Hanging Holiday Cards

I posted here about how I have displayed my holiday cards last year. Actually, I’ve done this now for two or three years. I was asked some questions and thought I would answer :)

Here are our cards this year…

All you need to do this is ribbon, tacks/push pins and some sort of clip to hang. The last two years, I used small binder clips like these. This year, those were hidden away after the move and I came across these at Wal-Mart….

I thought they were super cute for hanging the cards.

So, simple as that :) I will say, I made the length a bit short on the rows, so the last card on the left are each tacked in. My husband doesn’t seem to notice the holes in the wall either. I love when he walks in every day and goes to look at the new cards we have received.

I think to maybe take up less space, you could perhaps try to hang the ribbon vertical. I like having the wall space we do to do horizontal.

I LOVE getting cards in the mail. It really was one of the highlights each day during the holidays. We got such beautiful ones. Thank you to all of you who sent one. If you want to trade next year, let me know :)



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    I LOVE checking the mail during the Holidays to find beautiful Christmas cards too! I have a snowman cardholder that hangs on the wall (will post pic of it tomorrow). But I love this idea! I just wish I could come up with a cute keepsake idea to save some of the pretty cards…

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    I do that sortof…I think I sent you a link via comments to my favorite Christmas things with how I do it, but I LOVE your idea and might do it in my own home next year. I would love to trade cards-in fact I still have some & would love to send one to you (most people got theirs on or after Christmas this year anyhow) so how do we do it? :)

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    Ok this is the cutest idea to display cards ever….i am totally snagging it LOL and probably gonna ask ya a gazillion times how to do it LOL…..oh and I will totally send you a Christmas card next year


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    I would love to trade next year!! :)

    I did something similar this year with the clothes pins.. I got the colored ones from hobby lobby along with a small gold artificial tree and made a Christmas card tree.. I think it turned out pretty cute with the colored pins too, it sorta looks like ornaments!

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    Super fun idea…We just tape ours to the refrigerator and my hubby isn't a fan at all. I may have to steal your idea next year. I follow your blog from time to time through Katie's blog. I went to high school with her and your husband. Hope you all had a merry Christmas!

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    I love this and will definitely have to steal it next year! I did a card wreath this year but quickly ran out of room for all of our cards. I love your display because you can always add more rows! Thanks for sharing!

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