This Christmas…

This Christmas was pretty good. Well, I suppose it was as good as can be expected. We felt as though someone was missing, of course. I think all of our family felt that way. I had several breakdowns Friday, but Saturday I did pretty good. Brent and I did our typical Christmas morning gift exchange Friday night. Therefore, we kind of just slept through Christmas morning, which probably helped. We then moved right on to spending time with our family. This Christmas made me think a lot about last Christmas.

We had a nice time delivering goodies and receiving goodies.

We got wonderful gifts and I plan to share some of those in another post. 

Here are some pictures I took all on Thursday (except for the last.) They are all iphone pics..sorry : / I was a bit lazy in using a camera the rest of the weekend. 

Getting sweets ready to deliver. Pretty Paperie Printables did the gift tags for me :) They say Megan & Pam, but most credit should probably go to Pam. She is my mom and she did pretty much all the baking this year. One year, perhaps I’ll have the time/energy to do more.

Thursday we ate lunch with these silly girls (our nieces)…….

I was so tickled to come home to a porch of packages on Thursday.

One of my best friends (who works at Stanley Korshak) sent me the Nest holiday candle. It is DEFINITELY my favorite. It smells so, so, so GOOD. Love Stanley Korshak, too.

My sweet friend, Katheryn, sent us these chocolates :) The chocolate covered oreos and toffee were my fav.

We received another package on Thursday but it will be included in an “ornament” post I want to do this week. Cohen got some beautiful ornaments this Christmas.

Speaking of chocolates, my mom made a chocolate cheesecake with raspberries. It was AMAZING. I wasn’t going to eat any and then I took a little nibble, which turned into half a piece probably. On the goodie plate is a mini rum cake, peanut butter balls, banana bread, fudge and cinnamon glass. I’ll share some other recipes soon.

The only pictures from Friday are of Cohen’s cookies to Santa. I’m having a hard time letting those go.

Today, we’ve been pretty lazy. We think it’s hilarious when Elton props up on my legs. Brent snapped the below picture. I’m not sure if you can really see how he is sitting, but it’s pretty funny.

I believe my next giveaway will be next Monday.

This week, I’ll have a few more Christmas-ish posts coming.

Hope you all have a good Monday!



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    Hey! I thought about yall on Christmas and said a quick prayer for a good day! :) I also got some of pretty paperie printables circle labels for my tins.. I loved them!! :) And she was super fast, I needed them basically same day, and she did it!

    And a random.. I saw a Brent look-a-like in Greenville SC today! It was so strange! I swear Brents twin- lives in the Upstate of South Carolina! :)

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