My Pumpkins :) – Show me yours!

So, I’ve shared with you Cohen’s pumpkin for this year here. I also showed my pumpkins from last year here. I’m a little late in posting the rest of my pumpkins for this year. I figure better late than never. Plus, I’d love to see yours!

This year’s inspiration comes from my Elton Warhol. I didn’t have it last year so, I thought this year I could tie some pumpkins in with it!

 My fireplace :) I think those lamp shades might be a hair big, but I loved the lamps. I may look for inexpensive, smaller shades one day.

I have confessed many times that I am NOT good with crafty stuff. Sure, I can do it, but my free hand at painting, or anything for that matter, is pretty awful. So looking above, you can’t tell how the stripes and dots don’t look perfect. When you get close up, sure you can. Hopefully no one walks up to the fireplace to inspect, haha. 

I would have made my ‘M’ bigger, but I was already low on stones.

our sweet friend, Effie, painted the razorback pumpkin above. Love it!

I think my two favs, besides the razorback, might be the silver with hot pink dots and the black with the rhinestones. Clearly, you all probably realize I love me some polka dots! The rhinestones, my mom told/reminded me about. 

Actually, above all, this is my favorite..

I used spray paint, acrylic paint & paint pens. Some of the pumpkins are real, but most are fake. I figure the fake ones I can save for next year. That does mean another 30 gallon storage container. Sorry, honey. Brent loves getting those down from the attic. If I spray painted the pumpkin, I covered the stem with foil. I did learn that glossy acrylic paint, looks better on these than non-glossy. Also, I did by a spray to spray on top of them all, but I’ve not done that yet. I think that’s probably more important if they were going to be sitting outside.

Now, I’d love to see your pumpkins if you have posted about them! I’m adding a Mr. Linky. I’ve never done this before so hopefully I did it right :) Maybe I’ll put my last years pumpkin post in to test it out.



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    I love the painted pumpkins- very whimsy! I might have to do some of these in my daughter's room and I am hopeful you'll put the pink and rhinestones in a little girls room one day soon.

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    I love the painted pumpkins. Do you paint them every year? I am thinking about getting some fake ones and doing this. So cute!!! And I love the Elton Warhol pic. Where did you get it? I think Knox needs one!

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    So cute Megan! I know you always say you're not crafty, but I just don't believe it, you always make the cutest crafty things! I couldn't even tell that most of your are fake pumpkind, that's a really good idea, especially if you're taking the time to paint them, I might have to start doing that!

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    I spray painted real ones and though I love the look, they are already rotting. I will buy fake ones on sale this year to use for next year. Yours look awesome!

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    You have lovely pumpkins!!! :-) What I realllyyyyy LOVE is that painting of your pup on the mantle. DId you paint that??? Or who did it? It is A-MAZING! I will have to remember to come back and mclinky when i do my pumpkin post. I don't know if it is quite as quaint and crafty though, mine is .. errr.. kinda an erotic pumpking :-)

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    I LOVE the Elton painting!! That is so cute!! I think we need one of Romeo! And I love all the painted pumpkins. They are all so cute! I love the black with the rhinestones! Hope you have a good weekend!

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    I love them all! I love the idea – I really don't think I've ever heard of painting pumpkins but I will be trying it for the first time this week! And I think I might try and find some fake ones on clearance on 11/1 and use them next year! Love the idea – thanks for sharing!!!

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    So, so, SO cute! Have you seen Young House Love's puffy paint + spray paint pumpkins? Adorable! We just have 2 big orange pumpkins and 2 ghost whites (the 4 of those on the porch) + a bunch of teeny tiny ones scattered around the house!

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    They look amazing! I love the rhinestone ones, too cute! And I have to disagree with you…you are incredibly crafty. I am now motivated to finally do something creative with the pumpkins in our house!

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    I love the rhinestone one!! That was almost favorite a month or so ago when you did the other pumpkin post. And the razorback one might be my fav, since we are diehard college football fans!

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