Getting out of bed for Elton

No, not Elton as in my sweet doggie. Elton as in Elton John! I love me some Elton John songs. Brent texted me a bit ago and said his brother-in-law called and asked us if we wanted to join he and Brent’s sister. A client gave them four tickets. The funny thing is, my mom called yesterday and said her and my dad had won tickets from a local TV station. I was a bit jealous.

Now, the getting out of bed part.  I’ve been pretty under the weather this week. Actually, since last Wednesday. Last night, I was in bed and sleeping by 8:30. Why? I feel like I’m going to throw up 24/7. I’ve not blogged much about it, but I’m back on Metformin and birth control (as of last week) for my PCOS.  I have mentioned that my cysts came back pretty hard core after delivery/pumping. In the past two months, I’ve had probably eight ultrasounds. My doctor is trying to help me get things under control. My last one showed a much larger cyst. So, that’s why I’m on birth control (it’s supposed to help that). I also started it and Metformin about a week ago. I’ve been unbearably nauseous since I started them. Not only am I nauseous, I have food aversions. It’s awful. This past week, sickness wise, was far worse by about 100% than my entire pregnancy with Cohen. I feel awful for those of you that feel sick during your pregnancies, as I know (or I’ve heard) it’s a lot like what I’m going through now. It’s been debilitating at times.  I’m waiting to hear back from my doctor on my dosage. I was on the extended release Metformin last summer. I was also on birth control. Neither of which bothered me. Anyways, I’ve gotten a few emails asking so I thought I’d fill ya in. If the Metformin continues to make me so sick, I will get off of it. There are some vitamins/minerals/herbs I will try instead. Why am I doing all this? PCOS causes infertility and we do want more children.

I will chug pepto soon and probably be fine for a few hours! Or, take something else? What do you take for nausea? I asked the pharmacist and Target. He said even though Dramamine is marketed towards motion sickness, it’s one of the best for nausea. 

Anyways, back to Elton…


I’m pretty excited :)

I think I might have tweeted this before, but even though Bennie and the Jets is a pretty old song, it still makes me think of 27 Dresses, haha.

I love Bennie and the Jets, Tiny Dancer, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Blessed…okay, there is a lot. The man has a lot of songs. I wonder what he will sing….

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    You should see if your Dr. will prescribe you Zofran. Used for nausea in morning sickness and cancer patients. I got it for morning sickness and it is pretty potent stuff…if they will prescribe it. I was also on Metformin and it made me sick

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    Oh how excting about Elton!!!

    I take Dramamine and B-6 for naseau. It is what they had me take during pregnancy so I have turned to it a time or two since then. It does work, so it is worth a try for you.

    I hope you feel better soon…maybe Elton (both of them) can help with that:)

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    I agree with the previous posters-zofran is pretty much amazing. They have a pill that you can swallow or a disolvable you can just put on your tongue if you aren't able to even keep water down. I've also been on phenegren which didn't help me that much, but works really well for some. The last thing I've been on for nausea is compazine which was used in me to treat severe nausea when nothing else would work, but the side effects were pretty bad.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    Oooh, that sounds like you will have a wonderful time – nauseau or not :) I AM JEALOUS…I love Tiny Dancer and one of my favs too is Blessed…oh and Circle of Life, Candle in the Wind…ok, so I LOVE a lot / most of his songs! I am on Metformin too. I take 2000mgs per day for insulin resistance AKA PCOS :( And I have a prescription I carry with me for phenergan. Not that I want to take MORE prescriptions, but is HELPS tremendously…talk to your Dr. if you want to stay on metformin to help with the PCOS. I also drink a coke or gingerale, sometimes sugar is the best thing and will help your tummy tremendously. A lot of times with Metformin, I think (for those of us that do not have sugar issues, just insulin) it drops the blood sugar a bit low which makes me feel nauseaus, etc., so try the sugar / carbonated drink and see if that helps…at least to help you get through tonight! I also say peppermint works…you can get it in a pill form at the health food store. Have fun…oh and I think of 27 dresses too when that song comes on! Take care!!!

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    I'm so jealous! :) I love Elton John so so much! I was super excited that he was going to be in Tulsa, but none of my friends wanted to go. Have a great time!

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    hey friend,
    Sorry to hear you have felt bad :(!
    With this new round of Chemo Ive been really nauseated as well and they do tell ya dramamine will help and folic acid helps too, ask your Dr. about it but if it gets real bad ask them to prescribe ya Finegren (sp wrong) or Compazine they are nausea meds and believe me they work

    OK so now ya have me singing ba ba ba benny and the jets….ba ba benny (Katherine Hiegels high pitch their LOL)

    OK so I would totally get out of bed for Elton just for his costumes alone :0) Love Elton hope you have a great night oh is that why you named your doggy Elton?


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    I work in OB……we have our patients take Unisom, originally marketed for nausea, but changed when they discovered how tired it made people :). Unisom 1/2 tab (12.5 mg) every 6 hours, along with B6 50 mg 2-4 times per day. Hope you feel better soon!

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    Sorry you've been feeling so sick! Nausea is the worst, in my opinion. Over the counter, I take Emetrol. It's a cherry flavored liquid and seriously works better than anything I've ever tried. I've had tummy troubles my whole life and I feel nauseous OFTEN and Emetrol always helps me. :) Hope you get to enjoy the concert!

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    Oh I can so feel your pain (or sickness!) girl! I've been on metformin since June and I STILL have days where I get/feel sick/awful! Praying it improves quickly, and that you'll get to enjoy tonight without much worry!

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    Ask your doctor about Zofran. It is amazing for nausea.

    I saw Elton in concert in 2008 and it was hands down the best concert I have ever been tom you will have a blast! He sang for over two hours. I heard every single song I wanted to hear.

    And strange coincidence and further proof that we were meant to be friends; I was also sick as a dog when he came to town and I dragged myself out of bed for him. Totally worth it!

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    Awe! Sorry you are feeling bad…I remember feeling like crap on the metformin too :( I wonder if you can take zofran for nausea regarding that too? I hope you feel better soon and have fun at Elton!!!! woohoo!

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    I hope you feel better!

    I'm obsessed w/ Elton John and have seen him live 3 times. He puts on an amazing show! I have too many favorite songs to name, but my favs live I think are "Benny and the Jets" and "I'm Still Standing." I want to go again and I am very jealous of you right now 😛 He hasn't been in the NY/CT area in a long time :(

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    Metformin always makes me feel icky for the first couple weeks, but then my body adjusts. We want more kids too and I wish it came easier. As soon as Owen gets stable, hopefully post Fontan, or transplant.. we'll try again. Darn PCOS.

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    ooh so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! I was horribly sick ALL my pregnancy. I tried Reglan,Zofran, and some other thing I can't remember (obviously it didn't help). The Zofran helped me not throw up AS much but didn't stop the throwing up. I read it is used for chemo patients to help with their nausea. Hope you feel better soon!

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    Ask your doctor if you can go back to the extended release Metformin. Regular Metformin was THE WORST for me. It was also much worse if I ate any simple carbohydrates, lots of protein, veggies and some whole grains and that really took the edge off.

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    I hope you are feeling better and were able to enjoy the concert. I wanted to comment on your Metformin. I found it EXTREMELY difficult to tolerate and had severe stomach pain, nausea, and spent one very long day in the ER with all of the above and vomiting. They discovered it was due to the Metformin. I am now taking Glumetza I believe that is the proper spelling. It has done wonders! The dr. explained it was the Cadillac version of Metformin and had different binders. It is very expensive comparatively speaking, but it has been worth it! I take it for different reasons, but it is worth talking to your doc. about. Hope you enjoyed your date night! :o)

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    Zofran and Phenergan work well for nausea. So does Meclizine (sold over the counter under the brand name Bonine). Meclizine is actually an antiemetic for motion sickness, but I know some people who take it for just general nausea. Maybe ask your doctor about some of those options. Hope you feel better soon!

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    A friend of mine who is pregnant now couldn't take the phenagran since it makes her sleepy.
    She wore something called Sea Bands. She said they helped her quite a bit.

    I use Emetrol for nausea especially when flying.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

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    You may also want to try lemonade if you like lemonade. Real lemonade (like Chick-fil-a's, if you have them near you) works the best. Lemon is a natural anti-nausea remedy and the lemonade will have sugar it in which helps also.

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    I lost 20lbs my first trimester of pregnancy and continued to be sick the whole duration of the pregnancy. Best things in the world for nausea are Phenergan (only at bedtime because it makes you sleepy)and Zofran. Even when I'm not pregnant I am on the absolute LOWEST estrogen birth control there is, Alesse, maybe your Dr. would consider switching your b.c. to a lower estrogen type? I hope you get this all straightened out and feel better soon!

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    Girl, I'm with you on the nausea the past couple of weeks. I'm on birth control this month to get my uterus ready for surgery to have a polyp removed, and it's a different birth control than I always took before we were trying to get pregnant, and I've been nothing but tired and nauseous since I started taking it. I hope you feel better soon!

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    Poor thing! I was sick for a looong time while pregnant and tried different things. As far as prescriptions, Zofran helped someitmes, Phnegran didnt help at all. My doctor also suggested a combo of vitamin B6 and Unasom (the over the counter sleep-aide). This helped surprisingly! Have fun at the concert!

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    I had Zofran when I was pregnant with my son. I was nauseaus up until my 6th month. Before I went to bed I would take one and I would not be sick the next day at all. They were wonderful. I would of been miserable without them!!! Ask your doctor for them.

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    Zofran is the only thing that has consistently worked for me during this pregnancy. I used Phenegan during a previous pregnancy and it worked fine, however this time around it made me feel worse. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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    I know you love your teas so maybe try a peppermint tea or even peppermint lifesavers-I get really woozy when I travel and peppermint does the trick for me most of the time. (and it is way better than toxic meds!) I grew a tiny sprig of peppermint this year in my garden and loved drying it for tea! Not sure if this relates or not but I had to try about 10 different birth control pills-they all made me super sick too, hormone stuff I guess (and made me pizza face!) Finally I tried Select21 about 10 years ago and have loved life ever since.
    Hugs from cold old Canada! brrr!

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