Cohen’s Ornaments

This year we got some very beautiful ornaments to honor Cohen and that will always make us think of him. A few of the ones I’m posting below, Brent and I saw and purchased and some we were gifted to us.

Brent and I missed many weddings and 1st birthday parties in 2010. We weren’t always on top of sending gifts either. I thought it would be a cute idea to send all those people an ornament with their name (and some 2010) on them. I looked high and low and finally found Cottage Joy on Etsy. I order many ornaments and Karen did a wonderful job! I decide I would get Cohen one as well :)

Brent and I got all of these…..

Since we believe Cohen really liked music, we got these :)

A sweet friend, Melissa, made this for us. I LOVE it! So creative. She is also a NOLA girl and got us the fleur de li down below as well.

We got the ‘C’ and our friend Kasia got us the sweet angel and the hearts below. So perfect for us and thoughtful of her!

The doggy ornaments and the cupcakes Brent and I picked up this year. All pretty random, but we thought they were fun.

All of these are on our kitchen tree and/or living room tree. I left Cohen’s tree as I did it this year here.

I think it will be bittersweet packing Christmas up. Can you hire people to do that for you? haha


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    I hate taking down Christmas decorations, it is always so sad! Of course, I was a major Grinch this year and didn't bother decorating at all so I didn't have to fuss with it this week. Silver lining, I guess!

    I hope you two (and Elton!) had a wonderful Christmas. I cannot imagine what you guys are going through so I hope you have someone/people to talk to about it all and support you. I know I could't cope without major help! So, I hope you are getting what you need.

    Here's to 2011! May it be a blessed year for your family!

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    I love all the ornaments. They look wonderful! I also love the ones that you and Brent picked up throughout the year–the ones of Elton are priceless.

    I am also heading to that Etsy website and checking it out now! That Cohen ornament you bought is beautiful.

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    I love all of those beautiful ornaments! What bittersweet memories!
    Where did you get the boston terrier ornaments? My fiance is OBSESSED with them and I would love to get them for him :)

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    I agree, taking the decorations down is the WORST! What beautiful ornaments! That's a good idea to give them as gifts, I've always loved getting Christmas decorations for Christmas gifts. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Those ornaments on top (w/ Cohen's name) are darling. I love the colors. You are so sweet for sending all of those gifts, I'm sure people were delighted to get them but didn't expect a thing from you! Love the puppy ornaments too:)

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    What beautiful ornaments & a great way to honor Cohen each Christmas! And, such a good idea to give the name/date ornaments for wedding/birthday gifts! I will have to check out that etsy shop!
    We already took down Christmas….I take it down every year on the 26th or 27th. (But, I put it up early, the day after Thanksgiving)

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    I love the idea of sending people ornaments for events. We decided a long time ago that rather than buy items we'll never use on vacations and trips, we always buy an ornament to remember it by. It's so fun getting them all out each year (and horrible putting them away).

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    Those are all so beautiful. I have a couple of the cupcakes that I got from Pier One last year after Christmas. Your lucky to find ones for Elton. I couldn't find one that looked like my dog. lol

    The Angel Wings are my favorite. :)

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    Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing the Etsy store. I love personal ornaments and they do make great gifts for newlyweds! I agree about packing up Christmas decorations. It's so depressing to see a once festive home back to it's normal state.

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    Hey Megan, I just had someone email and say they saw my stuff on your site so I had to come see! That's a great shot of Cohen's ornament. I should have you come take all my photos for me! The color combo on Cohen & Luke's was one of my favorite this year. Hope you have a blessed 2011!

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