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First of all, thank you all for the comments trying to help my nausea. It is GONE! My doctor switched to me the extended release Metformin and I feel 100% better. I don’t feel sick at all. Major blessing! I go back to the doctor the Monday after Thanksgiving. Praying the big cyst is gone. If it’s not, I’ll be having a procedure to remove it. Ick.  #PCOSSTINKS

 So you may remember my post a few Friday ago about girls weekend. Yes? Here we are…

 {I can thank birth control for that fluffy face, ugh.}

We can be pretty silly….

 Katie (and baby M), Me, Amy (& baby Zoe), Allison & Whitney

No, Allison and I didn’t really plan out outfits to be so similar. We call it team spirit though.. The razorbacks were playing 😛

We had late nights with long talks.  We ate yummy food. We got manis and pedis. Actually, I just got my nails painted, but I loved every second of it. We went and saw Life as We Know It. It was a really good movie. However, it was way too sad. It wasn’t just said in a part or two. It was sad in about 20 parts. It’s probably one I should have waited a bit to see. Which, tells me I should trust my gut more often, haha. Nonetheless, I think you should watch it….when you aren’t hormonal or haven’t recently had a child go to heaven.

Whitney also had a birthday over the weekend. I order this cake especially for her. However, we went to dinner Saturday night and ate one of my most favorite desserts. It is AMAZING. So, the cake went home with Whitney on Sunday :) We still did the candles & gifts.

Some randoms….

The chocolate gateau is my favorite. Thanks to my mom for making the breakfast casserole and banana bread! I made the fruit ; )

That was the weekend before last. Hopefully we can get together again soon! I miss us all living in the same town.

Now for this past weekend….

Brent’s brother-in-law called and was gifted concert tickets to Elton John & Leon Russell. They invited us along. We had a great view from a suite at the arena. Unfortunately, I failed miserably at taking many pictures :( I’ll post the few below. I was pretty proud of myself for remembering my phone had video! So, I took two videos of Elton singing. I thought it was a great concert! I’ll post one video. They are taking a while to upload..so maybe I’ll do Tiny Dance another time.

B-B-B Bennie & The Jets….(fyi, you may hear an older man singing in the background my ear. He was sitting behind me).

We also worked on getting some of our Christmas decorations up this weekend. I can’t wait to get them all finished. I like cozy time with Christmas decorations!

Speaking of cozy, had you tried this white chocolate latte? YUM.

Hope you all are having a good week.

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    Looks like you girls had a blast! And the cake and food look amazing as well.. :) I am also thinking about taking the plunge and getting the Christmas stuff out early! :) Hope you have a great day Megan!!

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    Megan, I also have PCOS and had a very hard time getting pregnant with my daughter (who just turned 1 eek!) round after round of clomid and nothing worked. I finally had to have a surgery on my ovaries called "Ovarian Drilling" they went in and poked holes in my ovaries to help relieve the swelling and fluid buildup caused by the PCOS, that month I had my first period on my own in who knows how long :) It tooka few more months of clomid but I did get pregnant. I don't know if that is the procedure you were talking about or not but you might ask your Dr. about that and see if it is an option for you? I noticed right away that my skin cleared up, I was ovulating and my ovaries shrunk in size dramatically! Yesterday I went in for my annual (my first with my gyno not my OB since having my daugher) and he did an ultrasound and said they are soo much better, much smaller than before and are showing minimal signs of the PCOS! (PRAISE THE LORD!!!) If you need more info, ask! Been there done that! it's never any fun but it is a lot easier when you can talk to someone who has been through this before. :::HUGS::: Stephanie

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    You look great! Glad to hear they changed you to the extended release. (I get 100% more positive feedback with ER than with regular Metformin… I'm a PA for an Endo). Saying a little prayer the cyst will be gone at your follow up.

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    ahhh! I LOVE girls weekends:) Soo much fun! I dont think your face looks puffy at all! I think you look amazing and super cute in your outfit!

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    What a fun girls weekend! So neat that you have all been friends for so long, I love it :) I once tried to get that dessert at the END of our meal! I didn't know you had to order it in advance bc it took forever. We didn't have the time/really want to wait for it so I still haven't gotten to try it!

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    I love girls nights!! I just went to one a couple weeks ago and had a blast. Looks like you had a ton of fun too.

    I love Life As We Know it! Yes, it was sad. But sometimes the best movies are the ones that make you feel something.

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