Our nieces & nephew- Gap casting call!

You may have heard about the Gap Casting Call. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law both got word and decided to enter our nieces and nephew. I’m not sure about you, but Brent and I definitely think they should win :) How fun would it be if they were a face of Gap?

I will show you the pictures my MIL took, and then below them, I will post links for you to vote on pictures. You can vote once per day :)

{I believe all the clothing they have on is from the Gap. Actually, most.. I think Taylor’s skirt is from Target.}

Each name below is a link that will take you to their picture. For some reason the pictures appear a bit blurry, which I’ve not figured out. They are still super cute though. Please fee free to vote :) Also, the site was running a little slow today. So, if it doesn’t connect you right away, maybe try again..or again later. Thank you :)

I can’t wait to have such pretty pics of my kiddos one day :)

I posted a recipe for yummy hummus tonight – here.



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    OMG they are dressed so unbelievably stylish – I love it! And your MIL takes amazing pics – I'm voting for ALL Of them! They are BEAUTIFUL!

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    Wow! Those pics are amazing! All of those pretty blue eyes! Gorgeous children! Just wondering if you happen to know what type of editing software your MIL uses?

    Also, I tried to go vote, but the site won't load for me. I'll try again later! I think they should totally win!! :)

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