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This post actually has pictures from last weekend and the weekend that just ended. So from the previous two weekends, I guess you would say. I got my new iphone Friday before last, and well, I can't seem to put it down. The camera is fun and quick. All these pictures were taken with it. I hope you don't get tired of seeing our sweet nieces and nephews. We clearly can't get enough of them :p Last weekend we didn't do much of anything. Well, I guess this weekend was a bit of the same way, except today was Brent's younger sister's 16th birthday :) We had birthday dinner for her! Happy sweet 16, Kate!

1. I thought the sky looked really pretty so I took a picture. Yes, impressed my iphone captured it.
2. Elton cuddles, a lot.
3. I was kind of a hormonal wreck last Saturday. Since Brent was working in the yard, he decided to pick me some of our flowers for a smile.
4. us :)
5. Best ahi tuna eeeeever. We picked up Outback for dinner one night last weekend.

Last Saturday was my mom's birthday. She had the girls over to decorate pumpkins and cupcakes.

I snapped pics, of course :) Me, Morgan & Beaux joined them, too.
My mom found the fun cupcake recipe in a magazine. I'll see if she still has it. The bottom pumpkin picture has those little eyes on it. They are the kind that move around. fun.

playing hard....

For some reason these weeks seem to be flying by. Friday night, B & I went to his sisters for dinner. Since they have 3 little ones, it's usually easier for us to go to their house since they are putting them down for bed. Always entertainment :)

We had fun on playing with the Wig It app, but I haven't saved the pictures to the photo library yet.

I should be honest and tell you that we pretty much laid in bed ALL day on Saturday. It rained. It stormed. It rained some more. It was really dark outside most of the day. I felt pretty lazy, but I really didn't care. 

Sunday, I picked up around the house while Brent watched football. Then, for dinner we celebrated Kate's birthday :)
{I stole this pic off her facebook. She is pretty cute!}

I have yummy pictures I tweeted from the dinner. I'm saving those for another post as I gather some recipes.

Here are the last two sweet pictures for now. The girls in their glowing glasses and baby Paxton!
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Thanks for the pumpkin comments. Feel free to add yours to the linky! I know a few of you had and emailed with questions. I will be getting back to you very soon!

If you like turkey burgers, you may want to check out the recipe I just posted on Sugar & Spice.



  1. Gotta love the Vikings jersey! Even if they didn't do so hot this weekend. And those girls always look absolutely adorable! Love all the pics. :)

  2. I love all of the pictures! I can't believe they turned out so great with the iPhone! Your nieces are adorable and I LOVE their little cowboy boots. Too cute.

  3. I cannot believe those are all from your phone! LOVE it! I can't believe how big Beaux is getting; he is really starting to look a lot like the girls! They're so cute :) Oh! And I meant to comment on the last post that you finally got your picture of Elton! I remember that you'd been talking about it a while back. He is so handsome and photogenic!

  4. These are lovely pictures, your nieces are adorable.

  5. so fun! i stole your camera phone pic idea for my blog (gave you credit, of course!)...its so fun!

  6. gosh, morgan's kids are just too cute!! i love all the pictures. your mom is gonna be such a fun grandma. i know the girls love her!

  7. You making me have iphone envy right now!! :)

  8. Sounds like a couple fun weekends. I love the first photo collage. The pic of you and Elton is cute. Your nieces are always precious and so girly!

    I saw the recipe for the turkey burgers on your cooking blog. I don't have a grill... kinda crazy to not have a grill. I might have to make these and bring them to my parent's house and use their grill. The photos make my mouth water.

  9. I love the look of your pictures! My pics never have that artistic edge to them :)

  10. Hi Megan. My name is Erin Nantois. I have followed your blog for about 9 months and have prayed and cried for you and your family. I find myself now in a similar place as you were not to long ago. I have been speaking with Libby Bunn via a mutual friend and she said that the 2 of you became friends through the trails you have both faced. From your blog I know that we have the same crazy OB, and I wanted to contact you and see if you were ever up to sharing any of your knowledge as a mommy that has lived through this I would very much appreciate it. I totally understand if you aren't ready and can't. I admire your strength and your endurance through this. I have just started a blog if you would like to read about my family http://nantoisblessings.blogspot.com. My email is erinnantois@gmail.com.
    Thank you so much

  11. Love those cupcakes! What fun with family too! And your rainy day sounds so nice- I love a lazy day with the husband every once in awhile!

  12. Did you download the app that I told you to get? Great photos! xoxo

  13. Seriously, I think we might have a competition for the cutest nieces and nephews. Yours are absolutely precious! Love seeing all your iPhone pics, too!


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