Our Anniversary :)

Today Brent and I have been married for four years :)

We were fortunate to have the day we said “I do” in the crisp month of October. The day was perfect and the wedding was perfect :)

I met Brent my second week of college. We started dating closely there after. I was 18 years old and he had just turned 21 (I was turning 19 a few months after). That was in 2002. We have now been together for 8 years. We did live together before we got married. That worked for us. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We dated four years before we got engaged.  You can read about our engagement story here :) It’s part of the reason I love NYC so much!

I think we’ve done really “good” at marriage. I don’t really know what I mean by that, besides we have our ups and downs, but we are always good. Marriage is something you have to work at. You have to give as much as you take. You have to talk a good portion as much as you think.

This year, Brent and I have experienced the greatest joy in life and we’ve experienced the biggest tragedy in life. All in two weeks. I think those can be seen in these two slideshows. They can’t be felt by anyone but us, and that alone is sacred. Of course, we hope no one ever has to experience losing a child. At Cohen’s Memorial service, the pastor really spoke to us about being there for one another and for our marriage. I never had a doubt that we wouldn’t be, but we listed to him. We still have a marriage no matter what happens to us. We have to keep working at it like we did before. We are different people than we were before the greatest joy and the biggest tragedy. We weren’t parents like we are now. Unfortunately, we are now parents with no baby to hold.

I’ll stop now. I just think this year a marriage has meant a lot to us. Our marriage has grown. I knew a marriage was not all about the big day, but all the big days that follow. I think it’s all about the vows on the big day. Nothing makes what we’ve been through this summer easier, but I sure am glad Brent is the one I’ve had by my side :)

So, I dug a few pictures out I hadn’t posted before….at least I don’t think I have. I know they are pictures of pictures, but I don’t have a scanner.  I know when I was pregnant, I always talked about posting pictures of us when we were little. I came across that box the other day and I’ll now post just a few.

For accurate measures, here is our proudest picture….

I think my second favorite picture of us this year is this one. This was on my birthday 1.4.10. Cohen was definitely visible and we had not yet found out about his broken little heart. It is a family picture.

 Now here are a few old ones….

This was during the first few weeks we started dating….

This was during an engagement photoshoot.

Here are a few from us as little Brent and little Meg….

Happy Anniversary, honey! love you!


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    I loved your statement, "It is not about the big day, but all of the big days after." Very true! Happy anniversary to the two of you and I hope you have a great day!

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    Happy Anniversary!! I love what you said "it's not about the big day"…you are so right! Wishing you and your husband many happy and blessed years together.


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    i love all the pictures!! esp the family pictures, you have a beautiful family and you always will. and you two really make the cutest couple!! happy anniversary!!! :)

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    Happy Anniversary!! Love this post. Not all marriages would be able to make it through everything you guys have endured this year, and that's something to be proud of. Love the older pictures :)

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    Happy Anniversary! After what you guys have been through you should be very proud of yourselves! Something like that either breaks you down or makes you stronger – clearly it's the latter for you guys! Congrats!! Love the pictures!

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    This is the sweetest thing EVER!!!! I hope you both have a wonderful anniversary celebrating your love, the sorrows and joys, and the years past and the years to come!!! Love you, friend :)

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    Happy Anniversary!! I am so glad to hear that after everything you two have been through, your marriage is even stronger for having gone through it!! You two are a great example! :)

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    Happy Anniversary Megan!! Your wedding was perfect and I’m so glad I could be there to see your perfect day. I wish so many more years of happiness for you two!

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    Happy anniversary to you two! I loved when you said "It's not just about the big day, but all of the big days that follow." I'm not married yet, so I'm going to keep that little piece of advice tucked away for the future. Have a great anniversary :)

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    Happy Anniversary! This post was so sweet. I'm sure you guys have grown so much as a couple with all you've been through.

    I hope you have a great anniversary celebration – you guys totally deserve it. :)

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    Amazing post! Happy Anniversary! The strength of your relationship, that Ive gathered through this blog, is definitely something to be very proud of!

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    Happy Anniversary! I have been so proud of your marriage these past few months as I know that is one of the dangers of losing a child, and you guys have definately done really well. After seeing those baby pics I think Cohen looks like his DADDY!
    Your college pics are awesome! I didnt know you were a KKG! So was i!
    Hope you guys have a lovely weekend and celebrate your strength!

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    happpy anniversary!! you're timeline is scary close to ours.. started dating at 18, engaged after 4 years, married the day after our 5 yr dating-versary in october! :)

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    Woo-hoo to one of my favorite couples in the world! I hope that you have a wonderful dinner tonight!

    Here's to an another AMAZING year together… I have a feeling that the next one is the best yet!

    Love you guys!


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    Happy Anniversary!! Loved this sweet post. You two must have grown so much as a couple this year. I'm hoping that someday soon you will be able to hold another baby in your arms!

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    Happy, happy anniversary! Even though I don't know you all in IRL, you have a marriage that is admirable. I love that you always seem to turn towards each other regardless of what comes your way.

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    Happy Anniversary!

    I just love that picture of the three of you. It just looks so holy and full of joy. Maybe that is why your hair looks so light, there is just a presence in the room that you cannot describe.

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    Happy Anniversary. You two are a really cute couple. After everything you guys have been through I have no doubt you guys were meant for each other and will make that Golden anniversary.

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    Happy Anniversary! We must have been freshman at Arkansas at the same time! I was a freshman in 2002 as well. Funny! I don't think I ever met you or your husband, but you never know.

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    I know I'm a little late, but happy anniversary!! And those pictures of you guys are so cute! I love the one from your engagement shoot!!

    And this is a really random question – when you guys were getting married, did you have a problem trying to find someone to marry you because you were already living together? I know you're a busy gal, so if you don't have time to answer, it's no problem. Just a situation I've always wondered about!

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