My blog got a makeover :)

So my blog got a makeover! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! I've been thinking about changing up my blog for a while now. The one or two layouts I had previously were just pre-mades that I got off websites and did some tweaking on.

For a while I thought I would have The Design Girl, Danielle do me blog. She is easy to work with and we had spoken about it several times. I think she is fabulous and does great work.

Well, then my best friend started designing blogs! She is a graphic designer and decided it would be a fun job! She also does announcements, invitations and anything you need! Her design service is called Sylvia Rose Design and her website can be found HERE and on my left sidebar. She did EXACTLY what I had envisioned! I sent her one thing and described the rest, and she put it together so wonderfully :) I WILL tell you that the design has a little bit to do with Baby Cohen :) that is the only hint I can give you but you will find out soon.

In honor of Allison doing this blog, I thought I would post some pictures of her and I. Let's just hope this blog layout is still up and going after she sees these first few pictures hehehehe. Allison and I have been besties for many years. It all started in about 1st grade. Yes, you heard me FIRST GRADE. Then, it started progressing in 2nd grade. We graduated high school and headed to college where we shared the same dorm room. She also lived with hubby and I(while we were dating) for a semester (I think?) in college :) Here are a few pics. No, not all. I have hundreds and hundreds. These were just the first few I could get my hands on. Yes, some of them are pictures of pictures. There are really in no order...but you can probably figure out which we are in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and post college :)

Us with my new puppies. Only one is still alive and she is 17!
Halloween one year...
This was before a Y-Teens dance
At the beach on a church trip
Memphis in May
Close to high school graduation
Our door room....
Two Stepin' & Neckin'
Deb Ball

us with our mean
this might have been Allisons birthday one year?
When I asked Allison to be my MOH
New Years in OKC one year
Whitney's Bridal Luncheon
Whitney's Wedding
Amy's Wedding
At a wedding in 2008 I believe

THANK YOU, ALLISON!!! I highly recommend contacting Allison for some custom design goodies! She can do it all!



Friday Night Randoms!

Hi everyone :) Happy Friday!

I successfully stayed warm today! We woke up to quite an icy day. Hubs had to work but I did not. I watched Teen Mom most of the morning. Love that show. Between about 9am and NOW, it has snowed NON-STOP. I've not paid attention to the news as to how much has accumulated. About 3pm hubs came and picked me up so we could go pick up a few things at Super Target. One of the nicest things about where we live is we live RIGHT next to a Super Target! It is less than a mile from our house. We can go on a main road or connect through a few neighborhoods. I needed some milk, water, detergent, etc. I snapped a few pics...

Tree in our yard

Elton LOVES the snow SO much!!!!!
As soon as we let him in, he cried wanting to go BACK outside!!
Speaking of Elton, he cuddled with me this morning...well, every morning but i snapped a pic of his cuteness on my lap!
He really is my shadow. He wanted to help me put this shelf together...I mean he is pretty much sitting ON the parts!

While at Target, we picked up these things for Cohen! I decided to go ahead and get his clothes washed while we are in doors for a few days. The Who t-shirt was on sale for $3.24 and we thought it was super cute!

I will be catching up on these this weekend! The magazines have arrived over the past week or two and I've not opened one of them. I plan to start filling in some dates in my planner. I thought we had a lot of weddings last year, um no. This year might put up competition. The only difference, we probably won't make too many of the weddings this year as a large majority of them are out of town and I will either be largely pregnant or we will have a newborn!

I will also be catching up on these. It is the 2008 & 2009 edition but I've not gone through either! You guys should see my stack of magazines I must sort through!

posted about "jeggings" the other day and I just wanted to kind of promote them as well! I bought a pair a few weeks ago while I was in TJ Maxx. They caught my eye and then I realized they were not real jeans. They look like jeans but the zipper and pockets aren't there, though they look like they are there! There is a button. This is the only picture I have in them but they worked great tucking them into boots! Mine are pretty long on me, so I can't wear them with flats unless I get them hemmed. They are no particular brand that I or you have probably heard of. If you want me to look at the tag, let me know. I'm comfy under my blanket right now :) They are soft and comfy and work great on this pregnant belly (I think I was 18 1/2 weeks in this pic.)

Every time I want to post about this, I forget! I've always been a big lotion person. I put it on every time I get out of the shower and have since I was probably in junior high. I picked Johnson's Baby Oil Gel in shea & cocoa butter up at the store a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It is so soft and makes my skin feel great! I put it where things tend to be dry sometimes. I've also been putting it on my hips and belly as I know they are stretching out!

Told you this was random! :o)

Tonight we had Mexican food for dinner! We made ground turkey enchiladas & nachos with cheese, re-fried beans and jalapenos. YUM! We have good shows to watch tonight. Ghost Whisperer (not by hubby's choice but I've been watching off and on for years), 20/20 & Dateline. We are currently watching Shark Tank. It is pretty interesting to see and hear about people's inventions! Oh, on the Ghost Whisperer, they played "Where I stood" by Missy Higgins. I LOVE that song. I love when I hear it on a show. If you don't have it or don't know it, get it!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

xoxo ~ Megan


Welcome, Penny Lane!!

Today, one of my besties, Jessica, had her baby!

Penny Lane came into the world around 3pm weight 6lbs 3oz & was 20 inches long.

I was able to spend some time at the hospital for a few hours before Jess started pushing earlier today. She decided to get some rest and the weather started getting bad, so I headed home. I got word when I was thawing the car that she had started pushing! I went ahead and drove home and then hubby and I went back up to the hospital when he got home from work and took the new mommy & daddy dinner. Lucy (Penny's 13 month old sister) stayed tucked in at home with her nanny because of the weather. I bet it will be an exciting moment when they meet!

I snapped a few pictures! We didn't stay too long as we had concerns about the darn weather! I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come! I didn't get one of both parents with Penny as there were some "female" things happening while I was there so hubby and daddy hung outside the room for a bit.

Penny is JUST beautiful! I got to hold her some and she is precious! I know a lot of the pics aren't centered as I was trying to get the silver bed IV bar out of the pictures from where I was sitting!

I love this pic. This was pre-pushing..Kyle was holding the mirror so Jess could do some touch-ups to her hair :)

proud grandparents!

I was pretty amazed!
I made Kyle and Jess some red velvet cupcakes per their hints :) hehe.. I took a variety when Lucy was born and I think there was a war over the red velvet!
I even managed not to smash them in route!
It was a fun day! I think it was very surreal for hubby and I to see the brand new baby. See them move from a labor/delivery room to a new room with a baby! That will be us before we know it! When I was holding Penny, I told her that she was super close to her friend (or boyfriend), Cohen :)

This weather, bleeeeh! I'm so sick of cold wet weather! We've gotten quite a bit of ice today. Hopefully it slows down! My friend coming from Dallas had to cancel her trip :( We have no problem sitting at home when we want to but it's also nice to just get out when we want to. Ice doesn't really allow that! Of course, I want to go see miss Penny tomorrow so ice..GO AWAY. Snow, you can come, if you are fluffy and that's it. Hopefully hubs work is canceled tomorrow! This waddling prego won't be tempting the ice!

More soon! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


I had a good birthday :)

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my newest Prego Mego post! I was glad to hear the comments about furniture as well. It's reassuring to hear if you have it and like it! Thanks for letting me know! I have a questions posting coming soon ...as far as "do you have?"..."do I need?"...etc.!

So, since I document pretty much any event in my life in this blog, I figured I needed to add this one in. Sometimes I'm not always on top of posting things just as soon as they happen. The blog is a relaxing thing so I just do it when I get around to it :) I have decided instead of printing out every picture I take for a photo album ( I use to), I will just print my blog into a book :) These are pics from my birthday. I turned 26 years old on January 4th. I had a wonderful week and I was quite spoiled!

Our fam :) (including lil Cohen) I love this pic! (even though I look a bit pale!)
The above picture (and a few below) was before dinner on the 3rd. We went with a good portion of Brent's side of the family for an Italian dinner.

(Hubby took the pics minus the ones with him in them)

my favorite dessert! bread pudding :)
birthday loot!
Sonya got me this sweet book!
On my birthday, these pretty & delicious cookies arrived from my sweet friend, Katheryn.

On the 6th, a few of my girlfriends asked me to join them for dinner. They too spoiled me with food and gifts :) It was me, Morgan (sis & law) though she had to leave a bit early, Kristen, Jen & Jamie.

Kristen, Me, Jen & Jamie...

sweet gifts
The picture doesn't do this necklace justice but it is beautiful! Thanks to Tallee & Jen
As you may have heard me mention previously, my parents got hubby a razorback throw for Christmas. Well, immediately, Elton and I tried to take it over. I think my mom got word so she sent me a blanket for my birthday! It is pretty much the softest blanket EVER. True, it may not really match home decor. But for hubby and I laying around watching TV, it's perfect. Now, we both have one :) ~ The Blanket is the Raschel Throw from Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can check online. They more than likely have your college or NFL team!
Jessica got me this SUPER fun shoe calendar! I LOVE it. Each day it has a fantastical shoe!!!
I saw this bag at Banana while hubby and I were shopping during Christmas time. I voiced what a great tote/baby bag it would make :) I figure you can never have too many! He and his sister got it for me. I LOVE IT!

Thanks to all my friends and family for a wonderful birthday :)

Please say prayers for Jessica as she will be going to have Penny at 6am tomorrow morning! We are in warnings for a winter storm also! I hope it storms for no work...but I hope it doesn't so I can get to the hospital to see Jessica & Penny!

Tonight, I went and ate Mexican with some girlfriends. A few mommies were needing "adult" time :) Baby Beaux got to join..lucky man!

xoxo ~ Megan

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