Slideshow Played at Our Wedding

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!! Since we are still celebrating our anniversary, I thought I would share this slideshow. It played throughout our rehearsal dinner. It’s basically old pics of Brent and myself starting from when we were itty bitty up until after we were engaged. Yes, the first picture of us, he does have a black eye. He had been in a four wheeler accident.

We provided the pictures and songs and the videograpeher put it together.

Also, today is my brother’s 28th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!! :) He can be seen next to me in several of the pictures in the slideshow.

{an ad might pop up on the video but you can click it off so it doesn’t cover the picture :)}

{It won’t play in Germany because of the music copyright. Sorry}

We went to dinner last night and we are going again tonight :)

I tweeted about and showed pictures my new bangs. They are pinned back today. I’m still adjusting. Now, debating to try natural hair color since I’m allergic to the real deal. Perhaps I’ll do a post on that soon.

Hope you all are having a good Friday!


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    great slideshow.
    and i totally feel you on the bangs. i got some cut about a year ago and basically pinned them back every day until they grew out again …

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    Happy Anniversary dear! Your story is very similar to ours! We lived together before we were married and have never looked back. We also met my first semester of college. Seth was 21 and I was 18! We were married 3 years on May 26!
    Hope you enjoy your date!

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