children tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment path.

how it works

Upon enrollment each child is given the Beads of Courage bead color guide with a detachable membership card. Their Beads of Courage journey begins when each child is first given a length of string and beads that spell out their first name. Then, colorful beads, each representing a different treatment milestone are given to the child by their professional health care provider to add to their Beads of Courage collection throughout their treatment as determined by the Beads of Courage Bead Guide (available from Beads of Courage, Inc.) There are specific Beads of Courage Program Bead guides for cancer, cardiac conditions, burn injuries, and serious illness. All Program bead guides were developed in collaboration with experts in the field (nurses, doctors, child life specialists and social workers) so that each bead guide would reflect meaningful acknowledgment of a child's treatment journey. 

major benefits

Ongoing evaluation of the Beads of Courage program indicates that the program helps to decrease illness-related distress, increase the use of positive coping strategies, helps children find meaning in illness, and restore sense of self in children coping with serious illness. The program also provides something tangible the child can use to tell about their experience during cancer treatment and after.

why beads?
interesting facts

Throughout history, in cultures across the world, beads have had a huge number of functions. Here are a few interesting facts.

Beads signify strength and courage
Just like medals, ribbons and certificates, many ancient and modern-day cultures use beads to show bravery and accomplishment. They have long been used to protect warriors from natural and supernatural enemies, along with lending special magical protection for heroes during long journeys.

Beads have every-day uses
They have served many practical purposes throughout history, from weighing down scrolls, saddle blankets and table cloths to serving as calculators (like the abacus) to prayer tools (like the rosary). Today, we see beads in mats, car seats, and curtains. Can you think of any ways that people use beads today?

Beads carry value
Beads have been traded for everything from gold to beaver pelts, ivory to spices, and even slaves. Societies across the world have made beads from tortoise shells, wood, pottery, sea shells, seed, ivory, stone, egg shells, animal teeth, bone, claw and horn…and glass. Some of the world's most talented glass artists devote their whole careers to making beads.

In many societies, beads are believed to carry protective and healing powers
Did you know that the Egyptian word sha means "luck" and sha-sha means "bead"? The Magical Eye bead of Turkey is believed to ward off evil. In parts of Asia, beads were scattered like seeds at temples to induce bountiful harvests.

Beads signify status
In China, during the Qing (pronounced "ching") Dynasty, officials, army officers, their wives and children were required to wear strings of court beads. The Emperor himself had to wear special beads. For the Asante people of West Africa, kings and other great people get the privilege of wearing Bodom beads. In our own society beads of pearl, gold and precious stones can be symbols of wealth and prestige.

Given the length of time people have been fascinated with beads (over 43,000 years!), as well as their usefulness for counting, adorning and symbolizing importance, they're just right for recognizing and recording your courage as you travel this journey.

Cohen got lots of beads. Each bead was because of a surgery, needle prick, medication, etc...

The cool and unique beads were for something major, which he earned several of. I believe for heart surgery, cardiac arrests, etc. As you saw above, on the sides of his name he had a heart and a lion. We believe he had the heart of a lion :)

One of the first few days at Children's, some of the nurses brought us a bead they had picked out. When they opened it up, they found it was from another Cohen! That was way cool!

This is the bad that was made for Cohen's beads to be kept in as he was awarded them....

Here Brent and I are stranding all his beads.....

We enjoyed the program at Children's. It taught us about everything Cohen was going through and achieved.

 April, if you are reading, I need your email address :)



Paxton's slideshow & Randoms

As you know, Brent is a HUGE razorback fan. He sent me the link to two shirts that he wanted. I ordered the one from the top link. I figured he liked them both and it was the least expensive (less than $20, including shipping). Two days later, he sent me the second link and said he liked it best. RATS. I ordered the second shirt. Two shirts and $40 later, I decided I wanted to send a child in need a pair of shoes. That's right, I had been wanting the glitter TOMS Shoesand I finally got them.....

{a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need with every pair of TOMS Shoespurchased}

Now, Brent and I have our fall items that we were wanting :) haha. We spent less than $100 and a sweet kiddo has some sweet shoes.

Remember yesterday when I posted that my sister-in-lawish, Mandy, had her baby? Well my MIL (the photographer) posted the delivery slideshow HERE. 

It made me watch Cohen's slideshow a few times. It made me miss him a little harder today. I'm not any less happy for Mandy and I love baby Paxton! It's just that feeling that I can't explain. It comes and usually don't stay for long.

I still need to post Cohen's Memorial slideshow.

Brent showed up last night with pretty flowers....

I think he likes how excited I get. And I know he knows they make me feel good if I was having a sadder day.

Speaking of flowers, he brought these home a few weeks ago and I don't think I posted a pic. Super pretty...

AND my mom planted my planter pretty too....

Yesterday, I purchased these cuties....

There will be some paint involved. I'll post those when I'm done.

I really want to learn to like pumpkin flavor better. I'm thinking of making some pumpkin seeds. I remember having those before and liking them. I think I'll look for a cinnamon & sugar recipe. Anyone have one they want to share??

I want to share these wonderful beanie cuddle things. I'm not sure their names. I'm not really sure the details. Our sweet friend Sasha gave them to Brent and I and they are AMAZING! You put them in the microwave and heat them. They STAY warm for a LONG time. You don't have to deal with a cord for a heating pad or anything. Maybe you can cool them too. I've not tried that yet...

I posted a recipe for delicious stuffed red peppers HERE.

Last night, I was emailed a prayer request that broke my heart. Honestly, there are so many people out there that could use prayers. This girl, Leslie, was pregnant with twins. She went into labor at 19 weeks. One baby was stillborn and the other passed a few minutes after birth. Not long after, amniotic fluid filled Leslie's lungs and ended up causes her to have a heart attack. She is currently on life support. Leslie's husband lost his first wife already and he and Leslie have been raising their three kids. SO SAD. Story HERE.

I'm saying lots of prayers for Summer as baby brownie makes their way.

My heart has also been heavy for Daniel & Lyndsi as their adoption process took a heartbreaking turn. 

Please continue to pray for babies/kiddos Bowen, Ewan, Hailey, Max & Brayden. I know these aren't near all the ones that need our prayers, but these you can know their specific prayers by reading the blogs.

Also, my brother made a move for work and could probably use prayers too! He is many hours away from us in Texas!

Have a good day!




Let's see..since my post on Friday, I've gone to the doctor, gone to Fayetteville and my sis-in-law, Mandy, had her baby!

Let's start off with the doctor. I went to the dermatologist Friday morning. He was wonderful and got me in quick. He saw that a little cyst above my lip needed to be lanced off. I asked if it would be okay to be in public because I was going out of town. He asked where I was going. Well, anywhere I go..someone is going to me, right!? haha. I think was a bit more paranoid. Once it was over, I felt like I had a bad collagen job or something. After the numbing shot wore off, it HURT for about an hour or two. Then, I was left with a tiny little bruise and a puffy upper lip.

While at the dermatologist, I lifted up my sleeve to the inside of my wrist and said, "look, I'm still allergic to black dye." He laughed and said that it did appear so. My sister-in-law, Morgan, does hair and I thought I should test it out to see if the allergy has gone away. I dyed my hair off and on for years. Then, in 2008, I broke out all over my body. Even though my OLD dermatologist said that it wouldn't be an allergy, I drove myself to the allergy clinic for a patch test to find out that I had, indeed, become allergic to black dye. It's technical term is paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and it is NOT my friend. I'll be in search of an au natural dye for when I go gray. Let's just say, I now still have a puffy lip (which you probably can see in the pics below) and I'm on a steroid cream. Last night my wrist was looking much worse than when my doc saw it Friday. I emailed him a picture and he said it looked like a severe allergy contact dermatitis. He called me in a cream to put on it. Way to go, Megan. I can't wear black or dark clothes without washing them at least once or twice before wearing them. It's awesome.

I didn't go to my nurse for weigh in and such on Friday. That is going to be Wednesday. Hopefully this week I will also know when I'll be going back to the OB.

Friday afternoon, we headed to Fayetteville. It was planned as a "guys weekend" for Brent and Kyle. However, I decided I wanted to go see a few of my friends as well. They kind of did their thing and I did mine. I almost backed out Thursday night. I had a little break down. It, like many other things, was going to be a "first". The first time to Fayetteville...without Cohen. Had it not been for Fayetteville, there would have been no Cohen. Brent and I met there 8 years ago this month. Brent talked me into going and I'm so glad I did. I'm not to thrilled about how the game ended up, but the sea of red was oh-so-fun...

Sometime, I'm going to lots more pictures of the tailgating areas. I've only tailgated at a few other schools, but I'd be willing to bit Arkansas is WAY high up there in team spirit. It has to be a 10 mile radius of the above.

Sweet razorback treats could be found everywhere....

major team spirit.....

I've never seen as many stuffed elephants as I did on Saturday. I mean people built little fake roasting pits. It was hilarious.

Most of the pics below are from Friday night. I bet you can guess which one isn't...

Last night between 12 and 1am, my sister-in-lawish, Mandy, had baby Paxton! HERE is where I went to/posted about Mandy's shower. I didn't think I could handle going the hospital, but I did receive a few pictures and how PRECIOUS is he!?.....

I love him already. Brent and I will be going over to visit when they get home!

Winner & a deal!

Thank you to the Keep Calm Etsy shop for doing a fun giveaway!

The winner is....


Congrats, lady :) Email me for details!

I'm glad you all entered! I'll probably having another giveaway soon! Aren't they fun!?

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World Heart Day

Today is World Heart Day.

Hearts are close to my heart. Hearts are important. To everyone.

Find out more at the World Heart Federation here.  Their goal is awareness and encouraging people to take charge or their heart.. if possible.

Hope you all had a good weekend. We had a wonderful time in Fayetteville even though our hogs lost. I'll be back soon with a recap and with a winner for the giveaway! You have a little longer to enter. Sorry I forgot to ad the link in my last post after partially setting it up.

ps - my heart can be seen in the picture below this post....... 



not only do I love to share sweet Brent and Cohen with you all.....

but we really do have such a sweet doggie...

Elton Xavier....

is super cool.

He gets us through a lot of moments. We have always said we treat him like a child. I'm afraid it's true now more than ever. We are so glad to have him.


Thank you all for the sweet comments yesterday. Brent read them as well. He blushed. He thanks you too. I love him..and his tweets from Cohen's hospital stay.

So glad it is Friday! I am heading to the dermatologist this morning. I have two places on my face I want to get checked out for safe measures. I'm a freckle girl. 8:15 is early today. I stay up too late. It's raining and I've been tempted to crawl back in bed. I probably would if my dermo wasn't the bomb in getting me in 16 hours after I call. He is a multiple month out kind of doctor, so it was quite nice of him. I also like doctors who occasionally call me on the phone themselves. I think I actually go see my nurse to get measurements taken today as well. Yikes. I also think I'll be scheduling with my OB to have a look at my ovaries in hopes of cysts being gone...or at least not as many. Lots to do today, yes. Pick.up.Brent.a.toothbrush. I can't remember how many mornings I've told myself that. It's now been two weeks...oops.

I will be curious to see how this pans out...
LOTS of red. Uh, do I have a red shirt or dress clean/in my closet? Hmmm. Do I have jeans I can wear?....that fit? Bigger hmmm.

Don't forget the Keep Calm prints giveaway here.



Tweets from Daddy (@Cohen)

First off, you may want to get a tissue. I love these but they do make me cry. Who knows if twitter will clear the system some day. I decided I'd blog them so I could have them in my blog book.

Cohen has the best daddy. He use to tweet lots. He tweeted to Cohen and he tweeted to anyone else listening.

I left the date and times by them. The first few were from before Cohen was born. As a reminder, the first two nights, I had to sleep at a different hospital than Cohen and Brent and my brother stayed with him.  I'll attached the pics he posted with the tweet below the tweet.....

Okay Cohen, now kick mommy in the gallbladder. Haha Fri Apr 23 15:09:23 2010

Taping up Cohen's room http://yfrog.com/b5f0xj Tue Apr 27 20:12:49 2010

Sitting here with Megan, Cohen, and Elton watching these stuck up, crazy, self-centered, nutballs on "real housewives of NJ". Haha Thu Apr 29 22:20:31 2010

Happy mothers day honey, from me, Cohen, and Elton. Happy mothers day mother, thanks for the helping and regulating on some yardsale folk Sun May 9 14:30:02 2010

5:15 Just entered the hospital for Cohen's big day 5:28 AM Jun 7th

The baby has landed. 9:50 AM Jun 7th

Cohen is doing good http://yfrog.com/62pawtj 10:33 AM Jun 7th

Just went to see Cohen in the NICU, he's doing okay, he gave me his best Elvis impression http://yfrog.com/0kge9fj 12:41 PM Jun 7th

Some tender loving care http://yfrog.com/1ad8vj 1:59 PM Jun 7th

Just received great news, the arteries are flowing well! Possibility of other options! 9:07 PM Jun 7th

I'm jacked up higher than Lindsay L*han in a sniffing contest at the top of Mt. Everest! My son has the heart of a Lion 9:10 PM Jun 7th

I've finally decided to take a moment to celebrate the birth of my son. My gift to him is that I am now taking a shower. 10:22 PM Jun 7th

You and the hospital staff asked for it son, now I'm delivering 10:23 PM Jun 7th

Just went and saw the boy and He's doing well. We've got a big day tomorrow so mom, boy, and dad need some good sleep. Daddy loves you guys. Tue Jun 8 23:34:48 2010

Cohen just went into surgery, I swear he gave me a fist bump on the way in. Wed Jun 9 16:18:45 2010

First call came in, he's been prepped and is doing well, next call in an hour Wed Jun 9 16:45:07 2010

Second update... On bypass and everything is still okay next update around 6:30 Wed Jun 9 17:27:22 2010

Latest update, a good amount of repair has been done and we are still in good shape. Hang in there son we're right there with you. Wed Jun 9 18:32:05 2010

NEWS FLASH! He's off bypass and doing well, heart is beating on it's own and now they will be observing to make sure everything is okay Wed Jun 9 19:34:38 2010

Next update in 1 hour Wed Jun 9 19:35:02 2010

BT is one happy puppy so far http://yfrog.com/mk2uzj Wed Jun 9 19:36:57 2010

Operation went well! Just met with Doctor and he feels good. Cohen will be available for us to see in an hour or so. Wed Jun 9 20:44:00 2010

The year Cohen was born, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup after 49 years! Your Welcome Chicago!! Wed Jun 9 23:19:08 2010

Rough first day post-op, knew these days would come. Hang in there son, everyone is behind you. JCVD has nothing on your Lion heart Thu Jun 10 10:54:16 2010 (I asked what JCVD is and it's Jean-Claude Van Damme. So, that's movie talk, haha.)

Going to explain to Cohen how to call the Hogs soon. Razorback nation let out one big Hog call and show him how it's done. Thu Jun 10 11:56:48 2010

Opp I think he heard you guys Thu Jun 10 11:58:02 2010

I think the hospital blankets they give us here actually make your body colder? It's Freakin' FREEZING in here Mr. Biggelsworth Thu Jun 10 13:21:13 2010

We seem to be doing alright in here, doctor came by a min ago and said things are looking good Thu Jun 10 15:38:55 2010

All is quiet around D-wing right now. Cohen and I are just nappin'. Thu Jun 10 17:14:20 2010

Just went and saw him, he's holding strong Thu Jun 10 22:17:48 2010

Cohen is having to have a little surgery tonight. He's been doing well today, and he just needs a little adjusting. My Mighty Cohen Fri Jun 11 21:56:03 2010

If anyone's listening up there, now would be the time for a miracle Sat Jun 12 11:33:54 2010

@StephenAtHome Stephen, my wife and I are loyal fans, our little boy is in children's medical (born 6/7/10) could use some Colbert humor. Sat Jun 12 17:54:52 2010

@ArkRazorbacks The Marshall's (Brent, Megan, Cohen, & Elton) wish the Hogs best of luck tonight. Woo Pig Sooie!!! Sat Jun 12 19:13:19 2010

Another tough morning ahead, my little man can handle it Sun Jun 13 10:17:17 2010

Cohen, mommy and daddy are so proud of you for being so tuff. You will prove the world wrong again. Sun Jun 13 13:12:50 2010

Thank you to our great friends the Cermak's, it's because of you I have indigestion on top of my nerves.haha just kidding, thanks! Sun Jun 13 15:29:20 2010

Hi, accepting any and all reasons, causes, & solutions for why lactic acidosis levels would continue to rise in a neonatal. Has heterotaxy Sun Jun 13 19:37:47 2010

I'm pretty sure Cohen's favorite song is "I Ran - Flock of Seagulls"? Don't know why, he just really likes that song. Mon Jun 14 22:39:43 2010

Just listened to latest doctor rounds, they say Cohen is still hanging in there. All vitals holding strong and LAC# is decreasing Tue Jun 15 08:29:43 2010

K mission! Looking for alternative sterile coverings that dont have gooey w/ wetness of any type. Meant to go on skin. Using DuoDerm Wed Jun 16 14:26:49 2010

Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions, the great nursing staff here @ Childrens was able to develop a new dressing for him Thu Jun 17 01:33:16 2010

Thk you for all the prayers. My boy was the sweetest and the time we spent together was the greatest father's day gift a dad could ask for. Sun Jun 20 16:29:12 2010

I love you, honey. I loved/love your tweets. You are such a good daddy!

PS - My Brent quote of the day (he said this last night) "I might be going out on a limb here, but next to you and Cohen, I would say the prettiest thing is cheese on a burger." haha yes, he makes me laugh. 

Keep Calm print  giveaway here.


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