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If you were reading my blog last year, you may remember some of my thanksgiving. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was 12 weeks pregnant and felt great. I was in Dallas and then the town my mom grew up in. I met some girls whose blogs I read. You can see more about that here. I also stayed in Dallas for a night one of of my best friends (also seen in that post). This week, the travel is very similar to that.

On Monday, my week started out getting together with some girlfriends and new friends, most met from blogging. Monday, me, Jessica, Lindsey, Ashley, Sarah, Jane, Lynn & Meredith got together for wine & cheese. It was my first time to meet Ashley, Lynn, Sarah & Jane. We had so much fun chatting away. I didn’t leave until 10:30PM and I was supposed to be at the airport at 7:30 the following morning. No, I hadn’t packed either : /  Lindsey was also planning to come to Dallas. So, instead of flying, we made a little rode trip together. We kept each other company and did some shopping! I was gifted a HomeGoods gift card for a BlogHer program so we did a little shopping too! I will post more on that soon.

For dinner last night, Lindsey & I joined Erin from Blue Eyed Bride, Slynnro, Mojito Maven and Kate from elefantitas alegres. I had such a nice time time visiting with all the girls! I had met Erin before (last Thanksgiving), but none of the others. I’ve SO enjoyed meeting and getting to know bloggers.

I planned on taking some pictures both Monday and Tuesday night, but I failed. I just completely forgot to tell you the truth. I hate that I did because I clearly like documenting most events on here. What a slacker I was :(

I will take pictures of my HomeGoods purchases and post soon!

Today, I’m heading here and I’m pretty excited :)

 Hubs will be getting off work sometime today and coming to join me. We try to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family that we don’t get to see as often. We hadn’t actually planned to come this year, as we would have had a pretty new baby, but plans change :(

So honestly, I’m having a very thankful week so far. Brent and I have an extremely rough 10 months, but we are still thankful to have each other, our families, our friends, our health, and a roof over our head. We are also so thankful to have all of you who are reading. You have been an amazing support to us and we GREATLY appreciate you! I never thought this blog would turn into what it is as such a blessing. Thanks for listening, supporting…..and putting up with all my grammatical errors :)

Also, I do read a LOT of blogs, though a lot of the time I don’t comment. With my job, I do lots of waiting. I wait in waiting areas, in my car, etc. So, I do a lot of blog reading on my phone. Unfortunately, my iphone and my fingers aren’t always the perfect match, so leaving comments isn’t easy at all when I’m on my phone. I do want to make better a better effort to leave comments more. I know they always brighten my day, so hopefully they do yours as well.

I’ve also been thinking about and quite thankful this week to have my friends, Kristens & Kristin. Yes, that is two girls named Kristen with an ‘e’ and one that is ‘in’. I know that both Kristens had pretty stressful weeks with their pregnancies, but I’m praying all continues to be good! Also, my other friend, Kristin,  who is Luke’s mom, found out she is expecting another baby :) Luke and Cohen are buddies in heaven…with perfect little hearts. They have several other buddies whose mommas I also love.

I’ll return soon as I should be close to the internet to update you on my yummy Thanksgiving eating adventures.

This week, I’m mostly thankful for this little guy….

and all these moments.


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    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Today I am grateful for you and for being privledged to know Cohen through this blog. You are an inspiration!
    Blessings, Kristin

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    I've never commented on your blog before, Megan, but I've been reading it since about the time you had
    Cohen. I'm sorry he's not here with you this Thanksgiving. I pray that God will one day bless you with a house full of little ones running all over and making so much noise you'll hardly be able to stand it! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I can't believe we ALL forgot to take pictures on Monday! I guess we'll just have to do it again soon! I'm thankful to have you as a new (IRL) friend! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Megan. Praying for you and Brent this week. I can't imagine how hard the holidays will be, but I know your sweet little angel will be eating from Our Father's table this week. Thinking about you both.

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    I adore you Megan Marshall… just sayin. :)

    Have a good time with your family… hopefully one day you will be able to say that you met one of your other blog friends.. that just happened to be ME! :)



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    PS –

    I forgot to tell you in the other comment… I really love that picture of you and Cohen. Had you posted that before? I especially love his little rolls around his little armpit. Soooo presh. :)

    I, too.. am thankful for him and for you this week. I couldn't have made it through these past 5 months without you.. and I also couldn't ask for a better best friend for my Luke to have.

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